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Thursday, October 28, 2021

KoushaRyouri ~C6

 Chapter 6: 60 years later... (Part 1)



60 years later...




The sound of loud neighs filled the mountains.


The sky is covered by large wings and a jet-black body. Its scales are so thick. At first glance, it looks like a rocky mountain floating in the air.


A pair of eyes that looked like big jewels kept staring at me.


Grand Dragon shakes his head. He moves the fire sack in his nose and flicks the igniting stone that is said to exist at the end of his long esophagus.


Instantly, a magma-like fireball is spat out at me.


The dragon fire is so powerful that it can turn the mountains and fields to ashes instantly.


There is no escape from his raging flames.




I frown a little.


My fine hairs are burned to dust.


But that's as far as it goes.


The armor I am wearing now is made of salamander skin. In addition to heat resistance, the armor is shock resistant and withstood the Grand Dragon's attack earlier.


In addition, thanks to the heat resistance I've gained by regularly eating Fire Sky Chicken for the past 60 years, no flame can burn me.


The Grand Dragon's flames that had been burning down the surrounding area finally run out of fuel.


Now the Grand Dragon threat is half gone.


"Finally, it's my turn."


His mouth slackened unconsciously.


The next moment, I am running like the wind.


I am already 76 years old, but my body is still healthy. In fact, I am far more powerful than when I decided to slay the dragon.


The only thing I can feel is that my stomach has been upset lately and I've been waking up unusually early.




What I drew from the sheath is a large sword that I made for fighting dragons.


I thoughtlessly named it "Dragon Killer".


The weight and the sharpness of the blade alone are enough to cut through the skin of a salamander wearing it right now.


For this very moment, I have devoted 60 years of my life to make this great sword.


60 years may seem like a long time, but it is just a few moments for me.


I have experienced joy but never suffering. I have experienced happiness but never lonely.


All this - to reach the goal I set 60 years ago.


My father was right.


It seems I am a defective product.


It took me 60 years to defeat a dragon...


No, don't let your guard down.


I haven't accomplished anything yet.


But now I'm going to do it.


I jump up. Thanks to my diet that includes Eagles and Flying fish Rabbits, my jumping ability is far beyond ordinary people.







Thanks to eating the Cloud Eye, a demonic beast that looks like a cloud, I also acquired the ability to fly.


Grand Dragon always looked down on me in the past, but now the moment has come when I can finally talk with him on equal footing.


"How do you feel, Grand Dragon? You've always looked down on me. How do you feel when you and I stare at each other on equal footing?




Did I just hurt this dragon's pride?


Grand Dragon opens his big mouth and threatens me.


Oo....... Oo....... He's angry. He is angry.


That's good. I need you to be that angry.


"It would be more satisfying for me to beat you."


I disappear into the heat rays.


A moment after I seemed to have disappeared, I once again appeared in front of the Grand Dragon.


"Wow. I didn't know you had such a secret move. I've learned a good thing."


The Salamander's armor began to fall apart, and most of it had melted away.


However, after 60 years of eating monsters, my body can withstand Grand Dragon's secret moves.


"This is my victory!"


Farewell, Grand Dragon!


I slashed the Grand Dragon at that moment.


For a moment, silence filled the air as if time had stopped.


The only sound was the sheathing of the Dragon Killer.


Grand Dragon's head tilted.


There was no final scream, just its huge body slowly falling down from the sky.


Its wings moved slightly as if to say to me, "Well done".


Immediately afterward, there is a loud crashing sound like a tree being hammered into the ground.


When I landed, I found him lying on the ground in a state of apparent death.


"Yes. Successful."


I immediately start to dismantle it.


Dismantling a dragon is hard work. It would take at least two hours.


In addition, it is not delicious enough to compensate for the effort.


But it's still one of the best dishes.


However, there is one part that is superb.


It's the tail. Especially the tail's joints are very delicious.


In my experience, the meat from moving parts is the best, but the parts that moved too much are not good because the muscles are too developed.


In the case of dragons, it would be the meat at the wing base.


On the other hand, the dragon's tail movements are more gentle and it matches my taste.


So I immediately cut it off.


As expected of a Grand Dragon. An ordinary knife can't cut through it at all.


That's when the Dragon Killer comes in handy.


With it, I could cut through the dragon's hard scales without difficulty. It could be said that this sword was created for this purpose.


Once I try to use my sword, I can cut it easily as I want.


It is so sharp that I am in love with it.


I insert the dragon killer between the scales and the body and peel off those two parts.


"Oh. It's quite beautiful."


The meat color is similar to chicken. It is whitish red.


The white skin was beautiful and reflected the light shining through the clouds.


The meat is tender and reminds me of the troll's tongue I used to eat.


Dragon steak would be nice, but as I said before. When you're 76 years old, it's a bit too much for your body.


So, I'll make a dish that I can eat.



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  1. Welp 6 chpaters into the story and he can already kill a dragon, what's next? God? Hope I don't jinx this...

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  2. That time , when Gohan eating Dinosaur Tail

    1. that time.... I really wanted to eat tyrano grilled tail


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