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Thursday, August 19, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C15


Chapter 15: Guild Contribution


I went back to the farm and showed Orto the red tengu mushroom I got. Thinking back about Mirei makes me angry, but the item is innocent. Well, I will never see her again, so let's just forget about her.


"Orto, can you cultivate this?"




"Can't you?"




"Can you do it?"




"What do you mean?"


Orto kept shaking his head sideways and up and down. It seems that there is a way to cultivate it, but it's not possible right now.


"What am I missing? Orto's skills?"




Orto jumps up and down, and he looks upset. Apparently, it is not because of his skill level.


"I'm sorry. Don't be mad."




"Hmmm, what am I missing? Tools?"




Again, it's his specialty gesture. A gesture as if he is holding something. Move it up and down?


"What is it? A koala holding on to a tree?"




"Don't look at me with eyes like you've already given up."




"You, you sighed, didn't you?"




"Don't tilt your head back! So cute."




"Don't blush! Oh, God. But what am I missing?


I know it's a representation of some kind of shape. Is it something you need to grow mushrooms? So that's it.


"Maybe it's a log or something?




It seems I was right. But where can I get a log?


"Should I ask at the Farming Guild?"


When in doubt, just ask the farming guild. I had to buy a farm anyway, so why not ask while I'm at it? Then I asked the old man at the reception desk, and he told me how to get it.


"We're selling it. ...... but you can't buy it yet."


"Why not?"


"Your rank is not enough. Those who belong to a guild have a guild rank based on their contribution. It goes up as you complete quests, but your rank is still 1. You have to be rank 2 to buy logs."


"Is that so?"


I checked the guild column in my status carefully. I am a member of three guilds: the Adventurers' Guild, the Beastmasters' Guild, and the Farmers' Guild, and all 3 of them are rank 1.


"Gathering and delivery quests have a little reward, but the contribution is high. Special quests have higher rewards but lower contributions. Subjugation quests have a higher reward for both."


In this case, if the contribution reaches 5, the rank goes up to 2. For the defeat quests, you can get 4 contribution points.


"But I don't think I can do the subjugation quest."


The only quest that remains is the gathering and delivery quest, but that's impossible for me.


"Maybe we can do a crop delivery quest?"


"Yeah, get some seeds and try to grow them."


By the way, I think maybe the general store sells them. We can grow them and deliver them. Either way, it's difficult to get the logs any time soon.


"If that's the case, let's buy a farm first."


Even if I go to the forest as a last resort, I still need wound medicine and potions. There's no better way to increase production. The purchase was easy since it was my 2nd time. I got a place next to my farm.


All I can plant now are the medicinal herbs and youmei plants I got from Mirei and my one leftover edible grass seed. But that's not enough.


There are still fifteen empty spots. Tomorrow, we'll be able to harvest the medicinal herbs and other plants, so we can start sowing right away. However, I feel it would be a shame to leave the land idle, even for a little while. I'm really a poor man at heart.


"OK, let's go buy some vegetable seeds."


If we do well, they might grow up in a short time. That way, I can complete the delivery quest and increase my contribution. Oops, I forgot to ask something important.


"By the way, how much is the log?"




That is close, very close! I now have 5350G. The price is more expensive than I thought. As expected, this is a product that you can't buy unless your rank has been raised. I wish I have more money...:


"Hmmm. If I want to earn money other than doing special quests, then ......".


I took a closer look at the farming guild's quest board. One quest caught my eye.


" Reinvestigate the map ......?"


Manual Labor Quest

Description: Walk around the town of beginnings and update the current map.

Reward: 600G

Deadline: 4 days


"What kind of quest is this?"


I am curious, so I asked the old man to explain. In short, the job is to update the map by walking around the town in the east, west, south, and north areas. The goal was to add new farmland, stalls, player's stores, etc., to the map. They also want us to check the map to make sure it's correct.


I guess it's one day per area, with 4 days deadline. It is a long time, but not bad. Normally, a quest with 150G reward a day would be too cheap, but this quest is a blessing for someone like me who can't fight. Besides, the contribution is 4, so this quest is meant for me.


"This kind of quest is not popular at all, and you're the first person in this guild to show any interest in it."


Well, that's not surprising.

If someone is playing the game in a normal way, they wouldn't want to be tied up for four days.


"There are many places in the city of beginnings that I have not visited yet. I think I'll take it as a sightseeing trip."


"Thank you. We'll count on  you."


He gave me a blank map. It is just an ordinary map with a brief description of the town. Anyway, I tried to walk around with the map in my hand. Then, the places I passed were colored with subtle colors. This way, I could see at a glance where I hadn't walked.


"Well, I guess I'll just continue updating the map and go buy some seeds."


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