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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 16 Crisis and escape



"You're just a bug. Isn't it disrespectful to keep me waiting?"


The human adventurer Svalan had done his business and returned to his friend's place - and a strange young Elven male is standing there.

His honey-blond hair is tied back, exposing his jewel-like green eyes and pointed ears.

His face is so beautiful that he could have been mistaken for a woman.

In a sense, he is a typical elven male standing there with a broad sword in his hand.

Gilbert, the party member with whom Svalan had just been having a pleasant conversation, is lying on the ground with his head severed from his body.

The young elf is stepping on Gilbert's head with his foot and waiting for Svalan's return.




When he saw him, his blood rushed to his head and he wanted to shout out, but Svalan is a veteran adventurer.

This is not the first time he had seen a fellow adventurer die without any proper reason.

The other party is an elf, and no matter how he looked at it, his opponent is stronger than him.

If he kept losing his cool, he would lose his life for sure.

Svalan takes a breath, letting the cold night air cool his anger.


(Calm down, calm down...)


He repeats to himself, "Calm down," over and over again.

He looked at the other party members sleeping in the tent, but their deaths are confirmed by a large amount of red liquid flowing out of them.

It seems that Svalan is the only survivor at the moment.


(...... This place is surrounded by a shallow swamp. If someone were to approach on foot, the sound of water would certainly alert us. However, Gilbert's head was chopped off without any traces of a struggle.)


Calmly making a decision, he lowers his hips and extends his right hand to his waist.


(The opponent is a superior elf species who use magic.......If a human being like me fights him head-on, I would surely lose. I can't fight him alone. I must report this attack and murder of the adventurer to the adventurer's guild. If I do that, the guild will organize a team to kill him. If I survive and report his characteristics, race, and other details to the guild, I win! Don't think that I can win with my own strength!)


He backed away from the young blond-haired elf, distancing himself from him.

The blond-haired elf looks bored and clicked his tongue.


"This is why I hate humans; they ignore me when I'm talking to them. Can't you at least tell a funny joke?"




"Why don't you say something? Even if you're the most inferior race, you should be ashamed of yourself if you remain silent while your friends are being trampled."


Kaito kicks Gilbert's head.

Svalan takes this opportunity to throw a smokescreen ball from his waist, his trump card in case of emergency.


"!? Smokescreen! Are you planning to run away instead of fighting! You're a fucking coward!"


"Shut up, damned elf! I'll definitely take out my comrade's enemy one day!"


Blending in with the white smoke that spreads from the explosion, Svalan commences his escape.


(The scary thing about magicians is that I have no idea what kind of tricks they have. But they do have a weakness! Most of their offensive magic is useless if they can't see their target. I'll run away from his magic range while the smoke screen blinds him!)


Above all, Svalan is a scout who calls himself the eyes and ears of his adventure party.

He also spent years fighting monsters in the third-level swamp. He knows where everything is in this wide swamp.

He knows where he can safely hide, where to find food, where to find water to drink.



(I'm going to escape from that damn elf for sure! And make him pay for killing Gilbert and the others.)


He felt a strong "thump" on his back.

A broad sword pierced from his back to his chest.

He immediately understands that it is the elf sword.

The sword blade had pierced halfway through Svalan's body.

A fatal wound.

He looked down at the sword, stained with his own blood.


"Im, impossible! Gohoo! With the smokescreen, you shouldn't be able to see my exact location......!"


As he coughed out iron-smelling blood from his mouth, he screamed at the reality he couldn't understand.

If this was some kind of offensive magic, it must be some kind of special offensive magic that Svalan didn't know.

But it was an attack with a sword.

How could the elf pinpoint his position in the smokescreen and attack his back as he ran away with his full strength?


He squeezed his strength and looked back.

--But the scene he sees there is different from what he had expected. At the same time, he sees the reason why his enemy can hit him from behind, despite being blinded by the smokescreen.

He understands why a veteran adventurer like Gilbert was killed without a fight, even though their surrounding area is a shallow swamp.


"Ssh, shit, tha....cheat, no way..."


Svalan couldn't even finish his sentence before his consciousness was cut off.

Before he could finish, his life drained away.

Kaito kicks Svalan's body in disgust.


"You're just livestock that can be killed to help me level up. How dare a bug like you give me a hard time. It would be cute if they'd just stay quiet and let me kill them, but they've got this weird little brain that makes these humans so annoying."


He regains his mood and checks his status.

However, Kaito's level did not rise.


"It's not going yet...... No choice. I guess I'll just have to keep killing people until it goes up."


Then he disappears from that place without a sound.

All that remained are the bodies of the cruelly murdered human adventurers.


  1. Unfortunatelly the MC isn't as cruel as Momon sama, the elf deserves a big, big violent and slow end

  2. Thanks for the chapter

  3. shit, this elf is very rubbish

  4. damn it's an elf maybe later he will be tortured by the MC


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