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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep28.1 Side story - One Day with Nazuna Part 1



In the basement of Naraku.

"SUR, true vampire knight Nazuna, level 9999," is walking alone with big steps.

Her red eyes and long silver hair swayed each time she moves.

At first glance, she looks like a daughter of a noble family, with her short body and large breasts. Contrary to her appearance, her words and actions are full of energy.


"As my Lord ordered, I must protect Naraku while my Lord is away!"


To be precise, she is the strongest in "Naraku" in terms of battle ability alone. Due to her stupidity, she lacks the ability to respond to emergency situations and cannot be entrusted with internal affairs. That's why she stays in Naraku.

This doesn't mean people look down on her.

Her cheerfulness is recognized by everyone in Naraku, and she is a great mood-maker.

It's just that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.


As a result, I asked her to protect the dungeon while I'm away. I'm sure no one can reach the deepest part of Naraku, but it's always better to be careful.


Today, she is taking her daily patrol for her beloved Lord.

A fairy maid who is cleaning calls out to her.


"Hello, Nazuna-sama."


"Are you out for a walk, or are you on patrol?"


"Ou, that's right! I'm patrolling the basement of Naraku, and I'm doing a very important task ordered by my Lord!"


She proudly puffs her chest out as if to say, "Isn't that great?"

The fairy maids, who understand their Lord intentions, praised her.


"As expected of Nazuna-sama!"


"With Nazuna-sama watching over us, we can do the housework with peace of mind."


"Awesome Nazu!"


"Ehehe, don't praise me like that. I am just doing the job that my Lord ordered me to do."


She is humble, but the praise makes her grins.

She is happy to be praised and to feel that she is contributing to Naraku and helping Raito.

The level 500 fairy maids manipulate the level 9999 Nazuna.


"Have you decided where you want to go next?"


"No, I haven't decided. Why?"


"Actually, there's one place I want Nazuna-sama to check out."


"It's a very important and top-secret place, so the fairy maids aren't even allowed to go near it."


"Is there such a place in Naraku? Well, whatever. And what kind of place is that?"


The fairy maids are grinning.


"That place is--"


Nazuna is humming with enthusiasm as she heads to her next destination.

The place she is heading to is.......




"The fairy maids told her where to go next, and she knocked on the door of the room.

A few moments later, the door opens and SUR, Mei the seeker maid level 9999, comes out with her long black hair swinging like a tail."


"? Nazuna? Why are you coming to Lord's private room?"


"I'm patrolling here!"


Nazuna answered Mei's question with a bright smile.

The answer was so straightforward that Mei doesn't know how to respond to her. She quickly holds her head from a headache.

On the contrary, Nazuna asks her with innocent eyes.


"How about Mei? What are you doing in Lord's room?"


"...... It is against the way of my maids to not clean the room even if our Lord is not using it. So, I was cleaning and tidying the room. So there is no need for you to go inside."


"Oh, I see, as expected of Mei!"


She nods with satisfaction with Mei response, but soon she has new questions.


"But it seems like you were lounging around in your master's bed and sniffing his pillow. Wouldn't that make the sheets and stuff wrinkle?"




This time, Mei pressed her temples.

Mei is one of the strongest persons with level 9999, but her opponent is Nazuna, who has the same rank and the strongest in Naraku.

No matter how hard Mei tries to hide her presence, she can't hide from Nazuna.

However, Mei quickly regains her composure and speaks with her usual facial expression.


"Don't worry. I've developed a unique method for making the bed.

I can't tell you the details because it's a secret technique."


"So it's a special technique for housekeeping! As expected from Mei, the first person summoned by my Lord. You even have a special technique for housework!"


Nazuna nodded several times and looks impressed. She completely believed Mei's answer.

Mei is pressing her temples again. Her head is aching.


"? What's wrong, Mei? Do you have a headache?


"No, I'm fine. But I'm not sure if I should ask you to use your brain a little more, or should I remind you to think more calmly......."


"I don't really understand, but if your head is aching, get some rest. And I have a message for you from the fairy maids who asked me to check my Lord's room."


"...... Hou, what's the message?"


Mei narrowed her eyes at her.

Nazuna says the message casually.


"Eeeto... [No monopoly on cleaning the Lord's room], [We also want the right to clean my Lord's room], [1 vote against head maid's clean duty monopoly], [Explode, please], [Explode, explode, explode]. The first part may mean that it's not good to work too hard, but I don't know what the second part, 'explode' means."


"...... This problem is between me as the head maid and the fairy maids, so Nazuna doesn't have to worry about it. So please tell me the name of the fairy maid who complained to you. I will deal with them later."


"OK! Eeeto..."                     


Nazuna tells her the names of the fairy maids who complained about Raito's private room cleaning duty.

After listening to all the information, Mei takes out a reward from her item box.


"Thank you for your cooperation. This is not much, but it's a token of gratitude. Please buy some snacks and eat them while you're taking a break from your patrol."


"Thank you, Mei! Mei is a good person! If you have any problems or need my help, let me know. I'll help you!"


Nazuna doesn't understand Mei's intentions. She took the money and left Raito's private room.

When her back was out of sight, Mei immediately started to move to have a discussion with the fairy maids.


  1. Thank you for the chapter !

  2. Started reading today, but when comparing to the raws, I noticed that chapter 29 was skipped?


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