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Friday, June 25, 2021

Episode 34.2: Conflict between Evils 2


    Episode 34.2: Conflict between Evils 2 



There are five ice beast soldiers summoned by Ice Rock. She stabbed one of them, so there are four remaining. 

However, strangely, there are always two ice beast soldiers attacking Atou. 

When one of them is destroyed, a new one replaces it and joins the battle. 


(So that's how the game is set up) 


 Just as Atou and others were bound by the simulation game Eternal Nations laws, the enemy in front of them seemed to be bound by the role-playing game laws 

 Characters from entirely different games have been teleported to this world... 



 Atou focused on the enemy in front of her while wondering what the hell is going on. But first, she had to do something. 


"Why do you get in the way!? You also a demon, right? Bow down to the Demon King, then together we'll conquer the world!" 


While swinging the battle-ax, Ice Rock speaks to Atou. 

While having such power, he could not understand Atou real intention, who is hostile to them. 

His words sound like a plea because Ice Rock has begun to think that she has a chance to defeat them. 

But the Sludge Hero, who led the world to ruin so many times, does not care about conquering the world. 

As if the opponent talked in an unknown language that she couldn't understand, she showed a cheerful face. 


"Ah, is he the one who conquers the world?" 


"That's right. We will create the world of our demons. Eradicate humans and roar our names all over the land. The glory and prosperity era for the darkness has arrived!" 


Ice Rock speaks as if he were giving a speech. 

There are plenty of gaps, and if Atou attack now, it seems that her tentacles can pierce the ice skull. 

That's how Atou felt about it, but (Come to think of it, were we not allowed to attack during a transformation or event? I'll just kindy reply his words). 


"I know how you feel, but what do you do after conquered the world?" 




Ice Rock stopped talking and thinking at the unexpected question. 

Atou sighed at that attitude and spun words as if he is a fool. 


"It’s a lot of work to do! Currently, I'm desperately doing my job and I don't even have time to talk with my King. We’re just an ordinary nation....can you imagine if it’s the whole world? What? Do you like office work so much?" 


Atou asked more questions. 

World conquest is an easy word to say, but it takes intelligence to truly understand it. 

It is not a weird idea to build your own ideal world after destroying all kinds of foreign enemies. It is also the utopia that every leader has dreamed of in the past. 

However, world conquest is just a means, not an end. 

The most important thing is what to do after the world has been conquered. 

However, Ice Rock had a hard time answering. 

Only abstract words such as world domination come to his mind. 

He had never thought about the plan after that. He is desperately thinking about how to reply and eventually realized that he has no answer. 

Therefore, Atou spits out those questions with scornful looks.  


Hmm? Maybe because of that? Your character setting is so shallow that your actions and thoughts are always single-minded? Yeah, that's right. A lot of middle bosses in RPGs are easy to be defeated, and that's the end of the story for them." 


The RPG game "Brave Quests" is a relatively old type of game. 

It has a long history and is said to be the original of RPG, and it has been remade many times through generations of game devices. 

Although some settings are added each time, the basic story follows the old settings faithfully. 

It can be said that it is a remnant of the good old days. 

The story was straightforward, and the amount of information is small. It was the exact opposite of Eternal Nations, which adds depth to the world view with many settings. 


Therefore, the Shitennou Ice Rock is only set as a "Power type enemy with soldier temperament". 


"I didn't understand what you’ve said!? What do you want!?" 


Ice Rock shouted. 

He couldn't help to scream. 

He did not understand some of the words spoken by the girl in front of him, 

But he could understand that those words actually mean to mock him. 

Rage wraps his whole body. 

His ice heart accelerates the heartbeat as a signal of his impatience. Instead of sweat, the white cold air gradually overflows his whole body. 

Atou saw Ice Rock rage and sighed again.


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