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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep28.2 Side story - One Day with Nazuna Part 2



After receiving some money from Mei, Nazuna stops by the store and buys some snacks.

The store is lined with N-card foods and other items from Raito's "Infinite Gacha" benefit.

Otherwise, the N-cards would just keep piling up.

The currency is unique to Naraku. Before this, Raito subordinates made a lot of counterfeit money, since now they have no work, so he gave them the task of making special money for Naraku residents.


The sweet she purchased is her favorite dorayaki.

Nazuna ate various chocolates, cookies, and sweet and sour sweets, but dorayaki is her favorite.


She moves to the cafeteria and eats it with a bottle of milk that she bought.

After finishing her delicious meal, she proceeds to the training ground.


"Aoyuki, what are you doing in this place?"




While walking through the corridor, she sees one of her colleagues, "SUR, Genius Monster Tamer Aoyuki Level 9999".

Nazuna greets him with a friendly attitude, but Aoyuki's expression and voice look as if to say, "I've met a troublesome person......."

However, Nazuna does not care about such things.


Anyway, there is no way Nazuna would notice such a small detail, so she called out to her without hesitation.


"Didn't my Lord ask you to investigate the forest around Naraku? Oh, maybe you've already finished? Aoyuki, you're working so fast!"




"...... Even if you say 'nya~', I'm not our Lord, so I don't know what you mean."


Raito doesn't understand Aoyuki's cat language either.

He just guesses from the voice tone and atmosphere.

But it's impossible to expect Nazuna to pay attention to such details.


She ponders why Aoyuki, who is supposed to be investigating the forest, is walking in this corridor.


"Hmm, oh! Could it be that there is a monster in the forest on the ground that even Aoyuki can't beat, and you've come to ask for help? Then I'll take care of it!"


Nazuna confidently said with a smile.


"Aoyuki was summoned before me, but I think I'm older than you in terms of strength and appearance. You can rely on me without hesitation!"




Aoyuki is the second person to be summoned from the Infinite Gacha, after Mei.

As Nazuna pointed out, if the two stand side by side, people will think Aoyuki is the younger one. Because of their difference in height and breast size.

That's only if you don't know the inside...... needless to say.


Aoyuki feels exhausted by Nazuna's misunderstanding and raises the map in her hand.


"No. There is no enemy. The map is partially finished, and I'm on my way to deliver it to Mei."


"Oh, really? You should have said so from the beginning, but Aoyuki looks different!"


Nazuna laughs as she slaps Aoyuki back.

Aoyuki's back hurts, and she doesn't even understand what's so funny.


It's not that Aoyuki dislikes Nazuna.

But Nazuna is so stupid that makes Aoyuki wondered, "Is this person really a level 9999 who became my Lord's hands and feet?". But her cheerfulness is natural.

To a certain extent, Aoyuki does appreciate her as a mood maker.


However, since Nazuna is a dog person and Aoyuki is a cat person, basically, they just don't get along.

Aoyuki is aware of this, but Nazuna doesn't even realize it.




As if to say she's done her business, Aoyuki quickly leaves Nazuna.

Just like a cat.

Nazuna says positive words to her back.


"Good luck."


Nazuna is completely unaware that she and Aoyuki are not in harmony. In fact, Nazuna even thinks that she has to protect Aoyuki because Aoyuki looks younger and weaker than her.


Her straightforward kindness is one of her good points, but it is also why she and Aoyuki don't get along well.


After finishing her conversation with Aoyuki, Nazuna went to the training grounds to patrol as planned.


It's the end of beautiful corridor. She enters a rugged area that looks like the original dungeon.

It was not left behind due to a development error.

It was left untouched as a training ground.


Space distorts, and a witch's hat appears.

Immediately, Nazuna frowned, which was very unusual for her.

The training area is much larger than the other rooms, so there is plenty of space. This is why it is often used as a transfer point when transferring from outside to the basement of the abyss.

That's also why Nazuna is checking out this place every time she is patrolling around.


"Gee, Elly. Didn't you go out there to do some inspection or construction work?"


"I'm not a kid like Nazuna. Of course, I came back because I had finished that work. You are really stupid, aren't you?"


"I'm not stupid!"


Nazuna and Elly are the closest in terms of the timing of their card releases.

Perhaps that's why they often joke around when they see each other. Unlike Aoyuki, they are so close that they quarrel with each other.


In a way, this is one of Naraku's uniques.


To tease Nazuna further, Elly tells her a very special story.


"The other day, I had tea with God Raito alone to inform him about my work progress. Aren't you jealous?"


"Oh! Seriously, I'm jealous! If I have the chance, I also want to have tea with my Lord!"


"...... Is that all?"



"?What else do you want?"


Elly's plan was to make fun of her and make her more frustrated, but Nazuna's honest envy disappoints her.

Sometimes her innocence makes her more difficult to deal with, but Nazuna herself is completely unaware of that.

This time she does it again, and Elly can't help but fell silent.

Nazuna doesn't understand her feelings and just proceeds their conversation with her own topic.


"Hurry up and start executing the Sasha Revenge Plan! Elly is good at magic but not very good at close-quarters battle. If you need any help, just let me know, and I'll help you!"






Elly is completely KO (knocked out) by Nazuna's straightforward and caring comment, and she can't say anything more. Nazuna tilted her head, but Elly sluggishly waved her hand and left the training area to do her work.

Nazuna watched her back and tilted her head, but she didn't understand Elly's actions and just kept tilting her head.


In the end, she didn't understand Elly's actions. She would soon forget it as she continued her patrol.


That's Nazuna's good point.




She finishes her daily work, patrolling.

After eating and taking a bath, she returns to her room and crawls into bed.


"Today, I'm glad I can protect Naraku and everybody as my Lord ordered!"


The only problem is .......


"I miss my Lord....... I can't wait to see my beloved Lord. If only I could get his permission, I would destroy everyone on the surface world."


Raito and the others have stopped her, so she puts up with it.

However, she is determined to kick the crap out of anyone who troubles her master.


"I wish I could see my Lord tomorrow. ......"


While wishing that, Nazuna dozes off and begins to fall asleep.


"My Lord ...... good night ......"


Nazuna whispers her closing words for the day and falls asleep.



  1. Thank you for the chapter !

  2. I might like Nazuna more, she's so innocent and adorable and straightforward lol

  3. Error:
    Nazuna greets him with a friendly attitude -> Nazuna greets her with a friendly attitude



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