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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep17 Change of attitude



Another day comes to an end.

As the night falls, the Adventurer's Guild is crowded with adventurers who have returned from the dungeon.

Many of them have been staying in the dungeon for so long that they smell bad.

Without a single stain or any bad smell on us, we walked through them to the reception counter.

As soon as the dwarf receptionist noticed us, she jumped out from the counter. Previously she questioned our honesty and looked down at us when we were exchanging magic stones. She even muttered in a small voice, "You're too cocky for a human......."

She welcomed me with open arms as if her previous behavior was just a lie.


"Dark-sama, I'm glad to see you back safe and sound today! Aren't you tired? Would you like us to prepare dinner for you? Or would you prefer a drink?"


"No, neither is necessary. May I ask the payment first?"


"Yes! Of course! Thank you again for the large number of magic stones!"


After she replied, she quickly moved to an empty receptionist counter.

Gold, carrying a bag with a large number of magic stones, watcher her back and mutters.


"...... In a way, it's a pleasantly amazing change of attitude. Just a few days ago, she used to be buzzing about 'human beings."


"As for myself, I can't stand the way she's looking at Dark-sama......."



Gold let out a disgusted voice sound, and Nemumu puffed out her cheeks.

I chuckled under my mask and headed for the counter.

Gold put the bag he was carrying on the counter.

The receptionist has a bright grin on her face as if there are gold and silver treasure in front of her.


"Ahhhhh, there are so many magic stones from the 5th floor today ...! As expected from Dark-sama party! This is so amazing!"


Why has the receptionist's attitude changed so much?

The fifth level is a snowfield, and the magic stones of the monsters that live there have an ice attribute.

They are also used to cool things down and to add attributes to weapons and armor. However, the supply is far less than the demand.

The city's dungeon hierarchy is as follows: the first level is grassland, the second a desert, the third a swamp, the fourth a jungle, and the fifth a snowfield.

The jungle on the fourth level is very dense, and even a beast with a good sense of direction could get lost in it.

The number of adventurers who can reach the fifth level, the snowfield, is very few.

However, since we had SR, Flight, we can fly to the stairs and reach the fifth level without worrying about the jungle ruining our sense of direction.

As a result, we came back with many ice magic stones in just a day trip.

The receptionist apologized on her knees in front of the overwhelming supply of ice magic stones.

She pleaded with tears in her eyes.


"I'm very sorry about the other day! I will make sure that all guild members, including myself, do not behave in such a rude manner in the future! Please, please do not change the location of your activities! 

I beg you! If people find out that I spoke ill of an adventurer who brought in many ice magic stones in just one day, not only my neck, but also the necks of all this town guild staff will be in danger! I'm going to make a special exception and raise your adventurer rank from a novice to a full-fledged adventurer, so please!"


It is not only restaurants that need ice magic stones.

They are also in demand for weapons and armors because they are needed to add the ice attribute. They are also in high demand for research purposes.

This is why the supply is extremely insufficient to meet the demand.

But if the adventurers who deliver many magic stones in one day are mistreated just because they are "humans", maybe that adventurers will move to another dungeon city.......

*If that happens, they could have had their heads physically chopped off.


"Thank you! Thank you so much! Please come again next time!


After the payment was made, the receptionist looked at us with a warm gaze as we left the counter.

As if they were waiting for us, some adventurers greeted us with loud voices.


"Young master, Big sister, Big Brother, nice work!"


"Well done!"


"Are you guys going to the bar to drink again today?


At the bar attached to the adventurer's guild, the bear beastman and his men who had messed with us before stand up from their seats and greet us.

We neutralized them after they attacked us. Then, Gold said, "I'll teach them chivalry spirit personally," so I left them to him.

The beastmen became very polite, probably because Gold had taught them the chivalry spirit.

In particular, whenever they saw us, whether in a tavern or on the street, they would bow and refer to me as "Young master," Nemumu as "Big sister," and Gold as "Big brother".

Is this what Gold calls "chivalry spirit"?


(It seems to be different from the stories of knights that I heard when I was a child or the "chivalry" that I heard during my "Races Union" days. ......)


I wanted to comment, but they seemed satisfied, so it would be foolish to mention it.

Gold happily speaks to the bear beastman in front of him.


"Lord, since I'm about to have a drink with these guys, can we split up here for the night?


"Are you serious, brother? Then come on, Young Master, let's have a drink together!


The bear beastman, who had looked down on me when we first met, bowed his head and invited me to join him.

His men responded to his invitation by shouting.



"Hey, Nemumu Big sis! Please have a drink next to me!


"Big sis can't drink with a smelly guy like you next to her! So please, have a drink next to me!"


"No, Big sis will drink next to me."


When the men invited her to join them, Nemumu pushed her scarf up to her nose in deep disgust and rejected them.


"Don't talk to me."


The men shrugged their shoulders.

The bear beastman quickly made another suggestion to change the mood.


"How about you, Young Master? When I was about your age, I was already drinking a lot, so it's not a problem."


The drinking age is 15 years old, but there are not many people who follow this rule.

However, it is known that drinking alcohol from childhood is bad for health, so parents should be careful not to let their children drink if they are still too young.

Nemumu quickly interrupts his suggestion.


"Do not teach Dark-sama bad things! It is too soon for Dark-sama."


"No, no, Miss, it's not too soon. Besides, it's perfectly healthy to have a drink. A bad thing to do is to fuck women while using drugs to gets high. It feels so good that it makes you feel like your brain is going to explode, but if you do it too much, you'll become an idiot."


" How dare you talk vulgar things in front of Dark-sama?"


"Thank you! Thank you!"


The bear-beast man was beaten by Nemumu and forced to stop talking.

He repeatedly thanked her with a bleeding nose and a heartfelt look of happiness on his face.

When his men see the bear beastman like that...


"Boss, that's not fair! I want it too!"


"Big sis, give me a beating too!


"No, instead of these guys, please beat me!"


Other beastmen gathered around her and shouted, "Please beat me up".

I couldn't help but laugh behind my mask at sight.


"You guys are really the worst......."


I laughed, but Nemumu looked down on the men who gathered asking her to beat them.



Translator note:

*If that happens, they could have had their heads physically chopped off.

In Japanese, "head chopped off" also means someone fired from their job



  1. They're become M hahaha ��

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Ahh, this is how things should be. These inferior bastards showing submissiveness.

    1. I think you mean "superior" bastards.

  3. All our mc knows is to slightly chuckle at everything.. Lmao

  4. My lord this guy is everywhere....


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