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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 15 New party "Black Clown"



The third level of the dungeon.

The swamps are populated by giant frogs, poisonous leeches, mosquitoes, and other monsters.

There are many large and small swamps, and it is easy to lose your footing and get stuck in the swamp.

Therefore, it was considered to be more dangerous than the first and second levels.

The amount of reward earned from the third level is high, but not many adventurers can make it.


Tonight, after another hunting trip, four members of the skilled human party had set up their tents on the ground with a good view and finished preparing the encampment.

They left the members who are in charge of the night shift behind to prepare for tomorrow and get some sleep.


All of them are humans and around level 50.

They are a veteran party that has hunted in the swamp many times.

Two of them take turns being the night watch.

In front of the fire, two members in charge of the night watch chat to forget their sleepiness.

The conversation is naturally related to their quest.



"I heard that the other day some beastmen got into trouble with a human party called the Black Clown. They are a new human party that had recently appeared, and the beastmen were no match for them. It was a relief to hear that the usually arrogant beastmen were beaten to a pulp."


Svalan, the party's scout and in charge of spotting the enemy, speaks out happily while drinking warm water.

Gilbert, the party vanguard, is also on the night watch. He strokes his chin with his rugged palm.


"What's this thing called the Black Clown?"


"Don't you know? It's the most famous adventuring party now. A boy in a clown mask, a golden knight, and a fairy princess has already reached the fifth level of a dungeon in just a few days."


"Hey Svalan, don't lie to me. We all know that it's impossible to reach the 5th floor in a few days, right? If you're going to lie, you should be more realistic."


"No, it's true. In fact, they even brought Yeti's magic stone to the Adventurer's Guild. Many adventurers actually saw it on the spot. But how do the "black clown" managed to reach the 5th floor? It seems that no one knows how they do that..."


Svalan also tells him the unbelievable fact.


"And the boy in the clown mask apparently can cast tactical class magic without chanting at that age."


"...... No, no, no way. That's impossible. Maybe you can fool amateur magicians, but I won't be fooled. I'm a vanguard and don't know much about magic, but I've been doing this for years. At least I've basic knowledge about magic."


"I understand your feelings, Gilbert. I couldn't believe my ears at first. But I know someone who's actually seen him cast the magic without a chant. And not just any adventurer, but a human magician."


"Aah, you mean Miya, the sister of the red-haired sibling?"


A human magician is very rare to find.

Especially if it is a woman.

Miya had dropped out of the magic school due to financial problems. However, she is still a magician in the adventurer's eye.

When she first appeared in this city, some human parties approached her. Still, they failed miserably because of her brother's presence and Miya's shyness. They don't want to anger the magician by forcibly recruiting her, so no one dared to bother her after that."


From the other races' perspective, there is a prejudice that "human magicians are useless". Furthermore, their pride won't allow them to bow down to a race that is inferior to them". That's why other races party never tries to recruit her.


It seems that Miya, who is quite famous, was talking excitedly in the restaurant.

It's not only the battle class, but he also can use tactical class magic without chanting.


Gilbert gulped from the tension.


"......If that's true, that's an outrageous story. A human who can use magic without chanting. He's a genius magician..... No, a hero. Maybe he is reincarnated hero, isn't he?"


If the person is an elf, demon, or dragonman who is good at magic, it would be understandable.

But from what they've heard, it was a human that pulled it off.

Based on common sense as an adventurer, even if the world turned upside down, that's impossible.

So it would be impossible for him not to be surprised.

While Gilbert's surprised, Svalan drinks his warm water.


"A hero, reincarnated hero... Gilbert, isn't that's a good analogy? I hope that in the future, that hero will overturn this bullshit racism. Whenever something happens, they look down on us."


"Well, you're right... discrimination against the human race is terrible. I think it's getting worse these days than it used to be."


"Is that so? I think it's always been this bad, sorry. I drank too much."


Svalan stands up with a shovel in his hand.

He wants to pee after drinking too much water.

Gilbert teasingly tells him.


"Make sure you dig a hole and bury it. I don't want to spend the night smelling your pee."


"I know, I know. Don't get attacked by a monster just because you're not with this party's scout."


"Hahaha. Shut up, quickly go. Don't wet your pants."


"You shut up."


The men were talking nonsense but keeping their guard up.

Svalan stepped away from the fire and into the darkness to keep the smells away.

He didn't want to show himself half-naked, even if it is with his friends. So he kept his distance and moved into the darkness.

When he is far enough, he dug a hole in the ground.




As a man, he can do it standing up.

When he was done, he washed his hands with water and closed the hole again using his shovel.

If the hole was too shallow, the smell would reach the fire and the tent, so an experienced adventurer would dig the hole deeper.

Newbies don't know this, so they just follow what they see and fill in the holes as they see fit, and make mistakes.

When Svalan just starting out, he failed to do this so often and always gets scolded by his friends......


"Now that was a good memory....... no, it wasn't. Gilbert's pee smelled so bad that the camp was dismantled, and they have to move away."


Suddenly he remembered something that made him angry, so he returned to the fire to give another sarcastic remark to Gilbert.

Gilbert should have been sitting by the fire with his huge bear-like body curled up.

But he was already gone.




"You're just a bug. Isn't it disrespectful to keep me waiting?"


Gilbert's corpse is lying on the ground, his head severed from his body.

And a strange young Elven male is standing there, stepping on it.



  1. When is Raito going to kill this Kaito!? Ready for this faceslap!

  2. So reincarnated heroes exist in this world?

  3. the item will actually be useful
    raito will be invoked by the cries of miya

  4. WTF!!!! Where are you raito kill him fast!!!!

    Thanks for the chapter

  5. I really love this novel pls more and thanks for the chapter

  6. I can't get over how his name sounds like ratio

    1. At the very beginning when I start translating this novel I wondering if i should translate his name as "Light" or "Raito".
      I picked "Raito" name to avoid confusion, because "Light" is a very popular word that always come out in almost every episodes.


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