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Thursday, July 15, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C12


Chapter 12: Finally, I have armor.




Now that I've got the money, I can buy armor. The armor store that the stall Onee-san recommended to me is in the west small square, right? I wonder if it's a player's store.


"Well, I'll know when I get there."


I walked into the west square. I've never been here before, but there are a lot of people here. Perhaps because it is the closest to the western forest,

 the number of players here is much more than at the south small square. Anyway, my destination is the armor shop.......


"Maybe that's the one."


I found it in seconds. After all, there is a long spear sticking out of the stall roof. It stands out from a distance. The appearance is clearly different from the other stalls. 


"Excuse me, is this Ruin's Armor Shop?"


"Yes, it is! How did you hear about my shop?"


"Yes, Alyssa-san told me about this place."


"So Miss Alyssa recommended my shop to you, then I can't take you lightly! I'm Ruin. Nice to meet you!"


Ruin is a loud dwarf man. He is a player too.


"Are you also a member of the Sharp Ears Cat?"


"Hou? You know that much already? Ou, that's right. I'm their blacksmith!"


Alyssa-san is a very good businesswoman. No wonder she gave me the information so easily. Well, I don't mind. Just being a dwarf makes him look like a skilled blacksmith. I feel very confident with this dwarf. And if he's a member of the Sharp Ears Cats, then he's a former beta tester. His skills must be very reliable.


I don't know the details either, but beta testers get many benefits in the official version. I've heard that they get at least 300 bonus points, plus various additional benefits depending on how much they contributed to the beta test.


I've heard that it will take many points to get a strong weapon, but getting a weapon from the third area is a big advantage, and it's also possible to acquire skills.


"I need armor."


"Oh, of course. Brother...."


"I'm Yuto."


"I'm surprised you don't wear any armor."


"A lot has happened. So, do you have any robe-type armor? And I'd like to buy a staff if you have one."


"OK, let's start with the robes. That's around here. What's your budget?"


"About 5800 G."


Though I'm not going to spend all of it.


"I see. But paying a lot of money doesn't always get you the best equipment."


"Is it because of the equipment requirements?"


Yes. As you probably know, there are certain stats required to equip equipment, and the higher the armor, the higher the stats required. You're at Lv.3, right?"




"For example, this one costs 5,000G, but it can only be equipped by a player with base level 7."


Ruin is shaking his head in disappointment because he can see my level using appraisal. By the way, the appraisal is a way to find out a person's level and job. The name of the person is displayed as ???? Unless they have told you their name.


"So, how about this?"


It's a 4,500 G robe. I wonder if it's worth it.


'Yeah, it's a little heavy, needs at least 12 total strength and constitution. What do you think?"


"...... It's impossible for me."


"Well, you're a rearguard anyway. Let's see, how about this one? I think you can equip it?"


What Ruin offered me is a 1900 G blue color robe.


I will try to appraise it.


Name: Azurite Robe

Rarity: 2 Quality: 4 Durability: 100

Effect: Defense +9, Water Resistance (small)

Equipment Requirements: Strength 2 or higher

Weight: 1


"Hee, this is nice. I especially like how light it is."


Name: Silver Thread Robe

Rarity: 3 Quality: 3 Durability: 100

Effect: defense +24, magic resistance (small)

Weight: 3


Name: Robe

Rarity: 1 Quality: 5 Durability: 100

Effect: Defense +6

Weight: 2


What should I do? I'd like it to have a little more defense. Is there a robe that's only partly made of iron?


"Not a chance."


"Money problem?"


"Or a status problem? Steel is heavy, so it would weigh a lot more if it were made conventionally."


"I see. It's impossible for a poor rearguard."


"Unfortunately, you're very poor."


"Yeah, that's right!"


"Hey, don't feel bad about yourself after saying that."


"I'm sorry."


"Oh, well. So, the iron equipment, if we try to lighten it up, the price will go up, and 6000 G won't be enough."


"I understand. I'll give up."


A man needs to know when to give up.


"I see."


"So, what should I do?"


"Hmm, I'm still concerned about my lack of defense..."


"How about this?"




"It's foot armor."


Name: Hard Leather Shoes

Rarity: 1 Quality: 4 Durability: 120

Effect: Defense +5, Poison resistance (small) 

Equipment Requirements: Strength 3 or higher

Weight: 1


"Great! How much for this?"


"1100 G. It's a player's made item. It has poison resistance. So it's a bit expensive."


"Hmm, but it's nice and light."


"Do you like it? What's your total strength and constitution now?"




"Ha-haa. That's very low."


"Yeah, it is."


"Then how about this?"


Name: Bronze Necklace

Rarity: 1 Quality: 2 Durability: 100

Effect: Defense +1

Weight: 1


"Well, it's just a normal and weakest accessory, but if you buy the Azurite robe and leather shoes, I'll give you this one as a bonus. And this one too."


Name: Cedar Staff.

Rarity: 1 Quality: 2 Durability: 100

Effect: +3 attack power, +3 magic powers

Weight: 1


"Are you sure?"


"Alyssa recommended this shop to you. Besides, it's a prototype made by a novice carpenter. It's made from the lowest quality materials that can be found at the entrance to the Western Forest."


The entrance to the Western Forest? I've been there before, but is it possible to harvest wood there?


When I asked Ruin about it, he told me that I need logging skill. Apparently, some of the things you can gather can't even be found without the corresponding skill.


If that's the case, can Orto find ores? And he has mining skill. I thought it is only good for digging the ground, but it seems to be a pretty good skill.


I'll take him to mine ores next time.


"Then I'll accept your kindness."


"Gahahaha. It's embarrassing for me if you're so humble. It's just a bit better than novice equipment."


"It's good enough for me."




"Yes, because that's what I'm using now!"


"This is ....... It's a wooden stick! Oi oi, are you actually an advanced player who likes to play in various ways?"


"Can I take that?"


"O, ou."


Ruin is mumbling about something, but before he changes his mind, let's equip the cedar staff. Fufufu, now I can say goodbye to that wooden stick!


Well, my money has been reduced to 2850 G. I don't know if I'm spending money too much. Am I spending money too much? I feel like my money is going up and down way too fast.


"I have to earn money again....... Oh yeah, I need to get Orto to the guild.


If I do the special quests, I can get some experience too. Let's go back to my field right away.




Name: Yuto                      Race: Halfling          Basic Lv3

Occupation: Tamer          Occupation Lv3

HP: 18/18              MP: 25/25 

Strength: 2            Constitution: 3          Agility: 5 

Dexterity: 6            Wisdom: 7                 Spirit: 5

Skills: Gathering: Lv2, Enlist: Lv2, Servant Magic: Lv5, Mixing: Lv2, Wand: Lv1, Taming: Lv1, Runaway Foot: Lv1, Farming: Lv1, Cooking: Lv1, Alchemy: Lv1

Equipment: Cedar staff, azurite robe, hard leather shoes, Beastmaster's bracelet, bronze necklace

Possessions: Portable food x 24, Simple blending set, Simple cooking set, Simple alchemy set, Honey dumplings x 4, Purified water x 9, Edible grass x 3, Wound medicine x2

Money: 2850 G

Bonus points: 2

Title: The Silver White Pioneer

Guild: Adventurer's Guild, Beast master's Guild, Farming Guild

Servant Monster (1/3): Gnome.



Name: Orto

Race: Gnome       Basic Lv5

Contractor: Yuto.

HP: 22/22              MP: 26/26 

Strength 7             Constitution 5           Agility 5 

Agility 9                 Wisdom 11                Spirit 9

Skills: Cultivating, seed breeding, Luck, Heavy Swing, Earth Magic, Farming, Mining, Night Vision, Growth Boost Ex

Equipment: earth spirit hoe, earth spirit muffler, earth spirit clothing.


Farm: medicinal herbs 2 × 2, poisonous plants 2 × 4, paralysis plants 2 × 4, youmei plants 2 × 2, wound medicinal herbs 2 × 6, edible grass 2 × 1,

Green peach seedling.

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