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Thursday, October 28, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C22


Chapter 22: Get a new title


I browsed around the flower shop that I just found.


The store had nearly ten kinds of flowers and accessories made from them.


"Are these pressed flowers? And they've been turned into bookmarks."


Name: Flower bookmark - Cosmos

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★4

Effect: None. Small thing.


Unlike potpourri, it doesn't have a scent and is really just for ornamental purposes. It's a bookmark, but I don't have any books, so I have no way to use it.


"No, is there really no way to use it?"


In other games, sometimes it's set up that players must go to the library and read books to get recipes and skills. But there's no library in this game-- that's what I thought. If this bookmark exists, then it's possible there are books or library somewhere.


Perhaps it doesn't exist in the beginning town, but maybe I will find it if I go further. Though, I don't have any language skills. Perhaps I just haven't fulfilled the requirements to get it.


"I think I'll buy one potpourri and one bookmark for now."


The total price is 300G, so it's cheap. I decided to ask the shopkeeper if there is any way to use it.


"Can I use this for something?"


"Ooi! That's a ridiculous question!"


"Oh, I'm sorry. I mean, it says it has no effect."


Oops, the NPC uncle is staring at me. I don't know if the AI has sensitive feelings, but it's better to be liked than hated. I hurriedly made an excuse.


Maybe he was satisfied with my excuse, the uncle nodded.


"Aah, are you an adventurer from another world? Come to think of it, all adventurers in the Otherworld have appraisal skills, right?


"Yes, that is true."


"If you ask what the effect is... They make you feel at home when you look at them, or if you give them to someone, it makes them happy, something like that."


"On the contrary, will you buy flowers from me?"


"Aah? Do you grow flowers?"


"I grow some tulips now."


"Tulips aren't popular in this town. I'll buy them for 10G each."


It's so cheap. If this is the case, it is better to grow basille, which can be used for cooking.


"Hey, if you're growing flowers, can you grow this?"


"What is this?"


"Wild strawberry seed."


"Eh? Strawberry?"


"It's a wild strawberry species. It doesn't taste good, but it smells so nice that I put it in tea. I don't sell herbs, but this is the only one I like and buy. However, the old woman who was selling it has retired due to illness. If you can grow it, I'll buy it for 20G. "


"Why don't you grow it yourself? Is it difficult to grow?"


"No, it's easy if you're a farmer. It's just that no one prioritizes them over vegetables. The reason I don't grow them is that I simply don't have the skills. So, what do you think?"


Supply Quest

Description: Grow wild strawberries and supply 10 pieces.

Reward: 200G, Mint seeds

Deadline: None


So cheap. As stated, each fruit is priced at 20G. But I decided to take it. I've never seen a quest that doesn't go through the guild before. I think it would be better to accept a request from the residents.


And I was curious about the mint seeds reward. Maybe it doesn't have any effect, but it's a new herb. If I have basil and mint, I can expand my variety.


"I'll take it."


"Really? Thank you very much!"


And that's how I got 5 wild strawberry seeds.



"Hmm, I can't find any."


After taking the quest at the flower shop, I walked around to pick up trash. I continued to pick up trash while trying to ignore the curious stares of elves doing secret training in the forest and the dwarves fishing.


However, I still couldn't collect 100 pieces of trash. As I suspected, I must search in the canals as well.


"I have no choice. I'll get wet again."


The problem would be if I couldn't find them in the canal.


"Then, the lake..."


It would be the worst if I had to dive into the lake to find them. At the very least, it is impossible with my current equipment and skills.


"Hopefully, I can find them in the canal."


I started picking up trash in the canal while hoping for the best. I picked up trash one by one.


"What? This place is strange."


But now there is a problem with the map.


"This bridge is not on the map."


There is a big arched stone bridge over the canal in front of me, but it is not shown on the map.


I can see this bridge automatically shown on my status map. However, there is no sign of it on the event map I received when I took this quest.


"Hmmm, is there something here?"


I observed the bridge, but nothing is different from other bridges. It is just an ordinary bridge. I tried to go under the bridge and found...


"This is...... a door!"


There is an iron door hidden under the bridge. It is dark and has the same color as the stone, so you will never notice it if you don't get close.


"It can't be opened..."


No matter how hard I tried, the door won't open. Maybe it's locked or rusty.


"Does it need a key?"


There must be an event or something to open it. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to give up.


"Hmm, is there any information about this?"


I don't think there is any information about this in the preliminary information I gathered before the game launched, but....... Well, I don't remember all the events, so maybe it is not a big event.


"Anyway, I'll remember this place for the time being."


I gave up on the door and decided to go back to picking up trash. The quest at hand is more important than a door that can't be opened. Besides, it's getting dark.


"Oh, I found trash."


I picked up the 100th piece of trash and completed the quest. The time is almost over. In less than ten minutes, the sun would be set entirely.


"All we have to do is go to the central square and fill in the map.


Then I was on my way from the eastern area to the central square.




It is the 2nd announcement today.




Oh? I've been blessed with something. Is it good news?


"The title 'No-Kill' will be awarded to Yuto-san, who never kills since his first login."


For real? A new title?


"OOOOooh! I did it! I got a new title! But, the title is 'No-Kill'."


It's a title like a samurai with a cross scar on his cheek. But, what were the requirements to get this title? Based on the announcement, it sounds like the condition is that I haven't killed anything since the first time I logged in....... Why at this timing? The time is 18:16. Most likely, it's not triggered by time.


No, wait a minute. My total logged-in time in this game is 96:02. Wasn't it 96:00 when the announcement was made?


I wonder if the requirement for earning "No-Kill" is never killing a monster or animal within 96 hours from the first login. I never kill, not because I don't like to kill. It was just an unexpected piece of luck. OK, let's check out the details!


Title: No-Kill.

Effect: Earned 3000G prize money. Gain 4 bonus points.

Skill: Mercy.


Mercy: Your next attack, skill, magic, or item will not reduce the enemy's HP to zero.


It's better than the Silver White Pioneer. I get 2 more bonus points and this skill is very useful, especially for a tamer. When trying to tame a monster, the success rate is higher if the monster's HP is low. But I can't use it at all right now.


"Besides, can I sell this information?"


There's a good chance that Alyssa already knows about it. Anyway, I will try to offer it to her.


If Alyssa doesn't know, I might be able to monopolize this title for a while, but money is more important. I'm sure someone else will discover it sooner or later anyway. So it's better to earn more money to buy fields and logs.


"I better get going now."



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