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Thursday, August 19, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C14


Chapter 14: Yes, guilty


I rushed to the south small square.


Now that I got the title, I had no choice but to stand out a little. Besides, I had the same ambition as anyone else to become a top player and get famous someday.


However, I had no intention to spread the information about my title to get famous.




Once I see Alyssa's stall, I take my momentum and storm into her stall.


"Hey, Yuto-kun, it's been two hours."


"You're selling my personal information, aren't you?"


"No, I'm not."


"You're lying! Someone knew about my title! She said she heard it from a girl at a stall."


"But there are many girls who run stalls, you know."


Now that I think about it, that's true.


"There are rules and etiquette for information agents. In particular, we never sell our customers' personal information. I swear the only thing I sell is title information. It's a hot seller."


"But you're the only one who knows about my private info and might tell someone else!"


"Are you sure about that?"


"What? What do you mean?"


"You're lucky, my friend. I just got the latest information a few minutes ago. Would you like to know about the female player who is telling people about your title?"


"Yes, I do. Please sell it to me."


"Then, 500 G."


"Okay. Here you go. So? Who is she?"


"Well, have a drink and relax. I'll give you some service. This one is for you, Monster-chan. If you like it, come back and buy it again."


"Honey carrot juice?"


"It's perfect for you. It's a food item you can give to your mons."


"Wow, ...... delicious! It's really delicious!"


"Nice, right?"


"How do you make this? No, no, no. Give me the information quickly!"


I put the juice in my inventory and rushed Alyssa. While we are doing this, my embarrassing information might be spreading like fire.


"Did you know that there are stalls in the central square?"


"Yeah, I've seen them."


"Apparently, Mirei drugstore is the source of that information."


"Mirei Drugstore?"


"It's run by a peach-haired, dog-beast girl."


"I see. I'll go and check."


"Come again next time."


I rushed again to the central square, where there are many stalls. However, only a few of them are player's stores.


I peeped into the shops with blue markers one by one and easily found the store I was looking for.


After all, a loud voice was shouting, "We have information about the Silver White Pioneer!".


A few players were in front of the stall, perhaps attracted by it. When the girl showed them something, the men laughed loudly. Are you talking about me? Are you mocking me? Damn, what the hell have you done to me!


I want to yell at them right now, but they might laugh at me if I show up now. Patience, patience. Then, when those men are gone, I make my move. Slowly and quietly so as not to draw any attention.


"I have information on the Silver Pioneer! I'll tell you the identity of that interesting title earner you've been hearing about! Mirei Drugstore ready to serve you!"


In, interesting title? Yes, guilty.




"Welcome to......--"


When the girl sees my face, her facial expression becomes pale, and she shuts her mouth. That's great, LJO. To be able to show such detailed facial expressions...


Oops, now's not the time to be impressed.


"Looks like you know who I am, huh?"




"It's not funny at all. You know?"


"What are you talking about? I don't know."


"Stop playing innocent. I've heard everything. And show me that screenshot you just hid."




Mirei looks very troubled, and her eyes get teary. It's cute, but it won't work for me now.


"So that's really a screenshot of me."


What Mirei was showing the guests was a screenshot of me right after I returned to death.


"I'm calling the GM now."


No matter how I look at it, it's against the rules. What will you do now? Will she get angry back at me? If that's the case, I won't show any mercy.


"I'm sorry!"


She apologized honestly. Surprisingly, but I'm not going to forgive her for that.


"You know what you've done is against the rules, right?"




"How many people did you tell?"


"About 50?"


"Shit! Are you fucking kidding me?"


"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"


"Why did you do this?"


"I'm just a novice merchant and want a jump start. I was thinking of a way to sell my products, so I thought I'd share some special information with the customers who bought them."


Well, I understand how she feels....... No, no, no, why am I sympathizing with her? And I still haven't asked her the important question.


"How did you find out about me?"


"I've been setting up a stall here since yesterday. There were no customers at all. I was so free and bored. I've been watching the square. We can clearly see the Homecoming stone monument from here, right?"


The Homecoming Monument is a landmark for people who have died and come back to life. Every big town has one, and if you register to it, you can come back to life in that town.


"So, I remembered you were the first person who revived. And you came back twice after that, so I remembered you very well."


So, when she saw the announcement of the title winner, she knew it must be me. Well, of course, she knew. If a person came back to life three times on the first day, that person would stand out for sure.


"And when I told them this information, they all bought many medicinal herbs and other stuff, and I made a lot of money!"






"I'll call GM now."


"I'm sorry! I won't do it again! If you make a GM call, I won't be able to log in for a while!"


"It would be good if it only ends with that."


"No, I don't want to be red-tagged!"


"You get what you deserve!"




I won't forgive her even if she cries. Everyone around here is looking at me, but it's not my fault.


"But I didn't tell them your name!"


"That's because you don't know!"


"Oh, God. Please don't be so angry. Please, please."


Now she's using the seductive technique. She tried to hug my arm, but players who haven't registered as friends can't have physical contact with each other.


"Tsk. I forgot I can't touch people."


"Oioi! You think I can't hear you? Your true face is showing."


When she realized that she can't touch me, she crossed her hands in front of her chest, looked up at me, and get closer to me as close as she can.


"Can you forgive me? Please."


Oh, shit. So cute. ....... No, no, no. What am I thinking? It's just an avatar. It's just a virtual character that you can modify all you want! And the way she tilts her head, they've perfectly-researched it!


(This is just Avatar. This is just Avatar. Anyway, her personality is the worst)


Okay, mind concentration is complete. I won't be fooled by any of her tricks!


I stared at her again, and she must have realized that her tricks had failed. This time, she held up some kind of item and pushed it to me.


[Mirei has requested to transfer an item to you. Will you accept it?]


"I'll give you this, so please forgive me!"


"No, no."


"Come on! Press accept! Please..."


Huh. Now you're trying to bribe me over. But I'm not going to take this. To begin with, it's not much. It's just a bunch of herbs and other similar stuff. Not a single expensive item is in it.


She is just going to give me these items and then continue her business as usual. There's no sign of remorse at all.


"Well, then, I'll pay you for your trouble! So, please! Please! Besides, look. I'll give you this and this too!"


It looks like she's seriously regretting her actions, but.......


"But I refuse!"


"Why, why not! You're kidding, right? You just wanted to tease me a bit, right?"


"No, I'm serious."


I'm sick of dealing with her, so I'm going to call the GM. As soon as I told her that, Mirei's attitude suddenly changed.


"Stop it! I'm just sharing a little information with people! What's the difference between that and a message board?"


"No, that's different."


Uwaa, scary! I'm trying to stay calm so that I won't be taken lightly. To be honest, I want to run away. Mirei's screaming was powerful. Well, it looks like I won't have to feel guilty about calling the GM at all now. She must be banned instead.


"There's a big difference between spreading someone's personal information for your own benefit and discussing it on a forum."


"You bastard, if you're not careful--"


Suddenly, Mirei's movements stopped.




She looked like a statue of an evil demon because she was frozen with a mad expression. It was scary. I wonder if this is what women really look like. I feel like I'm going to lose faith in women.


But what the hell is happening? I look around, but the only person standing still is Mirei. Freeze? A processing failure? No, there's no way that could happen on the newest game console. Did something happen to Mirei's real body?


While I'm puzzled, someone suddenly appeared in front of me. It's an avatar wearing a suit and tie, not something you'd expect to see in a fantasy world.


"Nice to meet you. Yuto-sama."


"Ni, ni. Nice to meet you?"


"Sorry, I'm late. I'm from the LJO Management Division."


"Eh? Management?"


It turned out to be the management avatar. He told me that the GM had received an anonymous call about an hour ago. The caller said that there is a player with bad manners who is maliciously spreading other people's personal information.


When the management investigated, it turned out to be true, and Mirei's account has been frozen. They have already decided that her account will be deleted.


"During the investigation, we found out that Yuto-sama and the player in question are having contact. So this is why I came here to apologize personally."


Well, I feel a bit intimidated, or maybe a bit uncomfortable, when they do that. Well, maybe that's what they're trying to do.


It's Mirei's fault, not the management's, and if they delete her account, that's fine with me. This game doesn't allow players to have multiple accounts. Those who have been deleted by the management won't be able to reset their accounts for a certain period. So Mirei won't be able to return to this game for a while.


"Now, if you'll excuse me."


"Aa, wait a minute!"




"I keep getting a prompt asking me to accept a transfer."


"Oh, please accept it. The other party's account will be deleted anyway. It's a gift of apology."


Then the management avatar left. He left Mirei's transfer request screen behind.


"Ee? Is this okay?"


If it's okay to take it, then I'll take it. When I pressed the accept button, more items appeared in my inventory. Medicinal herbs, youmei plants, water pumice stone, red tongue mushroom I had been looking for, and mysterious incense.


"This item is the only mystery."


I'll appraise it.


Name: Attracting Incense, Red (The Town of Beginning)

Rarity: 3 Quality: ★5

Effect: Attract monsters: Unique: Duration 25 minutes

If this incense is burned, it will lure monsters from around the area. Each color has a different effect. Red attracts unique monsters. If a town is specified, it can only be used in that town. This incense is disposable.




There are many ways to use it. It's not a bad item, especially for a tamer. Well, at the moment, the item is useless to me. Someday I'll use it to tame a unique monster.


I guess that's it for now. Now I just have to hope that people who already know about me won't spread it any further.



Author's message:


My first idea was to let Mirei off the hook once, then after a few episodes, when she's misbehaved again, Yuto would call the GM to ban her. Anyway, Mirei's popularity seems to be the lowest. Who would benefit from her reappearance? So I decided to ban her at this point.


 Translator message:

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Thank you


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  1. A little too forced for my tastes, but it makes sense (kinda) and he got some stuff for free, so that's nice.


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