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Thursday, May 27, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C3


Chapter 3: The true value of gnomes


"...... Damn, I am back revived back at the city."


The people around me must have known that I had revived because I was killed. Some of them are obviously laughing at me.


"Haa, let's log out once."


In the starting town, players can easily log out by sitting on a bench. I sat down on a bench some distance from the square and wished to log out.


"...... This is the worst feeling ever!"


 I take off my VR helmet and get up from my bed. The clock had only been running for about an hour since I logged in.


There's no death penalty, so that's a relief.


 In LJO, there is no penalty for the first three times you revived from the dead, which is a welcome benefit for beginners. 


After that, you lose 10 to 30 percent of your money, lose 1 to 3 items, and restart with your status reduced by half for a certain amount of time. Although your status will recover over time and return to normal after half a day in the game.


 I never thought I'd have to waste it so early in this game.


"First, let's try to gather some information."


What was my mistake? Maybe it was because I didn't check my initial monster battle ability. I was too focused on the monster's level and skills.


While eating the sandwich I had made in the morning, I turned on my PC.


"Is there any information about Gnome?"


Amimin-san, the top tamer in the beta test, writes her review on this page. She has compiled information about the monsters she uses.


The Gnome is not listed on her page, where she reviews the abilities of the monsters she initially acquired.


"It's here. It was mentioned here."


The page is a summary of the monsters available in the third area.


I selected Advance Tame as my initial bonus, so my initial monster must have been selected from the monsters in Area 2. Area 3 is not included.


As I read on, it seems that gnomes only appeared in the third area during the beta test. So I guess they changed the specification to have them appear in Area 2 since the official service. That's why they appeared as the initial monster for me when I selected Advance Tame.


The Gnome's introduction is brief. A perfect production monster. That's what it said. From the detailed description, it seems that gnomes can barely fight.


The only skills they learn upon leveling up are those related to mining or farming. The Heavy Swing he has from the beginning is only effective when using a pickaxe, shovel, or hoe. He does not learn any earth magic or battle magic. The only thing he seems to be able to learn is high-level earth heals.


Instead, it says that his abilities as a farmer are very high and that he is a farmer monster comparable to a middle-class production worker.


"It's a farmer, not a gnome... That's not funny..."


This article said, "You should get it along with the field after middle stage".


"Amimin-san. I got it in the early stages."


I screwed up! I didn't take any combat bonuses because I was going to leave the fighting to my monster. It's more like a poor character with paper durability.


"Should I recreate my character......?"


I'm pondering for a while. I still have my winter bonus left, and I don't mind paying again. In fact, I should do so. I've completely become a joke character.


"But still..."


Somehow I get irritated. It's not about money. Can I so easily cut down my alter ego that I created with so much effort?


After thinking about it, it was surprisingly easy to make up my mind.


"I'll keep this character. Let's go."


I don't care about quick progression or players' ranking anymore. I'm just going to survive and have fun in the LJO world with my self-created tamer character. Yuto and his sidekick, Orto!


"Okay! I'm ready!"


Let's make use of Gnome's characteristics.


On Amimin-san's page, the Gnome was described as a farmer-type. Orto's skills are all agricultural skills, such as digging, farming, seed breeding, growing plants, and cultivating ex.


My Orto's farming aptitude is unusually high when compared to the default gnome. First of all, ordinary gnomes only have heavy stick art, earth magic, night vision, digging, farming, and seed breeding.


Plant growing is a special skill for unique individuals. Growth Boost Ex is probably an extra skill bonus that I got when I made my character. Luck is perhaps a Bloodline skill. By the way, it says that the hair of a regular Gnome is brown. Orto's green hair was probably a sign that he is a unique individual.


Learning from my earlier mistake, I'll check Orto's skills.


Heavy Swing: The art of wielding a heavy stick. In gnomes' case, the skill is only for handling soil and farming tools.


Earth magic: Magic that utilizes the power of the earth. In gnomes' case, they don't learn offensive magic, only agricultural magic.


I just found out about these 2 things. I should have seen them earlier.


Night vision: can see in dark places as well as in daylight.


Digging: A skill for mining ores and digging in the ground.


These two are just as I expected. It's a gnome skill that's useful for mining in caves. Apparently, mining is learned at level 5. Thanks to the bonus point, Orto is already at level 5. I guess it is one of his initial skills.


Farming: Skill for agriculture. Gives a bonus to all farming activities. The bonus is small because it is not specialized, but it applies to all of them.


Seed breeding: A skill used to increase the number of plants by returning them to seed. The quality and number of plants will increase or decrease depending on the level of seed breeding.


Plants Growing: A skill for growing plants. It is also possible to create new seeds from nuts, etc., in exchange for a reduction in quality. Depending on the level of Plants Growing, the quality reduction and the growth rate will change.


Growth Boost Ex: Increases the plant's growth rate significantly. Slightly increases the quality of cultivated plants. Applies only to plants in your care.


Luck: Increases your luck in various situations.


Luck is the only thing that's explained roughly. Apparently, it increases the chance of enemy drops and items collected to be rare and increase production success.


I see. He's completely a farmer. So that's the direction I'll be taking with this skill. Fortunately, I've mastered the skills of mixing and alchemy. I think I can make some money by growing medicinal herbs, making and selling potions.


While earning money from production, I'll try to gain experience by taking delivery quests to raise my level.


Let's take another look at tamer. One of the most essential characteristics of a tamer is the taming ability. This ability allows the tamer to control and use magical beasts with a certain probability.


In fact, taming is a skill that can be used by other jobs as well. It can be acquired by spending the bonus points you get when you level up.


The unique thing about tamers is that they have a special skill called "Servant Magic". It has three effects: increasing the taming rate, increasing the ability of taming monsters, and acquiring taming slots.


The same effect can be achieved by a skill called enlist, which can be learned by other jobs. But the effects of servant magic and enlist overlap with each other. In other words, if you learned both, the synergy effect would increase the taming rate and the ability of taming monsters to a very high level.


One of the disadvantages of tamer is that it reduces the amount of experience you get because the experience is shared among the monsters accompanying you. It's a job for solo players.


It is said that the experience required for leveling up is set lower than other jobs. Still, it is difficult for a player to become stronger due to the low basic ability even after leveling up. It is suitable for solo players, but it is weak. This is another reason why it is an unpopular job.


It would be a different story if you had outstanding player skills. ...... I'm not a martial arts expert in real life, and I don't have high-speed thinking ability. I'm just an office worker who lacks exercise.


Are? Is this a thorny path? No, I'm starting to think it's a bad idea. No, no, no, I've decided to take tamer job. Why am I talking like this?


At a time like this...


"Okay, let's just boil some water and drink a cup of coffee. Refresh and start again!"


  1. kinda annoying not having the button for the next chapter :'(

  2. The player should have had more of the first two chapters filled with descriptions of the virtual reality space, how it feels, settings on how strong sensory perceptions can be, and maybe even a dark comment like this technology could be used to imprison or torture people if there is no logout button. But the player simply moves into the game as if virtual reality is no big deal for this VR game that was hyped up as being one of the great games.


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