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Friday, July 2, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C8


Chapter 8: Silver White (Shirogane) the Pioneer


I logged in.


In-game time is twelve o'clock in the afternoon. 11:55, to be exact.


Tsk. I am way too late to log in! Actually, I planned to log in at 6 a.m. in-game time. But I got a call from my junior colleague at work regarding my job handover, which took up a lot of time.


If I'm an hour late in real life, I'll be four hours late in the game. First of all, let's rush to my farm! Let's see how it turns out.






<<This is an announcement from the management.>>


As I am heading to the farm, a monitor appears on the clock tower in the square.


<<It's been one day since the official service started. We would like to thank all the many players who have logged in.>>


It is an announcement from the management. Oh, so it's been exactly 24 hours in the game-time. At the same time, I received an email. The content is a video file, the same as the one on that monitor.


Special rewards will be given to particularly active players.>>


Hee. I didn't think they would announce anything like that. So it's a secret event. That's interesting. Well, this doesn't matter to me. I guess the beta testers will get it anyway.


It seems that the players around me are getting the same information. Everyone stopped moving and stared at the monitor.


<<First, the player with the longest traveled distance will receive the title of "Adventurer".>>




The entire square let out a sound of astonishment. Titles are given to those who have performed certain quests or actions, and apparently, they are quite difficult to obtain. Most titles come with rewards such as increased skills and status, so getting a title in the early stages is a big deal.


Moreover, this is a very rare title that can only be obtained during a secret event. There's a good chance you won't be able to get the same title in the future. This is why everyone is staring at the monitor with excitement.


<<The total distance traveled by this player is 51.6 kilometers, and "the Purple-Haired Adventurer" title will be awarded to this player.>>


50 kilometers? I can't tell if that's a great number or not. I heard the players around me whispering about it, and they said it must be a player with riding skills. Well, that makes sense.


<<Next, the player with the highest total number of items acquired will receive the title of "Explorer".>>


Distance traveled, number of items acquired. None of that matters to me. But I envy them. If I had successfully made my character, maybe I would have been excited too.


No, no. What's the point of complaining about it now? I've decided to do things in my own way. Come on, don't act like a bitch.


<<The number of items acquired by this player is 91. The title of "The Rubby Explorer" will be awarded to this player.>>


Is it because this player has red hair? If he or she is active in the early stages, he probably will become famous sooner or later. I'll find out about him later.


<<Finally, The player with the highest number of deaths will be awarded the title of "Pioneer".>>


What? The number of deaths? You mean the number of times the player has been revived?


The number of times this person has died is three, and the title of "The Silver White Pioneer" will be awarded to this person.




[You have earned the title The Silver White Pioneer.]


The Silver White Pioneer? Yes, that is me. And it's a disgraceful title.


The people around me start talking to each other.


"Three times in the first day? Seriously?"

"Who's that little fry? Is that you?"

"No, no. My hair is white, not silver!"

"Hahahaha, that's super lame."


And their conversation goes on.


Should I hide it? I feel like all the players around me are looking at me. No, I'm not being paranoid.


"Hey! That guy was revived yesterday, right?"


"Silver hair....... It's the Silver White."


"Eh, bye."


Yikes. If I don't leave this place as soon as possible, I will become famous as the record holder for most deaths in a single day! I also have the same desire to show off as anyone else. I've even fantasized about what it would be like to stand out from others because of my success. But this is different! I don't want to stand out from others in this way.



"...... For now, I think I'll go to the farm."


On the way, I checked my titles while trying to escape from reality. A new title column had been added to my status.


Title: The Silver White Pioneer

Prize: 4000G, 2 bonus points.

Skill: Runaway Foot added.


Hee. I got money, bonus points, and a skill. The disgraceful title is a bit subtle, but I'm happy with this bonus. I have a lot of money now. Let's check out the skill effects.


Runaway Foot: When running away, the enemy's tracking range is reduced, making it easier to escape.


In short, it means the enemies will give up to chase me sooner. Thank goodness. It's the perfect skill for me. Well, it was a gift, so I'll make the most of it.


"Good morning, Orto."




"Wow, this is awesome."


When I arrived at the farm, I was amazed by sight in front of me. Yesterday, there was nothing, but now the farm is full of plants.


"Medicinal herbs, poisonous plants, paralysis plants, and youmei plants ....... And all their quality is improved!"


When I gave them to Orto yesterday, I'm sure they were only ★1. However, the ones growing on the farm now have ★3, two levels higher than the original.


"Is this the effect of the farming skill? I also spread fertilizer and humus."


Name: Medicinal herb 

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★3

Effect: Restores 7 points of HP


Name: Poisonous plant 

Rarity: 1 Quality: 3

Effect: Low probability to inflict poison to the person who consumed it.



Name: Paralysis Plant 

Rarity: 1 Quality: 3

Effect: Low probability to paralyze the person who consumed it.


Name: Youmei plant. 

Rarity: 1 Quality: 3

Effect: Material for making potions. Restores 3% of fullness.


In addition, edible grasses and wound herbs had grown. The quality of these plants also increased to ★3.


"Can we harvest this?"




Orto pulls out a medicinal herb that was growing near my feet and hands it to me. Ah, just pull it out, right?


I also quickly pulled out the poisonous plant. Yes, it's bigger than the original one, and the color is darker, so it looks more poisonous.


This morning's harvest consisted of 2 medicinal herbs, 2 poisonous plants, 2 paralysis plants, 2 youmei plants, 5 wound herbs, and 5 edible herbs. Excellent.


"Then...... how's the water?"




"Mmm. After use, the water pumice stone breaks. But it still looks like normal water."


The water bucket certainly has a green marker on it. I tried to put the water bucket back in my storage. Then, only the bucket remained, and I saw 10 pieces of purified water in my inventory. Looks like I succeeded.


Name: Purified Water 

Rarity: 2 Quality: ★1

Effect: Raw material


"The ingredients for the potion are ready, right? Besides, the quality is higher than the ones we gather normally."


I'm sure everyone else will be using the ★1 medicinal herb and youmei plants found around here and ordinary water from the well.


Following the instructions for auto-mixing, I took out 3 medicinal herbs, youmei plant, purified water, and began to mix. The ingredients are different, but the procedure is the same as the wound medicine.


Then the pot glows, and the potion is complete. Yay, it's not a ★1 low-grade potion!


Name: low-level potion. 

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★3

Effect: Restores 30 points of HP. Cooldown time 10 minutes.


This is a good one. As usual, though, I don't know where the bottle that is used to contain the potion came from. It's probably a very useful potion in the early stages. This is indeed made of good quality materials.


It restores 10 points more HP than the lower-grade potion that was included in my initial equipment. Well, in my case, it doesn't really matter because my HP is always full.


Mixing skill has been increased to Lv. 2.


Good, good. It's leveling up nicely. As expected from a ★3. However, even though the auto-mixing is always 100% successful, but the quality decrease.


I think I'll check out some other recipes.


Wound medicine and portable food can be made with just grass and water. It is a simple recipe. I'll make this one for myself and Orto. One piece of edible grass is enough to make five portable foods. One portable food can restores 20% of your fullness, enough for one day. Though I'd rather eat something else because it tastes like shit. For now, I'll make ten pieces.


I'll also make two wound medicines from two wound herbs and water from the well. I don't want to waste purified water on wound medicine. Because even if it is the lowest quality, it can recover most of my HP.......


The poison and paralysis medicine required three poisonous plants and three paralysis plants for each recipe.

I don't have any in my hand now. The hunting medicine also requires a poisonous plant, paralysis plant, and red tengu mushroom. Unfortunately, I don't have the mushroom.

Honey Dumpling requires edible grasses and honey, but currently, I don't have honey.


I guess I don't have enough ingredients.


And there is another problem. Even if I raise my skill level, my status won't increase if I didn't raise my base level. That means I can't get any stronger forever. I heard that production doesn't give much experience, so I want to get experience by doing other things if possible.


"Hmm. The best way is to do simple quests to gain experience. How about washing dishes at the inn again?"


Quests give me a small amount of experience when I complete them. But I don't want to wash dishes anymore.......


"Well, let's just plant the seeds for the time being."


I gave the medicinal herbs to Orto to create the seeds. I know that seed breeding the plant will lower its quality, but what happens if I give him a ★3? What if the quality goes down only one level, and it becomes a ★2 seed? The quality of the crop will increase by two in one day. If I repeat the process, isn't that mean I can produce a 10★ herb in 8 days?


"Bingo! I am a genius!"


The seed created by Orto is a ★2. I guess I have no choice but to plant these seeds on the farm!


I took 1 medicinal herb, 2 poisonous plants, 2 paralysis plants, 1 youmei plant, 3 wound herbs, and 1 edible grass from the harvest. Orto converts them into seeds, and we sowed the seeds on the farm. I can't wait to see the results tomorrow. For the time being, I'll concentrate on increasing the ingredient's quality instead of using it for mixing.



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