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Thursday, July 15, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C11


Chapter 11: Bulletin board 2


TitleThis thread that about "titles", which is still unclear. Part1I want



14: Cainz


I wish I could have a title in the early stage of the game, even a dishonorable one. I envy you, Shirogane-san!


15: Kitaro

Same here. There were a few titles in the beta, but they were all useful in their own way.


16: Kurumi

Here's what I know.


Town Helper

Requirements: Successfully complete 50 or more helper sub-quests in a single town.

Effect: Sub-quest rewards increase slightly, Strength +1, Agility +1


This is only if there are no changes in the official service.


17: Keropii

I'm really interested to know about the title. Do you know of any other titles in the beta version?


18: Kurumi

I'm pretty sure there are 7 titles. At most, it should be no more than 10 titles. That's why 3 at once is a big deal.


19: Cainz

Is there any information about the beta titles on the information board?


20: Kurumi

There are some.


21: Cainz.

As for me, I'd like to know the details of those 3 titles given to Shirogane-san and the others. Can't the person in question write it down for me?


22: Kurumi

Maybe Ruby and Purple-Hair can, but I think it's impossible for Shirogane-san. It's still a dishonorable title, you know.


23: Kitaro

Why are you using honorifics?


24: Kurumi

I don't know. I feel like I should use honorifics with Shirogane-san. In a lot of ways WW.


25: Keropii

Shirogane-san: "I don't need your sympathy! Don't pity me!"


26: Kitaro

What do you know about Shirogane, WW? 

And why talk like a military commander.


27: Korianda


You didn't write that one just for fun, right?


28: Keropii

What do you mean?


29: Korianda

You're probably going to sell the information to the Sharp Ears cat.


30: Keropii

What do you mean? Sell information? What is that?


31: Kurumi

Sharp Ears cat is a famous clan that has existed since beta. And they are also our only information agent. If you have info that no one else has, they'll buy it from you.

I've confirmed that they are still working as information agents in the official service.

Sometimes they have important strategic information, and sometimes you can buy unexpected information.

The more important the information, the higher the price. I'm sure they also have information regarding the titles.


32: Cainz

So what's the problem with that? If everyone is reluctant to post information on the bulletin board, maybe some people will start making a fuss.

They might even blame that Sharp Ears Cat clan.


34: Keropii

The Sharps Ears Cats are awesome. Maybe I will try to go there once.

Unfortunately, I don't have any information to sell.


35: Kurumi

It's interesting even if you just buy something. So, why don't you go there?


36: Cainz

I wish I had some information about Shirogane-san.


37: Kurumi

Besides, I not sure if the Sharp Ears Cats knows about Shirogane-san.



88: Harold

So I can get the bug materials in the "Buzz Forest" at the end of the eastern plains?


89: Hinako

Light materials, yes. If you want materials for heavy armor, you should go to the Horned Woods at the end of the Southern Forest.


I highly recommend the horn of Rhinoceros Beetles and the shell of Black Beetles.


90: Funwari

I need wood. What's the Horned Woods looks like?


91: Hello

The Horned Wood is full of beech trees.

It's no different from the southern forest. Though it seems to be easy to get high-quality wood.


92: Harold

Wood? How do you get it? 

I've been hunting a lot in the Southern Forest, but I've never gotten anything like that. 

Is it something you can gather?


93: Funwari

You need to have the logging skill to gather wood. And tools to cut the wood.

Just like mining for ore, you need mining skill and a pickaxe.


94: Hello

It's like fishing. You need fishing skills and a fishing rod.


95: Holmes

If you have the corresponding skill, you can spot collecting points.


96: Harold

I see! But I don't have mining skill, but I'm still able to gather ores from the mining points?


97: Funwari

Suppose your party members have the corresponding skills. In that case, everyone in the party can spot the collecting points, so it's a good idea if your party members all have different skills.


98: Harold

Yes, indeed. one of my party members has mining skill!


99: Holmes

If you want wood, you better have logging skill. It's easier to get high-quality woods if you have logging skill.


100: Hello

By the way, I heard that you can get wood from Green Peach in the Western Forest.

But I've never gotten wood from green peaches, even though I have logging skill. Why?


101: Holmes

Apparently, it has something to do with logging skill level.


If your level is over 20, you can cut down the peach tree!

Oh, and by the way, even if you cut down a peach, the peach tree will regrow quickly, so no problem.

But that doesn't mean you can't collect them continuously.


102: Hello

I didn't know that. OK, let's train my logging skill!




Translator note:

Shirogane (Silver White)

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