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Thursday, September 2, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C18


Chapter 18: Being imaginative and creative



With the experience I got from mixing the wound medicinal herbs, the next is making potions. I haven't done any experiments since chemistry class in school, so I'm getting excited! But there are only two kinds of herbs left, the medicinal herbs and the Youmei plants. I have to be careful.


"Let's make some changes before I mix them."


Thinking back to the potion I made earlier, there is some sediment in the potion. I'd like to get rid of that somehow.


First, I used a knife to remove the thick veins of the medicinal herbs and Youmei plants. I used only the soft part of the leaves.


If it turns out that the removed parts are rich in medicinal substances, the effect will be reduced.


Next, I boil the purified water in a pot. There is no change in the purified water item information when I appraise it, but what if I mix it?


The procedure after this is the same as for wound medicine. Mix it well, and pour in some magic power.


Name: Lower Grade Potion 

Rarity: 1 Quality: 5

Effect: Restores 40 HP. Cooldown time 10 minutes.


Good! It's 5! What was good about it? The ingredients themselves are exactly the same as the last time I made a 3 potion. So I understand that the quality increased by 1 level when I manually make it. Now, what's the reason for the additional quality level?



"Next, let's try using the purified water without modification."


Then, the result is a 4 low-grade potion.


"That means boiling the water first is effective."


I've made a great discovery. Well, I'm sure it's been posted around the forums.


Is this the least I can do? No, wait, what? I think I'm going to experiment with drying. I've heard that drying the plant has the effect of increasing the quality of the blend instead of reducing the amount of the plant. Fortunately, I have some low-quality poisonous plants, paralytic plants, and bleeding plants left over.


"Orto, do you know what drying is?"




"You don't know?




"I see, so you don't know."




"Don't feel down. I don't understand it either."


For now, let's experiment with poisonous, paralysis, and bleeding plants by placing them in a well-ventilated place. Normally, these things are supposed to dry out in the sun for a day and a night.


"This place seems to be well ventilated."


I tied the grass to the wall of the tool shed in the field. The sun is shining, so it should be okay.


"If it requires a skill or tool to dry, it will be a complete waste."


I can grow as many plants as I want in the future, so I don't mind using them for experiments.


"Now, let's go to the farming guild and update the map."


I walk around the town of beginnings to update the map. For now, I'll start from the southern area, where my farm is located. I will also have to remember to deliver some spinach to the farming guild while I'm there. If I complete the update map quest, my guild rank will rise.


"Alright, I'll do my best to fill up the map!"



It's been four hours since I started walking. I think I've updated about half of the southern area map.


"Hmm. It's much bigger than I thought."


If I simply walk from one end to the other, it would take less than an hour. But walking through all the streets to update the map took more time than I expected.


Still, I managed to keep walking because it is fun. When walking in the daytime, I could see how realistic the town is. The city is so beautifully created down to the smallest detail that I feel like I'm on vacation in Europe.


"Oh, this place is..."


Before I realized it, I am standing near the Beastmasters Guild. I didn't notice it at all.


The fact that it is located in a remote area on the border between the western and southern areas shows just how unpopular the Beastmasters Guild is.


I decided to join the guild on a whim. I've been walking for a while now. The surrounding scenery is beautiful, but I wanted something different.




"Welcome to the Beastmasters Guild."


The person who greeted me is not the beautiful dark-haired Barbara, but a glamorous blonde American beauty. Her freckles are charming.


"Are, where's Barbara?"


"Barbara is on break, so she's not here right now."


I see. I thought that event-related characters remained the same for 24 hours, just like in RPGs. Though I knew that the receptionist would change. If they want to make it realistic, naturally, the NPCs will have break time too.


"Now that I came to this guild, let's check the quests."


The last time I came here, I didn't check every nook and corner. I don't think they'll add any new quests in half a day, but I hope to discover something new.


"Hmm, looks like there are no new quests after all."


However, there are a few quests that caught my attention. There are a few quests I'm interested in that I skipped last time because the completion requirements seemed a bit troublesome.


"I think I can do this one while updating the map."


Labor Quest

Description: Pick up trash in the town

Reward: 300G

Deadline: 3 days


When I read the details, I learned that the job was to pick up trash in the town because the monsters in the Beastmasters Guild's care tend to eat the trash during their walks. Eating trash during walks, that sounds like a dog! Well, I'll take it!


When I accepted the quest, the receptionist lent me a backpack-type item bag and a tong. So I am supposed to pick up the trash with these.


"Then, we're counting on you. The target is 100 pieces.


"Roger that."


For now, I think I'll search around the guild. In the first place, what kind of trash are they? Is it something like an empty can?


Then I see something lying on the ground in front of the guild. It is a small piece of stone, and I am sure I would have missed it if I was walking normally.


"Is this trash?"


It seems that the green marker appears on the trash after I took the trash pickup quest. And the green marker does not appear on the other rocks. Apparently, it's not enough to just pick up trash randomly.


"Okay, let's pick up trash while updating the map."


Picking up trash in a VR game, how humble is that? But it's all for the experience and contribution.


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  1. No diré que la novela es genial pero original si que es.

    Gracias por traducir y por favor continuala


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