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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep28 Hunting the Adventurer Killer 6


"Uh-uh! Oh, Onii-chan!


"...... Good morning, Miya-chan."


"Dark, Dark-san? Hey, this place is......."


Miya is lying in one of the bedrooms in the suite room on the inn's top floor where we are staying.


I am sitting on a chair beside her bed, watching over her.


When Miya woke up, she looked around like a frightened little animal, maybe because she doesn't know what's going on.

When she had calmed down enough, I told her the story I had prepared.


"Last night, when Gold was drinking at the Adventurer's Guild, he heard about the 'Adventurer Killer'..."


When we heard this information, we immediately enter the dungeon to hunt the "Adventurer Killer".

While searching in the dungeon at night, we coincidentally saw Miya, who was about to be killed by a young elf man.

The young elf man was surprised when we saw him, then he runs away into the deeper of the dungeon part.


After securing Miya, who unconscious, we investigated the area and found her dying brother Erio and the others. Unfortunately, Gimra and Wardy were already dead when we found them.

Based on the circumstantial evidence, we concluded that the "young elf man" is the "Adventurer Killer".


I cast a recovery spell on Erio, but he was seriously injured. To ensure their safety and report the information, we immediately bring them out of the dungeon.

We took Erio to a hospital in town for treatment and bring Miya back to the inn where we are staying.

Gold went to the Adventurer's Guild to report about the "Adventurer Killer".


Of course, most of the story is a lie.


It was a made-up story to keep Miya and the adventurers guild from getting suspicious.


Aside from the Guild, Miya herself has a hazy memory thanks to the SR hypnosis. She doesn't remember anything about her short stay in Naraku.


Kaito, the young elf man, is currently being interrogated in Naraku basement.

I've ordered my subordinate to extract information about "Master" and "Sub-Master" from him.

I'm sure that Ellie and the others are now reading his memories using forbidden magic and other techniques that involve extreme pain.


My mask can hide my facial expression, but I still need to be careful not to sound suspicious.


"The guild has also concluded from circumstantial evidence that the young elf man is most likely the ''Adventurer Killer''. They want to hear more about him when Miya-chan wakes up."


"I, I understand. Yes, there is no mistake that this person is the Adventurer Killer. He suddenly appeared near us and ...... we told him about the adventurer killer, and he said, [Next time I should be a little more careful about covering up]. Then he attacked us. Onii-chan and the others......"


Miya raises her upper body and grips the bed covers tightly with her small hands.

I take out two handkerchiefs from my pocket and hand them to her.


"These are?"


"These are the hair of Gimra and Wardy. Sorry, I managed to save Erio, but they...... I couldn't take their body's home."


"!? Thank, thank you so much! Even if it's just the hair of the deceased, I'm happy! Thank you so much, thank you so much--UUUUUUUUUUGH!"


Finally realizing that her friends' deaths are real, Miya-chan hugs the deceased hair to her chest and burst into tears.


(When I was facing Kaito, I used infinite Gacha cards to heal and protect them. I can save Erio in time, but I couldn't save Gimra and Wardy.......)


Resurrection magic exists, but many conditions prevented me from resurrecting them. Once human life is lost, no matter what kind of power I have, it cannot be easily revived.


(Maybe it's enough for today.......)


I decided to leave the room without saying anything else.

Even after I closed the door, my ears still hear her crying inside the room because of my high level.


(I did my best to level up to take revenge, but ...... having improved hearing is a bit inconvenient at times like this.)


I quietly moved away from the door and left her alone until she calmed down. 






Two things have changed after the Adventurer Killer incident.


The first was that the...... Adventurers' Guild raised our rank by one rank for providing information about the Adventurer Killer.


Later that day, Miya went to the adventurer's Guild to explain the details.

After hearing Miya's and our detailed statement, the Guild was convinced that the young elf man is the adventurer killer.

They even made a sketch of him based on Miya's and our memories, and they warned the adventurers about him.

They even organized a team to hunt down the adventurer-killer, who had escaped deep into the dungeon (based on our testimony).


I thought that I need to hand over the Adventurer Killer's body to raise my rank. It was unexpected luck that the information alone was enough to raise my rank to C class.


The second thing is that Miya and Erio have decided to quit working as adventurers. They gave up on going to the Sixth Principality Magic School and return to their hometown.


Erio was discharged from the hospital. The two of them dispose of their bags that they left at the inn.

They will leave this city tomorrow early morning to go to their hometown as an escort for a merchant group.

They came to greet us, the people who saved their lives and took care of them.


I take Miya and Erio up to the living room of the inn's top floor suite and listens to their story.


Nemumu put a pot of tea on the table in front of them as they sit on the sofa. I sit on the sofa across them while Gold stand in the room corner.


Miya and Erio bow deeply.


"Thank you so much for saving my brother's life and taking care of us."


"Thank you so much for helping us....... I owe my life to Dark-san and the others.


"No, we also received some advice and burn medicine. Saving your life was...... just a coincidence."


I can't tell them that it was because of the power of the "SSR, Praying Misanga". Besides, I don't want to remind them about their bad experience. I couldn't save Gimra and Wardy. It was just luck that I was able to save Erio.

No matter how high my level is, I can't do everything. My power is not almighty.

I try to change the subject.


"You said that you quit working as an adventurer and will return to your hometown. But Erio-san is hard working person, and Miya-chan is a talented magician. Maybe the two of you can team up with other people and continue working as an adventurer?"


"Yes, in fact, some adventurers offered us to join them. But after what happened to us, I am too afraid to enter the dungeons again......"


Her hands trembled as she clutched them in her lap.

Her friends had been killed in front of her eyes. She and her brother almost lost their lives too.

It's no wonder she's too scared to enter the dungeon again.


She laughs as if she's in trouble and says...


"Beside... I became an adventurer and went into dungeons because everyone was with me. We can't do it alone. Right, Onii-chan?"


"Yeah, that's why I don't think it's a good idea to team up with other people right now. Besides, we want to return Gimra and Wardy's hair to our homeland. Then hopefully, the two of us can support ourselves with some help from our relatives."


"I see."


A gloomy air filled the room.

To change the atmosphere, Miya speaks cheerfully, but her voice sounds dry.


"I can't enter the Principality's magic school, but I'm going to work hard with my brother and never give up. I will study magic on my own to become a magician that people won't laugh at. If Dark-san and the others visit my hometown, please contact us."


"Sure, when the time comes."


"Yes, we'll be waiting for you. Everyone in my hometown will welcome you guys with open arms."


"Absolutely, Dark-san. We'll be waiting for you."


The two responded with positive smiles.

After a quick conversation with Gold and Nemumu, Miya and Erio left the inn.

We are left alone in the room.


"I'm going back to Naraku. If there's a visitor for me, please ask them to come back later."


"Understand, my lord."


I leave Nemumu and Gold in the room and return to Naraku with SSR, Transfer.



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