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Thursday, September 16, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C36: The True Nature of Disease


Chapter 36: The True Nature of Disease


It was quite troublesome to make an excuse to the three of them.


Aina was simply worried that her mother was crying.

Karen came at me with a stern look on her face.

Rolf was silently gripping his mace.


I wonder what would have happened if Stella had not explained the situation to them.......

Just thinking about it is terrifying.


But after the misunderstanding was cleared up, everything was back to normal.

Everyone's attention shifted from my false accusation to how to cure the living rot illness.


"In my hometown, this disease is called beriberi."




The voices of the four of them overlapped nicely.

I nodded and began to explain it.


"It's a disease that occurs when you don't get enough nutrition."


Human beings need various vitamins to survive, and when they lack them, they get sick.

One of the most common forms of vitamin deficiency is living rot illness or beriberi, which is currently affecting Stella.


One way to determine if you have beriberi is to tap the spot below your knee and see if your leg jumps up.

In healthy people, tapping on the area below the knee plate causes the leg to jump up as a reflex, but this reaction is less likely to occur in people with beriberi.


The fact that Stella's leg didn't jump up when I tapped below her knee makes me sure that the disease known as living rot illness is beriberi.


As the illness worsens, the limbs become numb and unable to move, and in the end, the heart stops beating, which leads to death.

It is a terrible disease that killed tens of thousands of people a year in Japan during the Taisho era (1912-1926), but the treatment is quite simple.


But the treatment is quite simple: all you have to do is take the vitamins you are lacking.

In Japan, vitamin supplements are sold not only in pharmacies but also in convenience stores.


"So I'm going to go back to the store and get some medicine."


"Shirou, do you have a medicine that can cure living rot illness?"


Karen-san was surprised by my words.

Rolf, who is usually smiling next to her, was also surprised with his eyes wide open.


"Shirou Onii-chan...... Do you have a medicine that can cure my mom?"


Aina's voice trembled as she asked me.

In the tearful eyes, there is a slight glimmer of hope. 

I squatted down and made eye contact with Aina.


"Yeah, I'm sure there is. I'll get the medicine as soon as possible, so wait for me."


"OK. I'll wait for you."


"OK. I'll be back soon."


I pretend to go back to my store when actually I go back to my house.

I bring the things I need and go to Aina's house again.


"Sorry for the waiting!"


Since it took me so long to get there and back, the sun had already set, and the moonlight is shining through the window.

As everyone is staring at me, I open my clenched hands.


"Stella-san, please drink this."


I said and took out an orange pill from the bottle in my hand.


"You mean those orange things?"


"Yes. It may look a little poisonous, but it's actually a medicine that cures living rot illness."


"This pill is ......?"




It also heals mouth ulcers quickly, so its effectiveness is well known.

It's a product that I can recommend confidently. 


"Shirou, I'm not doubting you, but does that ...... really work?"


Karen asked me.

As the mayor of the town, I guess she couldn't help but ask.


"You will not be cured after just one dose. But if you continue to take it every day, you will get better and eventually be cured."


"I have to drink this medicine every day......?"


Stella asked with a puzzled expression.


Is it the color?

Is the orange color of these pills making her worry?

When I was thinking about that...


" ...... If it's medicine, then it must be expensive, right?"


Oh, so that's what she worries about.

I shook my head.


"Don't worry about the payment."


"But ......"


"I will collect the payment later. With Aina's smile."




Stella is speechless and looks back at me.


"When I came to this town, Aina helped me a lot. Now it's my turn to help Aina. Please drink it."




"Mom, drink the medicine."




"Hurry up, hurry up."


Aina takes the glass of water to her bed.


"...... OK, I'll drink it."


Aina helps her, and Stella drinks the vitamin pill.


"This medicine should be taken in the morning and night, one tablet at a time."


"I understand."


Stella nodded.

I guess we can consider Stella's vitamin deficiency problem solved now.


However, according to Karen, there are still people with vitamin deficiency in this town outskirt.

If that's the case.


"Why don't we just cure everyone?"


I muttered to myself and quickly started to take action.



  1. She's so infuriating... she has the glimmer of hope to potentially live healthy again and she starts doubting him and the medication when just a moment ago she was leaving her daughter with him when she died... do you want to live or not?

    1. Doubting something is normal for a human with a brain, unlike someone like you who insist on basing decisions on fee-fees and delusional wishful thinking

    2. No i think she is worried about the payment for medicine not if its effective. Karen the mayor was the one doubting him


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