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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep21 Brother's willpower

 When a group of novice adventurers fought against an elf of level 1500 that possessed the fantasy class Grandius, it is obvious who would win.

In less than a few minutes, Miya's comrades, who had drawn their swords to protect her, fell to the ground with deep cuts to their bodies.


"Hii, hii, hiii......."


While crying in despair, Miya continued to hold her staff.

The elf slashed his brother and friends. He isn't hurt at all, and he rechecked his status.


"Tsk... As expected, small fry like them can't raise my level. Well, it's okay. At least it will increase my experience point. Besides..."





Kaito slowly turns back to Miya.

The elf with a beautiful face, pointed ears, and green eyes talks to himself.


"She's ugly, but I've been stuck in this dungeon for days. Sometimes humans still can be useful. I can use her as entertainment."


"No, no, stay away..."




Miya retreats while holding her staff.

Kaito tilted his head.


"I don't understand."


"I am a future hero, and I am going to use you. Above all, the most honorable thing a human woman can hope for is to be embraced by an elf man, right? So why are you so frightened and running away? Instead, you should shed happy tears, right?"


Aside from the "future hero" mentioned by Kaito, "the most honorable thing a human woman can hope for is to be embraced by an elf man" is a typical misconceptions and racism believed by the elves.

No matter how good they look, no human woman would willingly go along with someone who clearly thinks she is a fool.

Despite this, elf men mistakenly believe that if they call out to a human woman, she will immediately fall in love with them and beg to be embraced.

That's how confident the elf men are in their own beauty.


"Mi, ya, run, ru..."




As Kaito turns his head, Miya's brother, the red-haired Erio, stands up behind him, using his sword as a walking stick.

He had been deeply wounded in the stomach during his fight with Kaito.

Blood is flowing from the wound in his stomach, creating a blood pool on the floor. The injury was so severe that ordinary people won't be able to move.

However, thanks to his intensive training in the dungeon and his level up, he had acquired endurance, physical and mental strength that could not be compared with ordinary people.

Thanks to this, he was able to stand up.

However, he won't have been able to stand if his body had been slashed and his legs had been cut off like Gimra and Wardy.


"Cough, cough ough!"


Erio coughed and spat out a clot of blood.

He knew instinctively that he would not survive.

It is a miracle that he can stand up again.

The enemy in front of him is far more superior. The only thing he can do with his remaining breath is to protect his sister until the end.

He raised his sword and shield and shouts.


"Miya, run! Cough..."




Sensing the death approaching her brother Erio, Miya holds her tears and runs away.


"Tsk, I'm not sure why you're trying to run away. You're just a bug, don't give me any trouble!"


Kaito clicked his tongue as he watched Miya running away.

He had no intention of letting her alive since she had seen him.

He is sure that she won't be able to reach the dungeon entrance. But it would be troublesome if she met other adventurers on the way and told them about his race, characteristics, weapons, and so on.

He immediately tried to chase after him, but Erio, who is already on the verge of death, swings his sword.


"You're a dead man! Don't get in my way!"


He doesn't need to use his treasure sword, Grandius.

The difference in their level is too significant. Erio's sword can't even scratch his skin, but it was enough to stop him.




He could just leave the dying man to chase after Miya. Still, it would be troublesome if another adventurer happened to pass by while he is dying and tells them about Kaito.

The best thing to do would be to quickly kill Erio and chase after his sister.

Kaito grabbed the grandius sword with both hands. He wants to cut off his opponent's head as fast as possible, but something weird happens to Erio.

He is bleeding badly and almost lost consciousness, but he kept muttering something repeatedly.


"There's no rule that says you must use your shield for defense and your sword for attack. The shield's role is not only to protect. The sword's role is not only to attack. You have to use your head and think about what your enemy scared of and what you can do to catch them off guard."


"What, what the hell is wrong with this guy?"


Kaito is wandering why his opponent, who almost unconscious still standing and repeatedly muttering something. Erio is repeating "Gold's teaching".

…… And that gave him a chance.



Erio throws the sword in his hand!

Kaito also didn't expect him to throw a sword. Because he was wandering about Erio's weird behavior, so he's a bit late to respond.

Kaito did not use his sword or his arms to block the attack. He reflexively moved his body to avoid it because of the training he had acquired during his time as a knight.

At the same time, Erio strikes Kaito in the face with the shield in his hand!




He was hit in the face with a very basic shield blow.

The damage is zero, but because he took it as he was trying to avoid the sword, he ended up falling on his butt.

An elf with level 1,500 was knocked off his feet by a human boy with level no more than level 20.

It was an outstanding achievement.

What Kaito saw is not an illusion. The boy looking down at him and grinned.


"I got you!"


"~~~~~~~~~~~! Don't, don't get cocky, human!"


Kaito is so angry. As if to cover up his mistake and his shame, he jumps and swings his grandius sword.

Kaito stabbed his sword deep into Erio, who was already losing a lot of blood and pinned him to the ground. Then Kaito kicked him in a desperate attempt to inflict pain and torture him while still conscious.


"Don't think you can die easily! You damn human! You'll regret in pain for wounding my beautiful face!"


Furious at the unexpected counterattack, Kaito continued to torture and yells at Erio.

It took a few minutes for Kaito to remember the fact that he had allowed Miya to escape.


New translation project!


The Daily Life of the Late Bloomer Tamer

(Deokure Teimaa no sonohigurashi)


I accidentally found this web novel. It has unique ideas which are different from other novels.

This web novel is ranked 2nd in the Annual VR game best web novel 100.

The story is fun to read and makes me want to live inside it. That's why I encourage you to read it.

 DeokuTeimaa chapter 1>>>


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    1. Just so anyone reading this knows, MTL (as in jpmtl in the link) mean Machine Translation, basically they run the raws in JP, CN, KR etc through google translate and post it, un edited. It is terrible and unreadable 100% of the time. Japanese in particular is spoken in the reverse order from English, so MTLs are often totally unintelligible.

      A single word wil be fine but whole paragraphs become a garbled mess.

      Youve been warned lol

    2. Finally, someone who understand the differences of 1 click and hours of works.

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