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Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep24 Hunting the Adventurer Killer 2

              "Shit! Shit!   Damn it!   Where the hell did that shitty girl go!"   Kaito the elf is in a hurry. To break through his growth limit, he had been going around killing human adventurers. Today, he attacked Erio and the other human adventurers, but one of them had escaped.   Kaito is a level 1500 elf, and his opponent was probably no more than level 20. He was so mad, he slashed at them with his treasured sword, and suddenly a light flashed before his eyes. When the light disappeared, the girl he had been chasing disappeared.   The incident was so unexpected and strange that he was stunned at that place for more than a minute.   When he realized that he had missed the girl who knew his face, race, features, physical appearance, and fighting methods, it was already too late. He hurriedly duplicated Grandius' treasured sword and rode it. He flew around, looking for the girl. But he couldn't find any sign of the runaway girl.

Episode 34.2: Conflict between Evils 2

             Episode 34.2: Conflict between Evils 2      There are five ice beast soldiers summoned by Ice Rock . She stabbed one of them , so there are four remaining .   However , strangely , th ere are always two ice beast soldiers attacking Atou .   When one of them is destroyed , a new one replaces it and joins the battle .     ( S o that's how the game is set up )       Just as Atou and others were bound by the simulation game Eternal Nations laws , the enemy in front of them seemed to be bound by the role-playing game laws .      Characters from entirely different games have been teleported to this world ...         Atou focused on the enemy i n front of her while wondering what the hell is going on . But first, she had to do something .     " Why do you get in the way !? You also a demon, right ? Bow down to the Demon King , then together we'll conquer the wor