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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep28.3 Side story - The Maids' Complain




In the fairy maid's room in Naraku basement, four fairy maids are gathering.

Basically, one room is for four people, and each room has its own work rotation.

Today is their day off.


They are sitting in their seats. Somehow, all 4 of them have a big bump on their heads.


The bumps are punishment for deceiving "SUR, True Vampire Knight Nazuna Level 9999".


"When we protested against the Head Maid's monopoly on cleaning our Lord's room, she got angry with us. Isn't this already a good reason to raise a revolt against the Head Maid?" [Ordinary]


The fairy maid, who looks very beautiful but seems to have a weak personality, spoke up her mind.


"I strongly agree. I really envy her for monopolizing our Lord's room cleaning duty!" [Glasses]


The serious-looking fairy maid with glasses pushes up her frame and violently agrees.

The gal fairy maid sitting next to her suggests a dangerous idea.


"But, she's the Head Maid, so there is no way we can win. Should we poison her?" [Gal]


"No, no, no, she's immune to poisons. Her 9999 level is not just for show off." [Nerdy]


The last one, she also has a beautiful face, but her bangs are long, and her vibe is somewhat dark. But on the contrary, she had an aura that made the weak and timid boys like her.


"In the end, fairy maids with level 500 like us are no match to her. I envy the Head Maid. I want to clean our Lord's room too!" [Ordinary]


"I know what you mean. I also want to smell his bed as the payment." [Nerdy]


"I strongly agree!" [Glasses]


The serious maid with shiny glasses asserted strongly.


On the other hand, the nerdy fairy maid smiles lustfully and says...


"Uh, uuh, I want to li, li, lick My Lord's fork or whatever he used to eat!" [Nerdy]


"Pervert!" [Ordinary]


The most ordinary fairy maid unconsciously shouts at her.


"But, but, but if any of you had a fork used by Master, you would lick it, right?" [Nerdy]


"Lick it." [Ordinary]


"Lick." [Gal]


"I'll definitely lick it." [Glasses]


"Ri, ri, right!" [Nerdy]


All four of them affirmed without any hesitation.


Suddenly, the gal fairy maid remembered something and says...


"The Head Maid is also busy with internal affairs, so she should at least leave the cleaning of her private room to us. The Head Maid was the first person summoned by Raito-sama, right?" [Gal]


"That's right. Why all of a sudden?" [Ordinary]


"As I recall, it was about 3 months before Aoyuki-sama was summoned......." [Glasses]


The sound of the maids gulping down their saliva echoed through the room.


"At that time, they were alone inside Naraku dungeon, which was full of dangerous monsters. My Lord was just 12 years old boy, and his level was lower than ours. Alone with my Lord in that condition... " [Gal]


"Da, da, da, dangerous dungeon. A young man and a young woman. It, it, it's impossible if nothing happened..." [Nerdy]


The fairy maid's room is enveloped by silence.


"...... I can't stop being jealous to Head Maid!" [Ordinary]


"I wish she'd explode. In fact, shouldn't she explode?" [Gal]


"If we can convert our jealousy into a curse, no matter how strong the Head Maid is~...." [Glasses]


"Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy......" [Nerdy]


"That's a terrible thing to hear. Even though I brought you good news." [Mei]




A third party's voice echoed in the room.

All the fairy maids turned their gaze to the door at once.

The SUR, Mei the seeker maid, level 9999, is standing there.

She put on a calm face even though she heard the fairy maids' jealousy.


"He, Head Maid! If you're going to enter a room, you should at least knock!" [Gal]


"I did. You girls were just too busy complaining about me, so you didn't notice. I've got good news for you, but I think I should take it to another maids......." [Mei]


"What is this 'good news' that Head Maid said earlier?" [Gal]


When the gal maid asked, Mei stopped for a second before telling her.


"Soon, my Lord will return to Naraku. I had planned to choose one of you to serve him, but..." [Mei]


"I am a maid who swears absolute loyalty to the Head Maid! I'm different from the others!" [Glasses]


The glasses maid quickly betrayed the others.


"I've always considered Head Maid as my big sister, mentor, and benefactor!" [Gal]


"I've been respecting the Head Maid even before she was summoned!" [Ordinary]


"Head Maid! Head Maid! Head Maid! Head Maid! Please call me dog, Woof!" [Nerdy]


The other maids all switched sides and begged for Mei's favor.

There was no hesitation at all.

Mei feels a headache when she sees how they switched their attitude without any hesitation.


"...... Have I made a mistake in educating my maids? Have I strayed from my maid way?" [Mei]


For a moment, Mei turned her mind away from the girls' appeals and pondered whether there was anything wrong with her maid way.


For a while, that room became noisy with their self-promoting voices.


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