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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep26 Hunting the Adventurer Killer 4


 It seems that the elf who is shouting in front of me is an existence called "Sub-Master" who has the "Master" blood.

Initially, I had planned to kill him to raise our adventurer rank, but circumstances have changed.


I'm still going to kill him, but we're not going to hand over his body to the Adventurer's Guild. I'll take him back to Naraku because I need to get information about Master and Sub-Master.


For the first time, I take an attack position to neutralize him.




While exhaling lightly, I kicked the ground lightly!

I am not as strong as the vanguard, but I have trained in close combat for several years under Mei's guidance.

Even though he was already on guard with his sword, I once again managed to hit Kaito's abdomen with my staff due to the level difference between us.




He vomited again and knelt on the ground.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I kicked him straight away.

Because his attention was focused on the pain in his stomach, when I kick him, "Grandius" slipped from his hand, and he rolls on the ground.


"Nemumu, pick up that sword."


"Roger, Dark-sama"


While giving instruction, I walk over to Kaito that rolled on the ground.

From the corner of my eye, I see Nemumu take out a handkerchief to pick up Grandius.

Apparently, she didn't want to hold it directly.

I didn't leave it to Gold is because he acts as a guard, and I want to keep him light so he can move quickly. Maybe it would be better if he's the one who picks up Grandius?


I press my foot on Kaito's neck as I'm thinking about that.




"It's better not to move. If you move, I can easily break your neck."


It would be troublesome if he resists, so I threaten him.

Perhaps my threat is effective because Kaito panting in pain and tries not to move his body as much as possible. He just stares at me from below.


Without paying attention to his stare, I take out the "SSR, Transfer" card from my pocket.


"Transfer, release, to Naraku."


With my words, the four of us were surrounded by light and disappeared from that dungeon instantly.

The next moment we appeared in the training ground in the Naraku basement.

The original dungeon terrain and rocky floors are still there.


Kaito, whose neck I am pressing with my feet, leak out a shocked voice.


"Where the hell is this place? Just a moment ago, we were in a grassland dungeon!


"We've moved to the basement of Naraku, where I live. Look, do you know this place? The world's largest, hardest and most punitive dungeon."


"Naraku, the world's largest, hardest and most punitive dungeon. You mean Naraku, which located deep in the forests of Dragon Newt Empire territory? Impossible! Did we move from the Dwarf dungeon to Naraku in an instant!?"


Kaito was surprised by the environment that changed from grasslands to rugged rocks. He turned his gaze towards us.


"Are, are you the ones who gave the transfer magic item to that human girl...!?"


"Transfer magic item... Well, that is a magic item."


I don't need to teach him, so I'm not going to explain.

He thought he would suffer for letting Miya run away, but my reaction is different.


"What the hell were you thinking, handing over a transfer item that allows you to move instantly to a novice adventurer like her? Do you have any idea how expensive a transfer magic item is?"


"...yeah, I've heard that it worth a lot of money."


When I was at the Races Union, other adventurers were complaining to each other that they wished they have a transfer magic item.

Magic items that allow the user to instantly travels to a different location are rare and not even sold at regular auctions.

They are generally kept by noblemen and top-level adventurers to ensure their safety in case of emergency. They are too expensive for the ordinary adventurer to afford.


The one I gave to Miya is the SSR Praying Misanga, which is not a transfer magic item. It came out of the Infinity Gacha. That's why it's an expensive item on the surface world.

However, I have no intention of selling the Infinite Gacha cards on the surface world for money.


I can get a lot of money by selling the metal lumps from the "Infinite Gacha" cards. I won't sell Infinite Gacha cards because there's a chance it may be used against me by the enemy.


"My Lord, it looks like he is not a guest, but should I prepare some tea?"


Mei appears. She sways her ponytail hair while telling a joke.




"Welcome back, God Raito! Looks like you bring home a weird creature with you.


"My Lord, welcome back! Are you going to stay in Naraku tonight? If so, let's sleep together tonight!"


The others who noticed my appearance in Naraku showed up one after another.

This place is Naraku training ground, but since this place is mainly used for training, only a few people can come here.


Aoyuki mimics a cat's meow like usual, and Elly directs her cold gaze at my feet. Nazuna also speaks to me casually.

I couldn't help but smile because our conversation is the same as usual.


"I'm back, everyone. No need to make tea. He's the criminal who attacked Miya-chan, her brother Erio and her friends, and the other humans. It seems that he knows some information about the Master, so we just brought him here to interrogate him before we kill him."






At my words, the four of them turn their eyes to Kaito.

He lets out a small scream and trembles as they look at him with murderous intent.


"The criminal who attacked the humans......, in other words, he is an insolent thing who interfered with my Lord. If you give me the order, I will squeeze out the information then dispose him. Of course, I'll also make him suffer and regret being born into this world. I promise you in the name of my maid way."


Mei's words just now sounded terrifying.


"God Raito doesn't need to dirty your hand. Please leave the interrogation and the punishment to me, Elly. I will make this trash taste every taboo torture I know from head to toe."


Elly assured me with a beautiful smile that is colder than ice.


"Sin against my Lord. You will pay for it with extreme pain and life."


Aoyuki angrily glared at Kaito.


"Aan? This guy interfered with his Master? I'm going to crush him!"


Nazuna is angry, and she walks up to me to finish him off directly.

I'm glad she's angry for me, but I don't want her to kill him now. Because I haven't extracted any single piece of information out of him yet.

I raise my hand lightly and give instruction.


"Nazuna, as I said before, he seems to know some information about the Master, so we'll only kill him after we get all the information out of him. Everyone, don't touch him. Okay?"


"Roger that, my Lord."




"As you wish, God Raito."


"If my Lord says don't touch him, then I won't touch him. Because that's my Lord's order!"


Gold and Nemumu had already understood what we need to do, so there would be no problem.

With this, the preparations for extracting the information are done.

I look down at Kaito, who is still trembling under Mei and the others' intimidation.


"Now, can you answer our question?"


"I, I'll talk! I'll talk to you, please spare me! I, I was a member of the White Knights of the Elf Queen country and a candidate for the next leader. I know a lot of information!

I also know the castle layout, guard stations, and other important facilities! I also have other useful information! I'll give you my "Grandius" as well. So, I beg you.  Please, please."




In the dwarves dungeon, he one-sidedly looked down on us and despised us as humans. Still, after we moved to Naraku basement, his attitude changed completely.

I am annoyed by the drastic change in his attitude.



  1. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Gracias por por su arduo trabajo con los capítulos...

  3. merci pour le chapitre, de la part d'un français.

  4. Thank you for the splendid translations. I did find other translation sites. But the translations are very bad, very very bad.

  5. Thanks for the translation. Any news on when the next one comes out?

    1. if you donate through ko-fi or patreon you can read the next one immediately.
      Check donation/support page for details

  6. That was anticlimactic, unlike the feeling I had at ch. 25, dude didn't even put up a fight.

  7. Error?
    Aan? This guy interfered with his Master? -> Aan? This guy interfered with Master?



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