KoushaRyouri ~ C1


Chapter 1: Guni!



I have no time for despair or doubt.


"Haa....... Haa......."


I am chased by wild dogs after watching a troll rampage from the top of a cliff.


They aren't magical beasts or anything.


They're just wild dogs.


They're clearly thinner than a domestic dog, but they are full of energy.


Their mouth is dripping with drool as it approaches me.


They are fast.


Tristan's family has two watchdogs.


The watchdogs are loyal to my father and won't budge even if a child like me touches them. The watchdogs didn't even try to play with me, but when it came time to do their job, they would charge at the bad guys as fast as the wind and bite their flesh.


These wild dogs are just like those watchdogs. No, maybe even faster than them.


They are not bad dogs. They are just trying to use their fangs and mercilessly prey on a child that was abandoned in this mountain.


Besides, it's night.


The moonlight is bright. More or less, it's easier to see in the dark.


But in this forest, it feels like I'm running at the bottom of a well.


I keep running, even though my feet get caught in the water so many times. The ground is a little muddy as if it had rained here.


But I was not just being chased quietly.


I picked up a tree branch.


It is a little too thick to hold, but it is better than nothing.


I turned around and stared at a pair of lights shining in the darkness. Slowly, the light reveals the body of that fierce wild dog.




I swing the branch.


My blow aimed at his neck, but it hit the wild dog's nose.




The wild dog screamed in pain and cowered. I feel a little sorry for him when I hear his voice, but it can't be helped because he will prey on me.






The situation is still far from safe.


The remaining two are coming at me at the same time.


I swing the branch and step to the right at the same time. I slammed the piece of wood into one of the dogs' noses with all my might.


As I blow the dog away, I avoid the teeth of the other one. I turn around and we both face each other.


Finally, I created a one-on-one situation, and I calmly slammed the branch into the face of the oncoming wild dog.


I attacked them with full force. It feels good.


I look back and see the wild dogs stumbling to their feet. So stubborn....... I braced myself to see if they would come at me, but they ran away like rabbits.


"Haa ....... Haa ......."


After the wild dogs left, I dropped to my knees immediately.


My chest is aching. I can't breathe as if a big stone is stuck in my throat.


The illness that I almost forgot about during the fight struck me again.


I can't even maintain my kneeling position, so I lie down on the ground. But sleeping does not make me feel better. In fact, I feel more pain when I'm lying on my back.


I want to get up, but I can't move.


I desperately want the strength to breathe more than I want to move my fingers.


I was born with a weak body. In the beginning, even a short walk would make me out of breath, and I would get so tired that I couldn't even stand up like I do now.


The doctor advised me to stop working out, but my father refused to do so. On the contrary, he made the doctor quit.


Everyone thinks that my father's training is outrageous. But thanks to his training, I can fight with all my might for about 60 seconds.


But after that, I can't even get up like a broken doll.


Even when I was lying in bed with a high fever, my father would give me books and force me to gain knowledge.


"It's OK....... It's OK......."


The pain is killing me. I tell myself to calm down, breathe slowly and the seizures will go away.


It should be.......


Huh? What's wrong?


Usually, it goes away when I sleep, but .......


Today, the seizures didn't subside at all.


In fact, it seems to get even worse. And my body is hot.




I feel like my body is on fire. It's burning up.


"Water ....... I need water."


I stretch out my hand, but there is no water jug there, and my gentle mother's hand is not there either. There is only a dense bush.


After all, I am alone.


Most likely, someone from the Tristan family had abandoned me on this mountain. I was abandoned. Because I'm a failure. Perhaps they judged that I didn't have the talent, dedication, or capacity to inherit the Sword Saint's techniques.


The only thing left is my weak child's body, waiting to die quietly in this mountain.


My vision is completely shrouded in darkness.


I can feel my consciousness and senses fading away.


Ah....... Am I going to die now?




At that moment, I grabbed something.


It is so soft that even my weakened grip can hold it, and the cold sensation is just right to cool my burning body.


It resembles a soft wild strawberry, but it is too big for that.


I have no idea what it is, but I grab it with all my might and push it into my mouth at once.


Maybe this will cool down my burning body a little bit... I thought.


It is cold. The coldness spreading in my mouth is very comfortable.


Above all, it tastes sweet.


It has a slightly unique taste, but it's sweet and delicious.


It doesn't have a sticky aftertaste that sticks to your throat at all. It is very elegant.


Its smooth texture slid down my throat comfortably, and the cool sensation spread through my stomach.


It is as if I am eating jelly that has been chilled with ice.




It doesn't hurt. My breath is no longer short and choking.


The heat in my body is gone and I can breathe calmly.


My starving stomach is back to normal, and I feel my strength has returned.


As I stand up, I feel lighter than I thought I would.


I feel even better than when I first came to this mountain.


I wonder what I've eaten.


When I turn around to look at the remains behind me, I am stunned.




  1. I can tell this will be super funny. Thanks for the new series

  2. *Adding to reading list* Thanks for picking it up.

  3. totaly adding this to reading list :)

  4. yo really need to add a next chapter button.. kinda annoying needing ta go back to go to the next chapter..


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