ITSUJITA ~ C30: Hesitation

Chapter 30: Hesitation



An adventurer's guild will be opened in this town.

Ninorich's residents are very excited by this announcement.


I heard from Karen that the town hall is excited about the town's development plan, and they are considering building a tavern or even an inn first.


Ninorich is a remote town, but it has plenty of free space.

Once the Silvermoon Apostles' Guild branch is completed, they plan to open several inns, taverns, blacksmith shops, and tool shops.

So, even though the construction hadn't even started yet, the town seems to be very lively.


And as for me......


"Thank you very much!


Today, I was busy doing business.

The number of adventurers coming to the town is increasing each day, probably because they heard about the new branch.

According to Ryer, some of the adventurers are the members of the Silver Moon Apostles.


The town is crowded and store sales are increasing steadily.

While the business is going smoothly, there is one thing that worries me.


"Aina-chan, can you pass me that big matches?"










"Ah! I'm sorry, Shirou Onii-chan. Um ... was it the broomstick?"


"No, the matches. The big matches."


"Yes, yes. I'll bring it right now."


Aina is frequently blank, as she did just now.

This is unusual for Aina, who used to be so dedicated to her work.

I wondered if she has a problem.


"Thank you very much.


The last customer in the store just left.

It's a little early, but let's close the store for today.


"Aina-chan, should we close the store for the day?"




"Aina-chan, hey!"


"Ah, eh ...o, okay!"


It looks like she's been thinking about something again.

As the store manager, maybe I should talk with her about her problems.


"Then, let's close the store. Aina-chan, please clean the store."




I put the sign "Today's business is closed" on the entrance door and walk back into the store.

Next, I have to calculate the sales.

I walked to the counter and started counting the coins one by one.


Today's sales totaled 52 silver coins and 4,560 copper coins.

In Japanese yen, that's 976,000 yen.

Recently, the sales have been around this amount every day.


Hoho, that's almost one million yen.

If I can keep this up for a year, I'll have 360 million yen.......

This is another world, but I should stop day dreaming.


"Well, now..."


Aina had just finished cleaning the store when I put the sales money in my space storage.

Okay. Now I'm going to listen to Aina's problems and give her some good advice like a grown-up.


Just when I am thinking to do that...


"Um, Shirou Onii-chan..."


What a surprise, Aina is the one who starts talking to me.


"What is it?


"Uum...... that.....that..."


Aina is trying to say something, but she hesitates and turns over with some tears in her eyes.

But when she squeezed her skirts, she finally looked up as if she had made up her mind.


"Shi, shi, Shirou Onii-chan."




"Um, Aina..."






There are tears in her eyes, and her voice is trembling.

Even so, Aina stares straight at me and squeezes her courage to speak.


"Please ... lend Aina some money."


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