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Thursday, May 27, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C2

DeokuTeima ~ C2

Chapter 2: Initial Monster's Real Ability


Chatter, chatter. (Sound of people talking)


After finishing the tutorial quickly, I am standing in a beautiful square paved with red bricks. In the center of the square is a giant clock tower, nearly 20 meters tall. It is January 1st, 15:23. Three and a half hours have already passed since the game started. Well, I've spent some time on character creation and tutorials.


I could see many players like me logging in one after another.


By the way, the players are called travelers from the other world, and the NPCs treat them as adventurers who are traveling to the LJO world using transfer magic.


"OK. First, check my status."


I just think to open my status, and it appears in my brain. All I have to do is think, and I can make a selection or get a close-up. As expected of the latest VR game.


Name: Yuto                       Race: Halfling Basic Lv1

Occupation: Tamer          Occupation Lv1

HP: 12/12              MP: 19/19 

Strength: 2            Constitution: 2          Agility: 4 

Dexterity: 4                        Wisdom: 6                 Spirit: 4

Skills: Gathering: Lv1, Enlist: Lv1, Servant Magic: Lv5, Mixing: Lv1, Wand: Lv1, Taming: Lv1, Cooking: Lv1, Alchemy: Lv1

Equipment: ebony staff, silver thread robe, Beastmaster's bracelet

Possessions: Portable food x 15, low-level potions, simple Mixing set, simple cooking set, simple alchemy set, honey dumplings x 5

Money: 3000g      Fullness: 100

Guild: Adventurer's Guild, Beast master's Guild

Servant Monster (1/3): Gnome.


From the beginning, I have several simple production sets. Their capabilities are minimal, but they're an essential source of income in the early stages.


"Oh! I don't know what it is, but I'm impressed. I feel like I'm playing LJO!"


The sensation of the wind blowing against my cheeks, the noise around me. The faint scent of grass, it's so real. This is a great recreation.


Some equipment was properly acquired as a bonus.


"OK, then I'll check your status as well."



A short shadow that is standing next to me from the time I log in. No doubt it's my initial monster.


 At first glance, it looked like a dwarf from a fairy tale. A green-haired, 70cm tall small man in brown clothes is standing there. It has a charming baby face and looks like a short-headed human child. I don't know its gender.


Name: Orto

Race: Gnome Basic Lv5

Contractor: Yuto.

HP: 22/22 MP: 26/26 

Strength 7 Constitution 5 Agility 5 

Agility 9 Wisdom 11 Spirit 9

Skills: Cultivating, Plant Division, Luck, Heavy Swing, Earth Magic, Farming, Mining, Night Vision, Cultivation Promotion of growth ex

Equipment: earth spirit hoe, earth spirit muffler, earth spirit clothing.


I see. It has a name from the beginning. So it's a unique individual. Well, it's Lv 5 and even has magic, so it won't be defeated if we stay around the first town. His equipment not so convincing, but the farmers during the Age of War also fought with hoe, so I'm sure it can fight.


"But gnomes..."


 I believe the gnome's name was not in the initial monster list of the beta testers' information. Perhaps it is an additional monster for the official service. So there was no information about it at all. I didn't even know how it would grow in the future.


Judging from its abilities, I'm pretty sure it's a Magician-type monster.


"Well, OK. It's more fun that way."


I'm just worried that someone might mistake him for a monster outside the town. No, there's a blue cursor above his head indicating that he's a player or a player's follower. LJO doesn't allow PK. So, there's nothing to worry about, right?


"When it comes to RPGs, the first place to go is the Adventurer's Guild, right? Let's go there and check the quest board."


The map said " Starting Town: South District". It seems that the Adventurer's Guild is located in the central district. The northwest and southwest sections are almost identical, and the NPC stores are the same.


Only in the East District, there is a vast lake and a forest in the center. There are some special guilds such as the Aquatic Guild and the Forest Guild. Especially, the giant tree standing by the lake, which is over 200 meters in height, has been famous since before the service started. Many players probably feel that they have logged into LJO by looking up at it from the square. I'm one of those people who are impressed by that tree, which is taller than anything I've ever seen in real life.


"If I can see the giant tree, it means that's east, so it must be this way."


From the beginning, players belong to the Adventurer's Guild and the Guild related to their chosen job. So, I should be able to access the Adventurer's Guild without any problems.


By the way, a player can belong to 4 guilds at most. There is no disadvantage to belonging to a guild. But leaving a guild requires a basic level x 500G, so you have to choose your Guild carefully in the early stages.


"It's so big!"


The Adventurer's Guild is quite a massive building. It's so spacious that you'd think it is a castle. It can hold over a thousand players at the same time.


"Is that the bulletin board?"


I looked at the quest board from a distance and saw a list of quests in the status window.


"Houhou. A quest to collect medicinal herbs. Nice. This is what RPGs are all about."


Gathering Quest

Description: Deliver 5 medicinal herbs

Reward: 50G

Expiration date: None


Select a quest from the list and tap "Start". Now I've accepted the quest. It's convenient.


I've got the skills to gather medicinal herbs, so this quest is easier than taking candy from a baby.



"Well, shall we go? I think we should go out to the northern plains anyway."


You can select your first destination from the east, west, north, south, and west plains outside the town. The north plains and south forests are slightly more difficult. In contrast, the western forest and eastern grassland are easier with lower levels enemies. However, there are more things to find in the north and south, and the enemies give you more experience. So it seems that the beta testers will head north or south as soon as possible and try to break through to the next town.


That might be a good idea.


"Well, this is where the real adventure begins. Let's go, Orto."




Ort follows behind me with his little feet. Yeah. He's so cute. I think I might have hit the jackpot after all.


The northern plains are beautiful and so realistic that I couldn't believe it' a VR world. Every single piece of grass is perfectly rendered, and I can even smell the soil. As I walk, I feel the ground and the grass on my feet.


For now, I walk around looking for medicinal herbs.


When I appraised it, it was unmistakably a medicinal herb. The quality is the lowest on a scale of one to ten.


Name: Medicinal herb 

Rarity: 1 Quality: 1

Effect: Restores 5 HP.

Cooldown time: 10 minutes.


"Fufu. It's so easy. Let's continue collecting herbs and hunt some monsters as well, shall we?"


There were many players on the northern plains. Some of the parties were fighting monsters. Apparently, the first area was made quite large to accommodate many new players, but it was still quite crowded.


Well, the gathering spots are separate for each player, so there's no rush. I guess it's easier to understand if I say it's like Mon#n.


I walk toward the edge of the map, where there seem to be fewer players. Because there are so many people, it doesn't feel like an adventure at all.


While searching for the next herb, a monster appeared in front of me.


"Wild Dog?"


It is a wild dog, which is said to be the strongest enemy in the early stages. The appropriate level is 3 for solo warriors and 6 for production workers. There were two of us, and Orto is a unique individual with Lv. 5. There was no way we can lose.


"OK, let's do this. Orto, attack!"


"Mumu! Muu!"


Soil gravel? Thorns coming out from under your foot? Or make a pitfall with your hand wave. Show me your earth magic!


But Orto's attack is none of those things.




Ort rushed at Wild Dog. Then he brought out his fist.


" Swoosh!"


"And it's avoided!"




"He's avoided it again! Don't do that. Use earth magic!"





"Eh? Why are you shaking your head?"


While I am talking, Wild Dog is right in front of me.


"Hurry! Wa, wait."






He bit me! His sharp fangs bit me in the leg!


The impact was strong, but the pain was minimal. I'm glad it is just a game.


No, now is not the time for that!


The current attack took out about 20% of my HP bar. It must be thanks to the silver threaded robe that even with my low status, I'm only taking this level of damage. It's a robe, but it still increases my defense, including my bare legs. After all, it's just a game.





"Orto, attack with some magic! Damn it, get away from me!"


I waved my staff, but my Strength is too low. Wild Dog's HP hadn't even been reduced by 10%.




Orto's attack method is still a physical attack.


"At least use that big hoe on your back!"




Orto shakes his head full-heartedly. It seemed that he would not use earth magic no matter what.




I swing my staff in desperation. But it hardly did any damage. As if he knew that, the Wild Dog bites me as a counterattack. That was enough to reduce my HP by half.


If this continues, I'm in trouble.


"That. that's right!"


I am sure Wild Dog is a monster that can be tamed! Yes, I can select him. If I can tame him, he'll be a great companion!






"Gyaa! It's impossible after all!"


Taming has a lower chance against higher rank opponents. Also, the lower opponent's HP, the higher the chance. Against wild dogs with almost full HP, the chance of success is extremely low.


"Let's run away! Orto!"


I turned my back on the Wild Dog and ran away. On the way, I took out a low-grade potion and drank it. My HP bar was fully restored at once.


"Good, good. Let's keep running to the town!




Another wild dog jumped out from the bushes in front of me. Does moving around the battlefield cause re-encounters?


"No, no way!"






Wild Dog pushed me down. My God, I have to get away! I pushed my opponent away with my hand and tried to get up, but I couldn't push him away. Damn it! Is it because of the lack of strength in my arms!






"Uwaa! So scary!"


The other one caught up with me, biting me in the neck as hard as it could.


"It hurt----it doesn't hurt! But it's tingling! If I am a child, I'll be traumatized. Damn management!"


The experience of being bitten by two large beasts is really terrifying. Even the inside of their mouths are precisely re-created, and it's so real. I think I'm going to hate dogs.


And my HP bar is depleted.


Translator note:

A gnome is a mythological creature and diminutive spirit in Renaissance magic and alchemy, first introduced by Paracelsus in the 16th century and later adopted by more recent authors including those of modern fantasy literature. Its characteristics have been reinterpreted to suit the needs of various story tellers, but it is typically said to be a small humanoid that lives underground.


  1. Name is mixed up on the first status sheet (should be Yuto not Orto)

  2. This is a terrible game so far as Virtual Reality goes. A lot of the reality is lost since the player character is automatically registered in two guilds as soon as he appears in the game. There are no choices for him to delay registration or choose to not be registered. It also should have started him inside an inhabited area such as the village, town, or city. Instead, he starts the game with all skills claimed and activated (no visiting the guild to activate them). That's not a good simulation of virtual reality. I bet pretty soon the author springs in with other non-reality features like automatic looting (no involvement of effort by the player to emulate virtual reality) and automated mapping and automated quest selections and turn-ins. I hope not. Or else this story is just another race to give the MC as much wealth and power in a short time as possible. I'm tired of those kinds of stories.


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