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Friday, July 30, 2021

Episode 34.3 : Conflict between Evils 2


"You ... are even dumber than I imagined." 


"What just you said!?" 


The large battle-ax swung down with all its might. 

Atou saw the powerful attack, she turned her sword from below and countered the attack head-on. There was the sound of metal clashing and sparks.  

Ice Rock's eyes are opened in astonishment, and Atou shows her wicked smile.  

Atou has the observation eye and a sword technique of a veteran holy knight. Roughly she can grasp her opponent skill and strength just by clashing swords. 

However, this is her final confirmation. 

She already knows the opponent's strength from the earlier clash. 

If this is all her opponent got, then it should be easy to beat him. 


Atou judges that Ice Rock is stronger than the holy knight she fought before, but still not a match for her now. 


"[Holy Sword Technique]. This is the God sword technique created by Qualia to erase evil beings like you. How do you like it? Scary right?" 


"Guu! Why demon like you have such a skill? Why shake your tail to God!??" 


"No, there is no god in the technique itself. Anyway, this is just one of the many skills that I have." 



Atou's idea is very dry. 

In the first place, her one and only interest are Takuto. She is not interested in anything else. 

Therefore, regardless of whether it is from a god or a demon, if it is a knowledge that can be used for Takuto's sake, she will use it without hesitation. 

Therefore, she can interact with the dark elves without conflict and use most of the holy sword technique. 

She will do everything for Takuto. 

However, her diamond-like belief and indifferent attitude irritate Ice Rock's even more. 


Sharp blizzards are spat out from the ice beast soldier's mouth. 

Atou managed to dodge it, and one of her tentacles pierces the ice beast soldier through his open mouth.  

Gold coins sprinkle out, and a sad metallic sound echoed on the battlefield. 


(But the long-term battle is too heavy for the Long Leg Bugs and the defense team. I can't take too much time.) 


The cursed land and Isla's ability effects have given the Long Leg Bugs a significant bonus. Even though they can deal with the small fish demons, they're just scouting units. If the battle goes on too long, the risk of them being damaged and destroyed increases. 

Dragon Towns soldiers are in a more difficult position. 

Even though they mainly attack from long distance, they  need to go to close range combat if the enemy reached the city. 

 In that case, they will struggle to fight the demon races that have higher strength and abilities. 


Atou finally decided to immediately beat Ice Rock. 

If we can read all parties' situations and conditions, we will not be harmed by unforeseen circumstances. 

Atou is tightly gripping the Holy Knight Sword. The atmosphere is different from before.  


"You said there is a demon king." 


The ice beast soldiers had already been wiped out. 

It all happened while Ice Rock was exchanging words with Atou. 

Summoning skills have a long cooldown time. It will take some time before he can do another summon. 


If nothing changes, Ice Rock would be completely pushed back. 

It is no longer possible to use the Ice Beast Soldier as a decoy to escape. 

Ice Rock was deceived by his opponent's appearance and misjudged their ability. 

All the Shitennou....no, in the worst-case scenario, he needs to seek help from the Demon King himself. 


A Hero who once completely destroyed the Demon King's army and finally thrust a blade into the Demon King's chest. 

Atou, an evil girl who currently attacks them. 

The two were completely different in appearance and nature ... but their image seemed to overlap in Ice Rock's eyes.  


"Why are you trying to conquer the world? Is it your instinct? Or your own will? Have you ever wondered why a Hero always stands in front of you?" 


A seductive voice erodes the ice rock heart. 

His instinct issued a warning so many times, but his body does not follow the lead. 


"A Hero appeared and destroyed you for so many times. The same thing, keep repeated--" 


"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" 


Ice Rock shouted. 

He screamed pathetically. 

He looks really pathetic, which is not suitable for a Shitennous, who reports directly to the Demon King, but unfortunately, or fortunately, there are no intelligent subordinates around him. 


You've noticed that, haven't you? It's hard not to notice it. If you're like us, you'll remember it. Oh, the look! So lovely! A vicious demon was attacking humanity and the hero. That's the kind of expression. You’re in despair, right?  


 The battle-ax was swung in bitterness, and it was easily flicked by a girl who was a size or two smaller. 

Atou is laughing, mocking the enemy in front of her. 

The dwarf in front of Ice Rock proves her own greatness and shows off her King's greatness..... 


"What do you want to say! What do you want to say, Bastard!!" 


"After all, you are just one of the boss characters in the story." 


Ice Rock remembered everything. 

He is just a chess pawn. He should challenge the hero at the same time with the other Shitennous. 

He should face the hero before he raised his power in the beginning. 

However, when he realizes it, for some reason, he was always confronting the hero in the usual place. 

Despite thinking about all kinds of tricks, all of them ended without being put into practice. 


No matter how many times he repeats. 

No matter how many times it was repeated ……. 

He never gets through the hero, and eventually, he himself would be destroyed. 

He is just one of the obstacles that exist along the way in the story "Brave Quests". 

Ice rock remembered everything at this moment. 


"I can see your fear, Shitenno-san. Is this really the Shitennou that the Demon King proud of?" 


"Ooooooooooooo !!" 


She looked at the scene in front of her and seems really enjoyed it....... 

Atou, the Sludge keeps laughing and mocking her opponent. 



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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Finally the fodder dies.

  2. U know.. I really dont have much money.. But i like your work. ..
    Can u just use ads in your blog.. I promise i wont skip the ads

    1. Unfortunately, that's not enough. Every month this site have around 143,000 page views, but only 800 ads click... not even 1% willing to see or click ads. I tried this last year, most people complain about ads, but when I ask small help like give a review, rating or subscribe....most people don't even bother.
      I have no choice.... without donation system this site won't survive

    2. Ko-Fi is better. Those adds kept linking to maladware that made my Avast antivirus scream constantly. I'm sure the companies always promise that will never happen, they were GOOD Russian hackers buying adspace.

    3. Last year I used some Ads Networks (other than Google Ads), and just you said.... many people complaint about ads. That's I stopped using them.

    4. how about pops ads or safelink, etc.

    5. It's sad but true. I disabled my ad blocking for just a few hours, and had to restart my PC after clicking an ad on accident, since antivirus had to get rid of the shit it was trying to install. I won't ever be doing that again. That being said, thanks much for translating this series.

    6. Finally, someone understand my point. Thank you...and you're welcome


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