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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep27 Hunting the Adventurer Killer 5



Kaito's attitude drastic change really irritated me.

That's why I couldn't help but ask.


"Why don't you fight back?"




"Even though you were very confident and call yourself a hero, but why don't you fight back? Erio, who is just a novice adventurer, dares to fight you to protect his sister. Why can't you stand up like a hero!??"


Why am I so irritated by his attitude?

I couldn't help but feel angry knowing that Miya, Erio and the others had been hurt by this selfish and weak-minded person.




I gritted my teeth unconsciously.


"Hiii, for, forgive me..."


Kaito leaks a small scream under my feet.

I move my feet away from him, turn my back and start walking.

I walk over to Nemumu to pick up the treasured sword, Grandius.


"Nemumu, the sword."

"Yes, excuse me."


Nemumu hold the Grandius's grip with her handkerchief.

As soon as she realized that I want to take it, she carefully wiped it and put the handkerchief away. She kneels down on the spot and holds out the sword with both hands.


I take the "Grandius" and leave the "SSR, the Clown Mask" in Nemumu's hands instead.


I return to Kaito and thrust the "Grandius" into the ground in front of him, who has sat up.

I expose my face and look into his eyes.


"Let's fight again. If you win, I'll let you go."


I take off my eyes from Kaito and looks at Mei and the others to affirm.


"If he wins, no matter what happens, don't touch him and release him back to the surface world. I won't forgive anyone who dares to touch him. Is that clear?"


Mei and the others bowed deeply to my words, showing their understanding.

I nodded in satisfaction at their response and looks down at Kaito again.


"The stage is ready for you, the future hero. Overcome this desperate crisis and win with your own strength. Show me your power. Pick up your sword and stand up!"


"This, this, this isn't fair, right? You're intimidating me with numbers......."


At my words, Kaito looks away and mumbles an excuse.

The girls respond to his words and tell him.


"My Lord promised that we won't interfere. Then we will never interfere. Rest assured."


"If there is a person who wants to interfere, I will protect you. You can take that sword without worry."


"No one will break my Lord's promise. If that happens, no matter who is the person, I will kill her."


Even after hearing Mei, Elly, and Aoyuki's words, Kaito refused to take his sword.


"I, I'll tell you, I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything I know. ...... If the information is still not enough, I can guide you to the Elf Queen Country. So..."


"My Lord wants you to fight, so fight. Are you scared? Dumbass."


 Nazuna's straightforward comment makes Kaito upset.


"What, what's wrong with being scared? Being surrounded and threatened by strangers like you! How can I not be scared? Besides, I'm 200 years old! How old are you people? Don't you humans know how to respect older people!?"


He finally brought up and shouts about his age, the only thing he can win.

I couldn't help but sigh at how pathetic he is.


"We're not talking about age now, right? Don't bring up unrelated things....... First of all, why should I respect you just because you're old? Are you saying that if someone is old enough, he can do anything he wants! If someone older than you is going to kill you, would you willingly give up your head?"


"Guu, gaa...!"


Kaito couldn't reply to those words.

Still, Kaito didn't give up and shouts.


"I'll also give you the Fantasy Class Treasure Sword Grandius! I also said I'll give you all the information you want! That should be more than enough for you to forgive me! It's a national treasure of the Elf Queen Country!"


"...... Fantasy-class? To be honest, I already have too many of those kinds of weapon. Look."




I show Kaito my Item box. Many Fantasy-class weapons are stored inside it, big swords, swords, katana, short swords, spears, halberds, hatchets, etc.

Even though it was only a glance, he realized that they are fantasy class weapons. Some of them even give a different atmosphere.

When he's seeing that fact, Kaito's eyes widened.


Then I dropped a bigger bomb on him.


"By the way, my staff "Gungnir" is a Genesis class weapon."


"No, no way!? That's impossible! Even mythology class weapons existence are doubtful, let alone creation class which are Gods' weapons!! "


Kaito immediately refuses to believe it.

But a fact is a fact.

It's a genesis level, "EX, Gungnir".

I've been pulling "Infinity Gacha" every day for about three years, and the only EX (highest grade) I got is this one, Gungnir.


It looks like a plain staff, but in reality, it is a spear.

That's because it has been sealed with multiple seals to suppress its power as much as possible.

The only people who know about Gungnir's powers are me, Mei, Elly and Aoyuki.


Although I have appraised it, I can't fully understand its ability because of many garbled characters. As an example『神■■■■■し槍』(God ■■ ■ to ■■■ spear). I can feel clearly that this weapon is very dangerous.

Even when a level 9999 like me appraise it and many characters in the description are garbled! Therefore, I never tell anyone else except Mei, Elly, and Aoyuki. I do not allow other people to appraise it, to hide its power.


 It has been sealed with multiple seals, so it cannot function properly in its current form. But it is sturdy and easy to handle, so I use it as my staff.


 By the way, it has a convenient function that allows it to return to its owner when the owner gets a certain distance away from it.

 So even if it is stolen, it will come back to me in an instant, and I don't have to worry about it being stolen.


"Impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible... it's impossible for a human to have Genesis class .... Isn't that like a human being become a "God" ...? That' right, it's a dream... This is a dream! My treasure sword "Grandius" is the best sword in this world! It must be a dream!!"


My ability to transfer in an instant. Mei and the others who are overwhelmingly stronger than him. My fighting ability surpassed him. I'm a magician, but I can beat Kaito, a level 1500 specialist in close combat. All of this destroyed Kaito's common sense.

This is why deep down, he knows it's true that I have a Genesis-class weapon, but he can't accept it and crouches down, repeatedly muttering, "This is a dream".


I continue my words again.


"I've heard that Miya's brother Erio stood up for his sister in a similar desperate situation and challenged you. So if you're a future hero, you can pick up your sword and fight without a problem, right?"


I repeat what I said.


"I'll say it one more time. The stage is ready for you, the future hero. Overcome this desperate crisis and win with your own strength. Show me your power. Pick up your sword and stand up!"


Nemumu, who had been watching the whole scene, speaks up.


"If you are a hero, this level of hardship will not count as a challenge. Then, stand up."


Gold also speaks up.


"If you call yourself a hero, now is the time to pick up your sword. Now stand up."


With these two people as a trigger, everyone else also continues to encourage him.


"Stand up, please."

"Hurry up and stand up."

"Rise. Stand up on your feet."

"Stand up. Come on, stand up."


Before I knew it, the other members and fairy maids had heard the commotion and had gathered in the training area.

They pointed at Kaito, who is still sitting there, giggling and repeatedly saying words to encourage him to fight.


"Stand up."

"Hey, why don't you get up?"

"Hurry up, get up."

"Don't make my Lord wait for you. Stand up now."

"Stand up." "stand up." "stand up."

"Stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up."


"Hiii, aaahhhh, aaahhhh!"


Being agitated, Kaito runs away without taking the "Grandius" that was stabbed in the ground in front of him.

He quickly runs to the entrance where there are no fairy maids, but...


"SSR, Solar-Ray, release."

"Gyaaaaaaa !?"


I took out my "Infinite Gacha" card and shot Kaito in the leg.

The light flashed for a moment, and a moment later, his leg was pierced.

Kaito is in extreme pain and rolls down on the rocky ground.

There is a hole in his leg where he can see the other side easily, but not even a drop of blood flows out because the wound was burned too.


"Who told you to run away? I told you to stand up, and fight likes a hero."


"Don't, don't come! Don't come! Don't come! I'm a future hero, a hero that is chosen by the Goddess! I can't die in such a gloomy place... "




I stab "Grandius" into the ground between his legs, just a few millimetres away from his crotch.

Some of Kaito's bangs were cut off and fall down.


"Then fight, fight like a hero!"



Kaito falls backwards.

The back of his head hits the floor, but there is no reaction.

His eyes turn white, foam comes out of his mouth, and he loses consciousness.

As I look down at Kaito, I feel nothing but disgust because of his pathetic behaviour. Then I spit on him.


"As Miya-chan said, you are not a hero. You are just a loser running away from reality."


I stared at Kaito for the last time, then turn my back on him and walk over to Mei and the others.


"He's an unpleasant being, but he's a valuable information source who knows about the Master. Use any means necessary to make him spit out all the information, and then kill him."


"As you wish, in the name of my maid way."


After Mei replied, I went back to my room.

There are many bad things happening tonight.

I need to calm down a bit before I can go back up to the surface world.


  1. Waiting for that elf girl to be punished.

    1. think he's referring to his revenge plan for the next member of his party.

  2. Thank you for the chapter !

  3. Quiero mas por favor 🤧🤧🤧🤧

    Gracias por el cap 💯💖

  4. Terima kasih untuk chapter nya(Thank you for the chapter)

  5. I dunno why, but reading him egging on the elf failure made me smile. You want to call yourself a hero? Prove it. Stand and fight for the title you so daringly claim.

  6. Kaito is not a hero, but a zero!
    Thanks for the treat.


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