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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Episode 34.1: Conflict between Evils 2


--Monsters have appeared.  




A battle ax is swung to the ground. The broken stones become bullets and attack Atou. 

Atou avoids them with acrobatics movement. She looks at Ice Rock with a smile while swaying the holy knight sword. 


(I see. Maybe he is a power type Shitennou) 


Atou calmly analyzes the opponent while waving her tentacles and keeping a distance. 

How strong is the enemy? 

The opponent came from RPG. 

It works under a completely different set of laws and has a different power balance.  


If she makes a mistake, she will get hurt.  

However, the opponent is a game character who is used to do individual battles. 

Seems that his battle power is different from Atou, who used to fights on a military scale.  

Over time the explanation that Atou received from Takuto before the battle proved to be correct. 

The holy knight's sword swirled around like a windmill. As if she was dancing, Atou continued to furiously attack while avoiding Ice Rock ax. The battle-ax that failed to hit her destroyed the ground.  








While Ice Rock is swinging his ax to hit Atou, who keeps dancing around, several tentacles stretch out from her back. 

Ice Rock was ready to block the tentacles attack but turned out the tentacles only attacked his subordinates who were watching their fight. 

Ice Rock tries to stop the attacks on his subordinates by cutting the tentacles off. But Atou, armed with the Holy Knight Sword closed the gap, then aimed at him, and he rushed back to block it with his battle-ax.  


(Guu! She planning to suppress me!) 


Ice Rock groaned inwardly. 

It was because he could easily understand what his opponent was thinking. 

In the Fawncaven invasion troops, Ice Rock is the only one with the most outstanding fighting power. 

Apart from Ice Rock and the demons under him, the rest is just small fish demons. 

Therefore, if the enemy can take them down in this place, they will be at a disadvantaged position. 

Demons who act on their instinct are unskilled in the military operation. They don't even have the wisdom to make their own decisions and take the most appropriate action. An army of demons without a commander is inferior to even a pack of beasts. 

To suppress the enemy, one should take down the brain first. 

However, it’s easier said than done. 

Ice Rock, who’s proud of his ability wondering why Atou dares to do it alone.  


"Bastard, don't be a coward! Fight me fair and square!" 


"Fufu, the servant of the Demon King like you say such a thing? Don't make me laugh too much. My sword will dull." 


Atou is ignoring Ice Rock's provocation. In terms of physical power, maybe she is not a good match for Ice Rock.  


……There are few demons under Ice Rock control. She must reduce their number at all costs. 

Ice Rock’s expression began to show impatience. 


On the other hand, Atou also understood the Demon King's army's nature and prioritized to eliminate intelligent demons.  

The battlefield is now a cursed land due to large-scale magic. 

If all the demons can be eliminated, all that is left is to destroy the weakened neutral monsters. With enhanced Long Leg Bugs and Elder Mortar on her side, it won’t be too difficult. 


The only concern was the enemy demons, which were strengthened by the cursed lands. But Atou successfully killed them with Takuto's direction. 

Atou chuckled in her heart. She had great respect for Takuto's strategy, which was a huge success, despite the lack of preparation. 

If they continue on like this, they will be able to carry out their mission for sure. However, Ice Rock is a high-ranking demon race that bears the name of the Shitennou. 

He didn't intend to let it end like this. 


"Ice Beast Soldier! Come here!" 


When Ice Rock calls his comrades, suddenly werewolves with ice and silver hair appear out of nowhere. 

A long tongue stretched out from their blood-red mouth, and sharp teeth and steel-like claws set them apart from other monsters. 


(I see. Skill to summon Infinitely... it’s typical skill in RPG, but troublesome) 


The summoned ice beast soldiers attack Atou all at once. 

Until a while ago, Atou was kicking the demons around her, calmly turning her tentacles toward the ice beast soldiers.  

A considerable amount of time has already passed since the battle with the Holy Knights. 


Eternal Nations heroes level increase over time and Atou also robbed various skills from the enemies.  

Besides, Atou's tentacles were strengthened by the divine punishment skill and couldn't be cut off easily. 

No matter how many Ice Beast soldiers summoned by the Ice Shitennou, the load is too heavy for the Ice Beast soldiers. For Atou, they are only small fish monsters. 


"Gaaaa! --Gyaa!" 


Atou's tentacles are stronger than steel. The tentacles pierce the Ice Beast soldier's tough skin and take their lives away. 

Atou suddenly felt uncomfortable while watching the monsters that fell apart and disappeared into gold coins. 


(...? Only two of them participate in the battle at a time?) 


New translation project!


The Daily Life of the Late Bloomer Tamer

(Deokure Teimaa no sonohigurashi)

I accidentally found this web novel. It has unique ideas which are different from other novels.

The story is fun to read and makes me want to live inside it.

This web novel is ranked 2nd in the Annual VR game best web novel 100.

Opinions can be very subjective, but numbers can't lie, so I'll show you some data. Below is a simple comparison of bookmark count for the raw web novel (Japanese).  

Deokure Teima sono higurashi                                      68,507

Isekai Apocalypse Mynoghra                                        23,141 

That's why I encourage you to read it.

 DeokuTeimaa chapter 1>>>


  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Thank you for the translation! I wonder if she'll be able to summon these wolves too.

  3. isn't the best strat to just lure the holy knights to kill the demon army rather than waste your reseources?. anyways thanks for the chapter

  4. The monsters became gold coins? They really are in a game aren't they?


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