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Thursday, August 5, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C13


Chapter 13: Special Quest



"Orto, how's the farm?"


"Mu? Mummu."


"Looks like you're free."


When I came back to my farm, I saw that the seeds had already been planted. When I saw the green marker, I could tell what had been planted.




"Oh, this? That is the robe I bought earlier."


Maybe Orto is curious about the robe I'm equipped with. He is grabbing it and tilting his head.


"Isn't it nice?"




"So, is the farm all right?"




Orto raises his hand quickly. He is so cute.


"Then come with me."


I headed to the Beastmaster's Guild with Orto to complete a special quest.


"Mummu-mumu. Mummu-mumu.


"You seem to be in a good mood."




Orto is humming and hopping as if he is enjoying this outing.


"Here, have some of this. How's that? Do you like it?"


" Muu......"


The honey dumplings don't look too good. But it's better than the portable food I'm eating. I'll give you something better to eat soon.


[Your enlist's level has been increased.]


Oh, my skill level has increased. It seems that the enlist skill level will increase just by working with the monster.


"This is the Beastmasters Guild."




"Let's go to the quest board."


"And complete all of the special quests at once."


"Barbara-san, I've brought you my monster."


"Ara! He's a gnome! And it's a unique one! He seems to have acquired the rare skill of Plants Growing and the Growth Boost Ex.


Barbara observes Orto with a joyful expression on her face. She pats him on the head, but he doesn't seem to mind. The sight of a beautiful young girl like Barbara smiling and petting Orto is a bit distracting.


"Phew. I really like him! I'll acknowledge your quest completion."


Special Quest

Description: Show Barbara a level 5 monster.

Reward: 500 G

Deadline: None


Special Quest

Description: Show Barbara a unique monster

Reward3000 G

Deadline: None


Special Quest

Description: Show Barbara a monster that has learned a rare skill or an ex skill.

Reward5000 G

Deadline: None


[Quest completion confirmed. Your reward will be paid]

[Your base level has been raised to Lv4. You have earned 2 bonus points]

[Your occupation level has been raised to Lv4]


My level has increased. As expected of a special quest. My money has also increased to 11350 G. Unfortunately, there are no more special quests that can be completed immediately. This will probably be the last time I can complete a quest instantly with my initial bonus.


Name: Yuto                      Race: Halfling          Basic Lv4

Occupation: Tamer          Occupation Lv4

HP: 20/20              MP: 29/29

Strength: 2            Constitution: 3          Agility: 5 

Dexterity: 7            Wisdom: 7                 Spirit: 6

Skills: Gathering: Lv2, Enlist: Lv3, Servant Magic: Lv5, Mixing: Lv2, Wand: Lv1, Taming: Lv1, Runaway Foot: Lv1, Farming: Lv1, Cooking: Lv1, Alchemy: Lv1

Equipment: Cedar staff, azurite robe, hard leather shoes, Beastmaster's bracelet, and bronze necklace

Money: 11350 G

Bonus points: 4

Title: The Silver White Pioneer

Guild: Adventurer's Guild, Beast master's Guild, Farming Guild

Servant Monster (1/3): Gnome.


My strength didn't improve again. It seems that it's difficult to increase strength. It's my race trait, so it can't be helped.


[The level of the enlisted monster, Orto has risen]




"Did Orto's level rise?"


Name: Orto

Race: Gnome       Basic Lv5

Contractor: Yuto.

HP: 24/24              MP: 29/29 

Strength 7             Constitution 5           Agility 5 

Agility 10               Wisdom 12                Spirit 9

Skills: Cultivating, seed breeding, Luck, Heavy Swing, Earth Magic, Farming, Mining, Night Vision, Growth Boost Ex

Equipment: earth spirit hoe, earth spirit muffler, earth spirit clothing.


My level and Orto's level raised, and I got a lot of money. These special requests are really sweet.


"What should I buy with this money? Hmmm....... Orto, what do you think?"


Just kidding. I was thinking, there is no way Orto will answer me. When I am thinking that, Orto is trying to tell me something.






He clasped his hands together in front of him and swung them up and down repeatedly.


"Making rice cakes?"


No, I guess not. Orto is shaking his head.


"Continuous powerbomb."




"Kendo strikes?




What is it? He's trying to tell me something......


"Oh, now what?"


I guess he thought we were getting nowhere. Orto begins to make a different gesture.


"Pressing a button......."




"No? Then are you making a hole?




"Yeah, that's it! As if to say, "Yes, that's it!" Orto pointed at me. Why are you doing that pose?"


"Make a hole and put something in it? Oh, you mean sowing!"




"So that gesture you just made was swinging a hoe?"




So that's what Orto is trying to say is.......


"You want a farm?"




You smart seducer! It's not a cheap purchase, you know. But when I look at Orto staring up at me with his sparkling eyes, it's hard to say no. Damn you, management! This is how they're going to force me to spend my money!


"You know what, Orto......."




When he realized what I was trying to say, he looked down sadly. Yeah, my Orto is super cute! Besides, if I really think about it, the farm is not a bad idea. If I can make a lot of potions and sell them, I can make some money. It's also a good way to increase my skill level. It may take some time to break even, but it shouldn't be too difficult.






"Do you want a farm?"








"Then, should we buy it?"




"Anyway, with Orto's help, I can grow a lot of things."




"Okay, let's buy a farm!"




We giggle together.


We were about to leave the Beastmasters Guild when someone laughed at us.


I turned around, and I see a blonde elf girl holding her mouth and laughing happily. She is a tamer with two monsters enlisted. Her eyes are obviously looking at me.


Hmmm, maybe we made too much noise. I'm a little embarrassed. Let's leave before we attract more attention.


"Hey, you're funny."




Our attempt to escape failed. The girl is walking up to me.


"Because a farm is pretty expensive, and you're going to buy one without a second thought like that. Hey?  Isn't he funny, Koyuuza? Sensei?"






The land tortoise monster that is about the size of a light vehicle is called Koyuuza. The monster resembling a bald eagle sitting on the girl's shoulder is called Sensei. What a unique naming sense.


"No, I just thought it is necessary."


"Fufu. I've never seen anyone interact with a monster like that before."


"Oh, really?"


Hmm. That doesn't sound so bad. I think she is just want to talk to me because she seemed to be happy. She looks a little like Alyssa. Though, this girl looks younger than her.


"Yes. As expected of The Silver White Pioneer, your actions are very different."


What? ......? What did this girl say? I heard she said The Silver White Pioneer. No, maybe I heard wrongly.


"Excuse me, what you just said? Could you repeat it?"


"I said, you're The Silver White Pioneer!"


"Why, why do you know my title......?"


Yes, I have silver hair, but is that enough for her to know my identity? I thought she only guessed, but she seemed so sure.


Maybe Alyssa-san? I wonder if she's selling my information. But she said she'd keep it a secret! Oh no, my identity is going to leak out everywhere if I don't do something.


"Umm, how did you know?"


"Eh? The girl at the stall told me."


Yeah, that explains everything. Shit! I underestimated information brokers' commercial spirit! I didn't know it was this easy to leak personal information.


"Excuse me, I must leave now. Let's go, Orto."




"Hey, wait!"


"See you next time!"


For the time being, shutting Alyssa's mouth is my top priority.



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