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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep18 The Adventurer Killer



In the end, Gold was the only one who stayed behind to drink with the bear beastman group.

Nemumu and I returned to the inn we were staying at with the money we just got.

As usual, we cleaned our room with the "Infinity Gacha" card, took off our gear, and relaxed.

Nemumu seemed to be still upset about the earlier conversation.


"How dare them! Why are the guys on the surface world so vulgar! It's very inappropriate for Dark-sama's living environment!"


"I understand how you feel, but calm down. Regardless of the incident with the adventurers just now. So far, things are going according to our plan. Don't be so uptight about it."


Currently, we've reached the snowfield on the fifth level.

By supplying many ice magic stones, which are in great demand, we have raised our adventurer rank from novice to a full-fledged adventurer.

Apparently, this is the fastest rank-up since the founding of this town. The dwarves in the guild are surprised by the fact that we're human.

Besides, there was some good news for us.


"At first, I thought it might be too big for me, but now that I know I can use the Transfer card to go back to Naraku, everything is going well."


Thanks to the large size of the dungeon and the small number of adventurers who can reach the fifth level, I almost didn't have to worry about being seen while flying.

The dungeon was so large that I didn't need to worry about the other people's presence.

I left the Yeti hunting to Gold and Nemumu on the fifth level snowfield and returned to Naraku by myself.

I could spin the Infinite Gacha, check on the progress of Sasha the Elf's revenge plan, and talk face to face with those in charge of Naraku.

This floor is a terrible place for adventurers on the surface world, but this is a convenient dungeon for us.


(... Well, I'm wondering if asking Nemumu "please beat me" should be considered as bad behavior)


I remembered the incident at the bar and started to laugh again.

However, not everything is going well.

Of course, there are some problems.



"I guess the problem is that it's hard to raise my adventurer rank by just delivering more Ice magic Stones.


"I can't believe they didn't raise your adventurer rank to A-level after they saw Dark-sama's success. The guild staff's eyes are not as good as they should be."


"Regardless of guild staff's eyes, if they say I can't raise my rank because I just became an adventurer a few days ago, I have no choice but to accept it."


Adventurer ranks are determined by the guild.

Generally speaking, the rank is based on one's ability, contribution, time as an adventurer, and behavior.

Thanks to the delivery of the Ice Demon Stone, my contribution to the guild is high. But they told me that my experience as an adventurer is not long enough.


"We'd like to promote Dark-sama and the others to Class C right away, but your time as adventurers is too short to do so. If you've made achievements that are recognized by the people around us, we can push your promotion through......."


Delivering ice magic stones is also a typical job for adventurers, although the level of difficulty required may vary.

As expected, it is difficult to rise to C class with this alone.


"Normally, it's required 3 or 4 years, but if you continue to be an adventurer for another year, we can raise you to C class. It's difficult for us to do something more than that... Are you angry? You're not angry, right? You're not angry and want to go to another city, aren't you!  Please, don't abandon us!  I will do anything!"


Towards the end, the dwarf receptionist pleaded with me with tears in her eyes.

As expected, I couldn't argue with her about the institutional difficulties, so I backed down.

Nemumu recalled the conversation and gritted her teeth.


"That receptionist, her eyes changed when she looks at Dark-sama.... so shameful."


"I don't think she looked at me differently... I think she's just worried that we may move to another dungeon."


"No, I know she's a woman too. That receptionist looks at Dark-sama differently.

Even though you hide your face with a mask, you have dark hair like a dark night, white skin like a snowfield, and a more beautiful voice than a heavenly harp. There is no way that a woman won't be attracted to you! Dark-sama should be more aware of your own cuteness. Not just the receptionist, but also any female adventurer who calls out to you, don't simply follow her."


She spoke as if she were an older sister warning her younger brother to be careful.

In fact, in order not to forget my revenge, I fixed my body to 12 years old, and Nemumu looks like she is around 18.

So from a third person's point of view, we may look like a brother and sister, but we are already 15 years old in reality.

She is not old enough to warn me not to follow strangers, but she is worried about my safety and sincerely gave me advice.

I think I should just accept her advice.


"Yeah, I'll be careful."


"Thank you for taking my advice. Please rest assured that I will always be by your side to ensure Dark-sama's safety. I will definitely protect you with my life."



 She was happy that her advice had been listened to and got a chance to express her loyalty.


Of course, I'm happy for their loyalty, but sometimes it's a little too exaggerated.


(It would be nice if you all could loosen up a little more. ......)


This is not something that I can order them to do.

I breathed out lightly and changed the subject.


"Nemumu, it's about time, so why don't you order as usual and get the food from downstairs?"


"Roger that...... I know it's necessary, but having to pay for food that tastes worse than Naraku makes me feel like I'm losing money."


"Hahaha, that's true, but we still have to eat."


If we want to, we can go back to Naraku and eat the food we got from the "Infinite Gacha" card.

However, it would be unnatural for us to stay in a luxury inn and not eat a single meal.

Therefore, when I returned to the inn to stay, I always ordered food whenever possible.


"As Nemumu said, the food in Naraku is better thanks to the ingredients and seasonings from the Infinity Gacha cards and the chef who cooks for us. Still, this place is a heaven compared to when I was a poor farmer."


I remember my hometown and say.


"Dad and Mom would give their food to Nii-chan, me and my younger sister, Yume.

But it wasn't enough, so they drank water or went into the forest to eat whatever they could find. But still, sometimes we couldn't find anything to fill our stomachs. Nemumu, you know what? When you get too hungry, you don't feel hungry anymore. Compared to those times, I'm really grateful to be able to eat."


"Dark-sama, I'm sorry to hear that......."


For some reason, Nemumu put a handkerchief over her eyes and sobbed.

I didn't mean to make her sad, but.......

Was the story too sad for a girl like Nemumu?


"Donk, donk!"

There's a knock on the door.


Nemumu had a handkerchief pressed to her eyes, but she quickly put it away and took a precautionary stance.

We knew from the signs that Gold was outside the door, but I put on my mask again just in case.

After making preparations, I nodded and urged Nemumu to open the door.

As she opens the door, a familiar golden armor enters the room.

His steps were a bit rushed.

Nemumu closes the door, waits a moment, and I remove my mask.


"You're back quite early for a drinking party. Did something happen to you?


"As expected of my Master, you have a sharp eye. Actually, there was an interesting conversation topic at the Adventurer's Guild."


Gold says that while he was having a drink with the beastmen, the guild announced a series of "adventurer killings" targeting adventurers inside the dungeon.

There is no information on race, age, or appearance, but it seems that the victims are mostly human.

The magic stones, monster materials, minerals, and medicinal herbs found in the dungeons are important resources. The guild could not overlook the possibility that the number of adventurers going into the dungeons to get them would decrease.

It would be like pouring sand on their own food.

That's why they put a bounty on that adventurer killer.


"We get a good amount of money just for the information about the killer, but for us, money is not important. Instead...."


"So you came back in a hurry because if we catch the Adventurer-Killer first, it will help us raise our class?"


"That's a good point. With my Lord's blessings, it won't be too difficult to identify the Adventurer Killer, will it?"


"Hmm, I don't know. Many powerful cards came out of the Infinity Gacha, but none of them can be used to directly identify the killer. But if everyone cooperates and utilizes the cards effectively, it should not be difficult to find the adventurer killer."


For example, I return to "Naraku" once and increase the number of our search team.

If we hide our presence with "SSR, Conceal presence" and fly around in the sky with "SR, Fly", the possibility of discovering "Adventurer Killer" is very high.


"Then let's return to Naraku immediately---huh!? Dark-sama!"


Nemumu interrupts our discussion and shouts.

Almost at the same time as her warning, we also notice something strange. I put my mask back on, and Gold takes up a position to protect me with his shield, ready for battle!

The space in the room distorts, and something appears.

At first, it was a faint shadow, but then it took the form of a person covered in blood and slowly fell to the floor.


"...... Miya-chan?"


The girl who fell unconscious on the floor is the girl I had given the SSR Praying Misanga to.

The misanga on her left hand was torn and fell off as if it had finished its role.


  1. Unlucky party

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. o protagonista e meio fru fru e muito chato pq as pessoas sofrendo e os subordinados sendo abusados e ele " ain vamos deixar pq senao n completaremos a nossa missao

  3. Woow, the psycho elf got to the noob party. Who could have seen this coming? By god, so shocked. Heh.


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