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Friday, February 12, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 1 Departure


"Dad, Mom,...... I'm back."


After successfully taking revenge on Garou, the beastman, he leaves the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, "Naraku". The first place Raito visit is the grave of his parents in his hometown.


I don't know if it was demons, bandits, the army, or something else, but the village had been destroyed.

When I got out of Naraku after overcoming various obstacles and leveling up, I went to check on the village. I found that my hometown had already been overrun. My parents and the villagers had been killed, and their corpses had been left untouched. The buildings, fields, and livestock sheds had been burned to the ground.


I tried to identify the culprits of the crime, but it was too difficult due to the passage of time, and I couldn't tell if the culprit is a demon or other races.

The only fortunate thing is that there were no bodies of my big brother and my sister Yume among the countless corpses. We searched the whole village and the surrounding area, but their body hasn't been found.


(Maybe the two of them have escaped safely and still alive.......)


With such hope in my heart, I ordered my men to gather information, search for the two, and find the culprit who had destroyed the village.

About half a year ago, I recovered my parents' bodies, the villagers, and the children then made their graves.




I put flowers in front of the grave and prayed that my parents and the villagers would rest in peace.

After I finished praying, I stood up and wiped the dirt from my knees.


"...... Are you done?"


One of my guards and fellow adventurers, "UR, level 5000, Gold the Golden Knight," who had been watching over my prayers, called out to me.

As the name "Golden Knight" implies, the armor he wore from head to toe and the shield he carried were golden, making him look very distinctive.

His offensive abilities are not too high, but he is a defensive type. That is why he was chosen to accompany me this time.


"I greeted Dad and Mom and told them what's going on."


"If we want to reach our destination while there's still daylight and rest at the inn, then we'd better get going. I don't want to spend my first day in the wild."


"Gold! How dare you talk like that to Raito-sama when he's still grieving! And you must speak respectfully!"


The girl standing next to Gold is angry at his comment.

She is also one of my guards and fellow adventurers, "UR, Level 5000, Nemumu the Assassin Blade".

She is a beautiful seven or eightteen year old girl with beautiful silver hair just above her shoulders, brown skin, and a scarf covering her mouth.

She looked at me, who had just been visiting the grave, with a worried look on her face.

She is looking at me as if she was stabbed in the chest with a knife and in pain.

Gold's careless words made her angry.


However, Gold paid no attention to what Nemumu said and shrugged his shoulders.


"It's boring to use the honorific language because it doesn't feel friendly. Besides, Nemumu, you also don't want to spend your first day in the wild, do you?


"I'm not like you! I will always accompany Raito-sama. Even if I have to sleep on the grass, in the mud, or in the garbage!"

"Me too, I'll company my Lord, even in the coldest winter mountain or on the hottest magma. It is the chivalrous spirit of the "Golden Knight" to offer golden loyalty to my Lord. However, if we want to make sure that my Lord has a comfortable sleeping environment, isn't it natural that we should avoid camping out in the open."


"Huh!? We, well, if we consider Raito-sama sleep quality and health, it's true that we should avoid camping...."


"I don't want to tell you this, but I don't think it's a good idea for Nemumu-dono to show off your loyalty too much. If you're too pushy, the Lord may hate you."


"That, that, that's not true. Right? Raito-sama would never hate us! Above all, even if he hates me, I will keep serving him as a loyal servant! Even if I die and become a soul, I will do my best to support him!"


Gold let out a shocking tone of voice, and Nemumu's voice trembled as her beautiful eyes became teary.

It wasn't their intention to do so, but the gloomy atmosphere has changed as if blown away by fresh air.

I couldn't help but let out a smile.


"It's okay, Nemumu. I'm not going to hate you. Gold, don't tease her too much."




"You're too kind and excellent. Sometimes if you don't say it openly, then your loyal servant won't understand it......."


Nemumu's face lights up again, and Gold shrugs his shoulders and spreads his hands while saying, "Yareyare".


"Well, let's go. I also don't like the idea of camping outside on the first day."


Actually, if we end up in the wild, I can just use the power of the "SSR, Transfer" card I got from the infinite gacha to return to Naraku.

It is awkward to return to "Naraku" from the first day I went out, so I would like to avoid it."


As I turn my back from my parents' graves, I wear a black hood and a staff from my item box. I also wear the SSR Clown Mask from the Infinity Gacha.




I look back at my parents' graves one more time before I leave.


(I wasn't the "Master". Because of that, the "Race Union" almost killed me just to keep their secret. Regardless of that, how is it possible that the village where I born and raised coincidentally destroyed, and everyone in the village slaughtered?)


If you think about it normally, it's "not possible".

No matter how many monsters and bandits attacked the village near the virgin forest, there was no way it could be openly destroyed like this.


(My opponent is the nation. The country tried to kill me just to be sure. It's my birthplace, so there's a good chance they are the one who destroyed it.)


I don't know why they went that far, but I can't ignore the possibility.

If the nation really did destroy my village "just to be sure"....


"Dad, Mom, and everyone in the village - I'm going to reveal the truth. I'm going to find out what the "Master" is, why I had to be killed, the culprits who destroyed the village. I'm going to get revenge on the Races Union members who betrayed and tried to kill me. I swear I'll get it done."


"Then, if the truth is twisted, tragic, and evil, I will not hesitate to spread death, destruction, and slaughter. As the one who brings despair poison, I'll burn the world with hellfires."




Nemumu is absolutely loyal to me that she would give her soul to me, while Gold has an easy-going attitude and always wearing a full-face helmet. But they also gasped and look frightened when they heard my words.

I could feel the birds flying away from the nearby virgin forest, and the beasts and monsters were running away from me.




I had to calm myself down because I couldn't enter the city or even approach it at this point.

In less than a few seconds, I had calmed down my mind.


"Dad, Mom, everyone - I'm off.


After finished my greeting and I turned my back to the grave.


"......Shall we go then?"


"Yes, yes, I'll accompany you anywhere!", Nemumu said.


"My Lord, don't unleash that kind of murderous intention in the city. We are fine, but ordinary people's heart may stop when exposed to such murderous intention."


As I started to walk away, Nemumu following me, stammering and shouting cheerfully to hide her fear.

Gold also doesn't talk much and starts to walk away.

In this way, my story of revenge and searching for the truth began.




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