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Thursday, May 27, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C4


Chapter 4: Get the farm


I logged in again.


I wake up on the bench where I logged out a while ago.


"Orto... is here. Good, good."


"Mu ..."


"what up?"




Ortho is repeatedly bowing his head. As if he's apologizing.


"Are you apologizing about the battle earlier?"




" It was my fault for not knowing what you were capable of and rushing into battle."




"You don't have to apologize anymore."




"I guess that makes us even. Okay?"




Orto nodded his head and patted my knee as if to say he understood.


"Phew. Our status is fine. ...... No, my fullness level is decreasing."


When this reaches zero, statuses drops, and you will suffer from continuous damage. So, I needed to eat in the game as well. I took out my initial portable food item and ate it.


"It tasted awful! It doesn't taste good, and it's hard."


It only restored 20% of my fullness level.


"I need to get some other food as soon as possible."


That reminds me of another thing. Tamer has cooking skills for monster's meals, so I can make them as long as I have the ingredients.


"Oh, right. You should eat this, too."




I'll give Orto a honey dumpling. This is the tamer's initial item, a meal for monsters. The monster doesn't need sleep, but its statuses will drop if you don't feed it once a day. I'll have to remember that.


"Okay, let's go then. You may not be good in battle, but there are many things you can do, right?




I headed to the outskirts of the southern district. The map said it is an agricultural area. Fields spread out all over the place. Apparently, this is a place where farmer-type players can buy farms and actually cultivate them.


Of course, my goal is to buy a farm.


"That must be the farming guild."


In the middle of the field stood a large building, not quite the size of an adventurer's guild, but large enough. It is definitely a farming guild. I never thought I'd come to the Farming Guild before the Beastmasters Guild.


"Excuse me... I want to buy a farm."


"Ou, welcome. But you don't seem to be a guild member. You have to be a member of the guild to buy a farm."


The old man NPC at the counter tells me what I need to do.


I see. Well, I'm sure I'll be using it in the future, so I'd better register now.


"Then I'll register."


"Okay. Now, please show me your status window."




"Okay, the registration is complete. The quest board is over there. The reception desk is over there."


The old man, an NPC, brought out a map and explained it to us in detail. He said that since there aren't many players who are into farming, we can buy a field in almost any location we want.


He also said that if we pay, we can upgrade the farm we bought. Good news. Then I'll have to examine it carefully.


The lowest price starts at 2000G per surface. Depending on the upgrade level, the price goes up to 3000G, 6000G, or 10000G. Well, 10000G is out of the question. I heard that it comes with some kind of barn-like hut, but I can't afford it.


The cheapest field is a standard field without any modifications. The soil is not good. The plants will grow slowly, and the quality will decrease.


"So the 3000G seems good enough."


My money is not enough to buy the 6000G farm. But it's the differences that bother me. The 6000G farm is twice as big as the 3000G farm. It seems that the soil is better, and the plants grow much faster. They also offer to install a well for the first time, which is very attractive.


"No matter how I think about it, the 6000G farm is better."


I have 3,000g in my hand right now....... It's only enough to buy the 3000G farm. No, wait. Are we going to compromise here? Didn't I decide to live as a farming tamer? 


If that's the case, then I should sell the unnecessary items and make some money.


"Can you wait for a while?"


"Sure. But if you don't hurry, the best areas might be sold."


"I'll be back as soon as I can. By the way, where's the nearest tool shop around here? Arms shop would be fine too."


"Well, there's a general store just north of the street. They sell farm tools, but I think they also have a few medicines and weapons."


"Thank you very much."


I quickly run. Orto follows me with his short legs without any difficulty. In fact, he's faster than me? He is indeed more agile than me.


"Excuse me. I want to sell something."


"Yes. Welcome."


I speak to an elderly woman who is the storekeeper of the shop. For now, the items I can sell are .......


"Can I sell this?"


"Please wait a minute."


I showed the ebony staff that I got as an initial bonus to the counter. It doesn't have any special abilities, but it can increase the user's magic power.


"For this, I can buy it for 1050G, is that okay?"


Still not enough! So, the next thing to sell is.......


"The body armor will be removed. Is that okay?" [System]


"Yes, it's okay."


The next thing I offer is the silver threaded robe. Although it said I have no equipment, my avatar is still wearing clothes. I am glad I am not naked. It's a game that targets women as well, so it's not surprising. Well, I have zero defense now.


"I will buy this for 2180G. Is that okay?"


Okay, quota achieved. I didn't want to sell the Beast master's Bracelet, which boosts Orto's skills, so I am very grateful.


"I'll sell them both."


"So the total is 3,230G."


The items were taken away by the shopkeeper. Then I heard a clinking sound. I checked my status window and saw that my money had increased to 6230G.


I run again. This time, I head to the Farming Guild as fast as I can.


"Excuse me! I want to buy a farm!"


"Yes, please. So, where do you want it?"


I want a place close to the square, with easy access to both the adventurer's guild and the farmer's guild.


"Okay. Then this place should be fine."


The old man shows me a map and recommends a place. Indeed, this location is perfect.


"Then, I will take this place. Please give me the 6000G one."


"Thank you."


I heard the clinking sound again. My money is only 230G left.


"I've marked the location on the map."


I see. Then it should be easy for me to find the location.


"Excuse me, where can I buy some seeds for my farms?"


"Actually, we also sell seeds."


"Please show me."


That's when I realized something. Do I have enough money? I thought so, but the two kinds of seeds that the old man showed me only cost 100G each.


"Edible grass seeds and wound herb seeds, right? Two items, 200G."


I bought two bags of seeds, each containing five seeds, for 100G each. Edible grasses to make portable food and wound herb to make wound medicine. Wound medicine is a lower-level medicine, which is only used in the early stages of the game. It only recovers about half as much as the lower-level potion, but it's useful in the early stages.


Only 30G left. Maybe I should buy something else. Then I saw a fertilizer.


"What's this?"


"Spray it in the farm, and you get a bonus for growing plants. The effect lasts five days."


"Okay. Here you go."


"Ou, 30G's for one fertilizer. Thank you."


Now I'm completely broke. I wonder what I've been doing since the first day. Somehow I'm starting to enjoy this!


"Now, let's go to the farm."




The farm is very near. It was less than a three-minute walk.


"Ooh, this is our farm."




"I count on you, Orto."




Orto taps his chest. I understand him perfectly. I'm sure he said, "Leave it to me!".


"So the farm can grow up to 20 plants per surface?"


The seeds I have now are 5 edible grasses and 5 wound herbs. That's 10 seeds in total. Yeah, this farm is too big.


"That's right. Can you plant these?


This is the only thing I got when I was revived earlier. It is a medicinal herb. If I could grow this in the farm, it would be very useful.






Right in front of my eyes, the herb that Orto was holding disappeared. Instead, there are two seeds in Orto's tiny hand. When I appraised them, I confirmed that they are medicinal herb seeds.


"Ooh! That's your Seed breeding skill!"




Orto mutters as if he's praying. Then the soil beneath his feet rises.


"Oh, so that's how you use earth magic."


He started digging up the soil with his hoe. He made holes with his fingers in the newly made rows and planted the seeds.


"Hoho. It really looks like farming."


Then he covers it with soil, taps it lightly, gets some water from the well, and sprays it from above. There's nothing magical about it. I'm a bit nervous about this, but he has farming skills, so I'm sure it'll be fine.


When I thought that...






"Sorry to surprise you. But is it sprouting already?




My eyes were glued to the farm as I pet Orto's head, who is proudly puffing out his chest.


Almost instantly, after planting the seeds, new sprouts peek out. Isn't that too fast?


Because the farming bulletin board I saw earlier said that it takes at least 24 hours from planting the seed to sprouting. Just a second? What does this mean?


"Is it thanks to Orto?"




"Ora, I'm getting excited!"


If we have more grass, can we grow more in this farm?


"Maybe we can gather it outside?"


Wait a minute. I've just realized something crazy.


I still have two more penalty-free deaths to go. So why don't I just collect as much as I can? Even if I revived, I wouldn't lose the items I've acquired. Instead, it's a quick and easy transfer back to the town! That means I can die twice without any penalty.


The fear of being bitten to death by Wild Dog still remains, but I'll be fine. I'll do it.


Well, I'll have to do some research before my reckless challenge. I wonder if I can get some information from the farming guild. I will ask the old man at the counter what kind of grass can be grown in the farm.


"Depending on your farming level, you can grow any kind of plant you want!"


Well, it looks like Orto has no problem growing plants in this area. Then, it is time to start the tour to gather herbs and instantly revived from death.


"Orto. I'll leave the farm to you. I'm going to get some stock."



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