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Thursday, July 22, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C31.1 Side story


Side story: Aina's Past



This happens when Aina was 4 years old.

The town she lived in at the time was burned down in the war.

Her house, her favorite toys, and everything else was burned to ashes.

It was so sad.

Losing a house full of happy memories made her feel so sad.

But the saddest part was that her father had been taken away to join the army.

Apparently, it is his duty as a citizen.


"--I'll be back soon."


Her father patted her on the head.


"--Take care Aina."


Her father hugged her mother and left.

It took six months for the war to end.


Aina still remembers the day the war ended clearly because the whole town was celebrating like it was a festival.


A year passed, and then two years passed.

Her father still hasn't come home.


It was when Aina was six years old that her mother decided to go to other town.

Aina was against it. She didn't want to go to another town.

Aina was waiting for her father to return.


If they went to other town, her father wouldn't find them.

Seeing Aina's stubborn persistence to stay, her mother cried quietly.

She hugged Aina and just cried.


Aina loves her mother. She doesn't want to see her cry.

So Aina agreed to leave her hometown.


All she had to carry was a small bag and a large backpack.

They crossed several borders and came to Ninorich, which is located in a remote area.


When she asked her mother why she chose this remote town, she replied, "because there will be no war here".

She said that she didn't want to lose anyone she cared about anymore.


But still, life in a remote area is not easy.

Aina's mother was working in the fields, which she was not used to, and her hands were full of blisters.

They don't have much food.

And yet, she tried to give Aina more food while she ate only a little.


It was the 2nd year after they moved to Ninorich.

Her mother fell ill.

She couldn't get up and told Aina that she is sorry.


(Why are you apologizing? I'm the one who should be apologizing.

It was all my fault that Mom had pushed herself to such an extent.)


Aina picked flowers and got permission to do business in the market with the few copper coins she had left.

From morning to night, she walked around the market selling flowers.


It was during this time that she met Shirou.

Not only did he buy a lot of flowers, but he hired her as well.


Now she can help ease her mother's burden.

Aina thanked all the Gods she knew.

She was grateful to the Gods that had guided her to meet Shirou.


Shirou often gave Aina a very delicious meal.

Aina kept half of it and brought it back to her mother.

When Aina asked her to eat it because it is delicious, her mother only shakes her head.

She said that she had already ate before Aina came home.


She knew right away that it was a lie.

Her mother stubbornly refused to eat it.

At that moment, Aina knew that her stubbornness was inherited from her mother.


Her first paycheck was ten silver coins.

From the beginning, she had already decided how to spend it.

Because she remembered an adventurer said...


"Potion can heal anything, you know."


These words became Aina's hope.

But the pharmacist in town do not sell potions.

So Aina approached the adventurers and asked them to sell her the potion.


She got 10 silver coins from Shirou and 23 copper coins that Aina had saved for her mother.

After talking to several adventurers, she finally managed to buy a bottle of potion a few days ago.


The potion cost her all of her money.

Carrying the potion bottle in her arms, Aina ran to her mother.

She lied and told her mother that Shirou had given it to her and asked her to drink the potion.


But ...... nothing changed.

Aina felt a sensation of total darkness in front of her eyes.

(What can I do? How can I save my mother from her illness?)



(If I have money, I can take my mother to a big city and heal her.)


Aina has no one to rely on.

There is only one person she could ask for help.

She was afraid that Shirou, her favorite person, would hate her.

But she's also worried that her beloved mother would die.


God, it is OK for me to be hated. But please save my mother.

Aina gritted her teeth, calmed down her trembling knees, squeezed the edge of her clothes with her hands, and gathered all her courage.


"Please... lend Aina some money."


She was prepared to be hated for what she said.

But Shirou gently patted her head.



  1. Poor kid.... and stupid scammer (maybe accidental)

    Thanks for the chapter XD

  2. Potions may only work if they have something to work with if the body is missing nutrients then how is a potion supposed to improve the healing process when it has nothing to work with?


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