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Thursday, August 12, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C34: A favor


Chapter 34: A favor


Aina's mother, Stella, looked at me and smiled.

As a mother and daughter, her eyes look just like Aina's.


"I'm sorry for coming over so suddenly. Aina-chan has been helping me run my store, so I've been meaning to come by and greet you......."


"It's OK. It's OK. It's a good thing we met like this. Thank you for taking care of Aina."


"No, no. Aina is the one who's always taking care of me. If she wasn't around, my store wouldn't be running."


"I see. You're working hard, Aina."


"Yeah. Aina is doing my best at Shirou Onii-chan's store. I do the cleaning and sell the products to the customers."


"Really? That's good."


I guess she is happy that she was praised.

Aina smiled shyly and said, "Ehehe".

She put the Nashes on a nearby table and came over to hug my legs.


"Working at Shirou Onii-chan's store is really, really fun."


"She smiles every day these days. Aina looks like she has a great time, that makes me happy."


"Really? Does mother feels happy too?"


"It's true. I'm so happy for you."




Aina is jumping around.

Every time she landed, the floor squeaked.


"Do you mind if I call you Shirou-san ......?"


Stella asks.


"No problem. You can call me Shirou if you want.


"Then I'll call you Shirou-san. I'm sorry, Shirou-san. I apologize for welcoming you in such an immodest dress."


Stella looks down and smiles shyly when she sees herself in her nightgown.


"Unfortunately, it has become difficult for me to stand these days......."


Stella-san tried to sit up.

I hurriedly waved my hands to stop her.


"Ah-ah! There's no need to wake up. Please continue to lie down.


"But I'm in front of a guest......."


"Mom, if you don't lie down, you'll get sick!"


Aina puffed up her cheeks.

It's a sign that she's angry.


"Really, don't worry about us. If you push yourself too hard, we will feel bad."


"Hmm. Shirou is right. Don't get up. Just make yourself comfortable."


Karen, who had been waiting for our conversation to end, finally speaks.

Rolf also came in a bit later.


"Aina, is this by any chance ......?"


"She is the Mayor."


"Oh, dear."


Stella looked at her in surprise.

If the Mayor of their town suddenly came to their house, of course she would be surprised.


"Why did the Mayor come to our house?"


"I asked Aina to take me to her house."




Stella looks confused.


"The mayor heard from Miss Aina that her mother is sick, so she came to visit you."


Rolf explained.

Stella understood and nodded her head.


"I see. I'm sorry to bother you."


"No, I'm the one who should apologize. I'm the Mayor of this town, and I can't save the people who are sick. I'm really...... sorry."


Karen bowed her head.

She is clenching her hands tightly, perhaps out of frustration.


"Oh no, please raise your head. Everyone who lives in the town outskirt knows that the Mayor has been doing her best to help us. Everyone is grateful to you, Mayor-san."


"...... Is that true?"


"Yes. That's why you shouldn't make a face like that."


"....... I understand."


Karen fixed her expression.

She is in her cool beauty mode now.


"Anyway, ...... I wonder how long Aina has been friends with the Mayor. I didn't know about that."


"Ehehe. Are you surprised?"


"Yes, I was very surprised."


" Aina has made so many friends, like Shirou Onii-chan, the Mayor, and Rolf Onii-chan over here."


"Nice to meet you, Stella-dono. I'm Rolf, the priest of the sky goddess Florine."


"Nice to meet you, Rolf-san. Thank you for taking care of my daughter."


"And although they're not here, Ryer Onii-chan, Nesca Onee-chan, and Kiki Onee-chan are also my friends! They are all great adventurers. Isn't that amazing?"


Aina introduced us as if she is showing off her treasures.

Stella also smiled. She really looked happy.


"You must be very happy to have so many friends, Aina."




Aina nodded cheerfully.

Then, she walks over to the bed and then holds Stella's hand.


"Aina is a very happy girl!"


"That's right. I am so happy for you."


"Mom, have you eaten? I'm going to make Nash soup for Shirou Onii-chan and the others."


"I'm sorry, Aina. Actually, I should be the one cooking it......."


"No problem. I like to cook, so it's OK."


"Thank you. Then, I'll depend on you. Actually, Mom is starving."


"Are you hungry? If Aina cooks dinner, will Mom eat it?"


"Of course. I can't wait to eat it."


"Yes! Leave it to Aina. I'll cook right away!"


Aina went into the other room and came back with a bucket.


"I'm going to the well to get some water."


"I'll help you, Miss Aina."


"Thank you, Rolf Onii-chan."


Aina and Rolf go out to get some water.

After seeing them off, Stella turned to Karen and says...


" Mayor-san, I'm sorry, but could you leave us for a moment? I'd like to speak with Shirou-san alone. ......"


"I understand. I'll wait outside. Shirou, let me know when you're done talking."




Karen also went out.

Now it's just me and Stella in this room.


If she wants to talk with me alone, it must be about Aina.

I wonder if she wants to ask me about her daughter's employment status.


"So, what do you want to talk with me?"


"Actually...... I wanted to ask Shirou-san a favor about Aina."


"A favor......?"


When I asked back, Stella-san put on a serious face and says...


"Yes. After I die, can you please take care Aina for me?"



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