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Thursday, May 27, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C27: Exclusive right to sell

 Chapter 27: Exclusive right to sell



Gabs said, "I would like to have the exclusive right to sell these matches".

I was speechless at his unexpected request.

After a few seconds of silence...




It was all I could squeeze out.

But Gabs sighs and shakes his head.


"You are a slow learner. Are you really a merchant? I will tell you one more time, for the sake of your slow brain."


Gabs speak more straightforward this time.


"I'm saying that the Labyrinth Looters will buy all the matches that your store sells."


"Does that mean there will be no more matches in our store?"


"Of course. Because we'll buy all of them."


"About that... I don't want to cause trouble for the customers who came to buy matches. Our customer is not only the adventurers but also the people who live in this town. If we have no matches...."


"Are you an idiot? If this store doesn't have matches, people can just buy them from the branch of the Labyrinth Looters in this town. You can only do business in the middle of nowhere like this because you can't understand something as simple as this."


"I understand. I understand, and that's why I'm saying this. If you buy all matches from my store, it means that the selling price will increase when you sell them. Am I right?


"......Well, people will have to pay a little extra."


And no offense, Gabs.

Your facial expression...... is definitely not cute.


Of course, I sell my products at a price above the original price.

But this Gabs-san's facial expression is not good.

I'm sure he's going to sell it for a very high price.


"Wait a minute, Gabs-dono."


As if she couldn't take it anymore, Karen interrupted the conversation.

Gabs raised his eyebrows at her interruption.


"What up, Mayor? I'm talking to this idiot--oops. I'm talking to the owner."


"The only reason this store opens in Ninorich is because of Shirou's kindness. Even if it is for the town's development, there is no such thing as Exclusive right to sell......."


"Mayor, you don't understand anything. Listen to me. We, the Labyrinth Looters, have branches all over this country. That means that if he sells us the matches, we can sell them to the entire kingdom. Even if he can sell them in a remote town like this, he probably can't make much profit. But..."


Gabs looked at me and smile.


"If you sell to us, it's the same as selling to all the people in this kingdom. The profit you will make will be incomparable to what you make now."


"I see. So the sales channel will expand to the entire kingdom?


"That's right."


"It's certainly an attractive offer, but I'm sorry, I have to refuse your offer."




"It's simple. There's no way I can restock enough matches to sell to the entire kingdom."


I said with an apologetic look on my face.


"Hou. You mean stock up?"


Gabs walked over to me.

Her fat belly is so close to my belly.

Gabs keep his eyes on me.


"As I mentioned earlier, we have branches all over the kingdom. We receive various information from adventurers about items and local products."


"Ha, haa."


That's when Gabs move away, and after seeing my reaction, he opens his mouth again.


"But... Strangely enough, there is no information about the matches from anywhere. Not only from this country but also from other countries' guilds that we exchange with. Don't you think it's strange? An item that doesn't exist anywhere else on this continent is somehow only available in this remote town."


"The craftsman who makes the matches is a bit of a quirky guy, and he only does business with me."


"That's a lie, right?"


Before I could change the subject, Gabs continue his words.


"Actually, for the past few days, I've been using our adventurers from Labyrinth Looters to find out about you. Even though you have sold out of your matches several times, there is no indication that you have left town to restock."




A female adventurer who came into the store a few days ago pops into my mind.


I was wondering why she was asking so many questions and not buying any products....... I see. So she was here to find out about me.


And the reason for the delay in his arrival was because he was gathering information about me.


"Damn. So it's all my fault that Karen got sunburns...."


"Don't you consider the possibility that I have storage items?"


"That's the funny thing about it. If you have a method to carry large quantities of matches, there's no reason to sell them in this remote town."


"Maybe because I like this town?"


"Kukuku......don't be silly. It would be more convincing if you say that you were deceived by the Mayor's charm."


Actually, I'm from Japan, a country in another world... Of course, I can't say that casually. I am speechless.


"There aren't many answers that can be used in this kind of situation."


Gabs is getting closer to me.

I feel like his nose is about to touch mine.

I never thought the day would come in my life when a middle-aged man stares at me at such a close distance.


"It's you, isn't it? The craftsman who makes these matches."


Gabs confidently said.

She looks like a housekeeper with a smug face that usually appears in suspense dramas.

However, everyone in the store was surprised by his statement and wondering if that's true.


"I think your real identity is an exiled alchemist. Maybe the matches' materials are in the forest nearby, or maybe there's a reason you can't show your face in the central area. Or maybe both are true."


Gabs are piling up a big misunderstanding.

Thanks to him, I suddenly became an alchemist.


Now, what should I do?

How should I handle this situation?


While I'm pondering about this, Karen suddenly steps in.

As if protecting me, she stands in front of me and stares at Gabs.


"I'm sorry, Gabs-dono. I have no intention to involve Shirou in this matter. If you're insisting on the Exclusive right to sell the matches, then please forget we ever talked about setting up a branch."


She said it very clearly.


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