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Friday, June 4, 2021

DeokuTeima ~ C5


Chapter 5: Bulletin board 1


Hi Tamers, this is a thread where LJO's Tamers gather.


Whether you're looking for information about a new tamer monster or just want to brag about your own monster, everyone is welcome to join!


Comments that discredit other Tamers are prohibited.

Screenshots are welcome.

Please do not post too many pictures in a row.

Let's write with consideration.




29: Amelia

As I expected, my Usapin is the best!

I have a feeling that Mofo-mofo charm will make everyone fall in love with her.

......When I was playing with Usapin on the square lawn, everyone was looking at her.......


30: Ivan.

No, no, no, the feeling when I touch my snake's scales is the best.

But why are the girls running away?


31: Ursula

Ah, snakes. Some people may not like them.


32: Ivan.

I guess you're right! But that's okay because that means I can monopolize all the snake scales!


33: Amelia

I'm not afraid of snakes either, okay?

It's just that I like fluffy things too much.


34: Eringi


Do your best! WWW


35: Ursula


Something good will happen WWWWW.

By the way, your name sounds like you're good at covert action WWWW.


36: Ivan

Thanks, I'll be stronger with my snake. But I think I'll add Mofo-mofo next time.

Well, I need to level up my skills first.

After all, I tamed a Rock Ant right after I started, so I don't have enough slots!


37: Amelia

Didn't you get the initial bonus to level up your servant magic?


38: Ursula

If you don't work full-time and do production too, you may not get enough bonuses.


39: Ivan.


I didn't raise it. I've been working on swords and magic and production. ....... Besides, a student like me can't afford to spend too much money (T_T).

What's the initial payment bonus? Is it good?


40: Eringi.

I think it's a good idea to get the magic skill.

The basic idea of a tamer is to have the monster in the vanguard and the player in the rear.


It's also a good idea to get a production skill. You can get a little bit of experience with the production skill and earn money.

Depending on your race and stats, you may even get sword skill.


The problem is that until you raise your levels significantly, everything seems to be half-baked.


41: Eulenspiegel.

Hey! I saw a monster I've never seen before in the beginning town! What's that?


42: Amelia



43: Ursula

Please tell us the details!


44: Eulenspiegel

I was just strolling around the starting town. There was a super-pretty boy working on a farm!


45: Ivan.

A boy......? Oi shota-con! Or are you a ladyboy?


46: Ursula.

Even if you're dealing with an NPC, that's counted as harassment. Although the severity of the crime depends on whether 44 is a man or a woman.


47: Eulenspiegel.

No, no, wait. Listen to the story!

That boy was not normal! His height is less than a meter, and he looked like a dwarf from a fairy tale!


48: Eringi

It's a fantasy world, so it's not surprising to see them here. Do you have a screenshot?


49: Eulenspiegel

Nope. I tried to take a screenshot, but the shutter didn't work. It seemed that the farm was treated as his home. The appraisal didn't work either, but his marker was blue.


50: Amelia.

You voyeur! In a way, it's not wrong. Taking pictures without permission is a crime.

But if it's a blue marker, then it's either a player or a servant monster.


I don't know if there were any dwarf-like monsters among the initially acquired monster. I don't think it was listed in Amimin's information either.


Goblins are the most humanoid-like WWW.


But they're not very pretty, you know! Anyway, can we describe that as a super cute character......?


51: Eulenspiegel.

Stop it! Don't make any weird suspicions!

He was more like a dwarf! He's not a goblin!


52: Amelia.

Well, that's a mystery, then!


Before the game started, I looked up the monster that could be acquired in Advanced Monster, and I don't think there was any humanoid monster in there.


53: Eulenspiegel

But maybe that's only because they weren't spotted in the beta version. Perhaps he is a rare monster that appears in the second area?


54: Eringi.

That's impossible. During the beta test, all the information about the area was disclosed to the players. The second area's items, monster info, and area map should have been 100% revealed.


55: Ursula.

Maybe it's not a tamed monster. If I'm not mistaken, Summoner has the skill to allow Summon Monster to stay at home.


56: Ivan

That might be the case. I've heard that Tamer and Summoner's monster are only 50 % similar. So there's a high chance that the monster we don't know about is Summoner's monster.


57: Eulenspiegel.

Do you think so?


58: Amelia

Could it be that it's a new monster introduced in the official version?


59: Eringi

Of course, that possibility exists. Other than that.... could it be an elemental spirit?


60: Eulenspiegel.

There are many possibilities. Let's do some research, shall we?


61: Amelia.

Good luck!


62: Ivan


I'm counting on you. Though I won't help, WW.



63: Ursula.


I'd love to hear more. Though I won't help, WW.


64: Eringi

If you find out what it is, let me know. Though I won't help you.


65: Eulenspiegel.

A little help, please!


[Farming] A thread by farmers and for farmers [Banzai].


This is an information exchange thread for farmers in LJO.

Any question is welcome, from large-scale farming to home gardening.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Real farming information is appreciated, but it is unknown how much of it will work in the game.




20: Tagosack.


I don't think it will be possible to recreate Mana Apple in the official version for the time being. It was only created by accident by players who had Breed Improvement Ex during the beta test.

I've heard that the Breed Improvement Ex is a skill that was miraculously obtained from a random skill box distributed to the top players during the event.


21: Charm

Breed Improvement Ex? Why not just breed improvement?


22: Tsugarun.

The Ex skill is much more effective than the ordinary skill. Many players have tried to recreate it, but it was impossible with their breeding skill.

It seems that Breed Improvement Ex is required to make mana Apple.


23: Teril.

Can't you get Ex skills in a normal way?


24: Charm

Indeed. If you can get it, I want it too! I wonder if there's Farming Ex or a Stock Ex.


25: Torment

It's not impossible, but it's quite difficult.

The Ex-skill isn't just something you can learn by spending bonus points.

They appear in the list of available skills triggered by events, skill composition, or some other trigger.

And it costs a lot of bonus points.


26: Teril.

How much? It's about 4-10 points to get a normal skill, right?


27: Tsugarun.

I actually had an Ex skill appear on my list during beta testing. But, I didn't know what the requirements were.

Plants Growing Ex. The bonus points needed to learn was 60 points.

Of course, there was no way I could learn it.


28: Teril.

Huh? 60? Isn't that basically impossible?


29: Charm.

You get 2 bonus points every time you level up, so....... The fastest you can get it is at level 31?


30: Tagosack.

It's actually going to be slower than that.

You can't afford to learn other skills. Bonus points are also used to assign stats.

In the first place, the basic principle of a production player is to level up by gaining experience through production and quest completion.

After all, their level up is slower than the average battle player.


31: Charm

Ex skills....... That is impossible.


32: To-masu

The effect is enormous.

Breed Improvement: Combine a crop with other materials to create a new breed.

Breed Improvement Ex: Mixes a crop with several other materials or items to create a new breed. Significantly increased success rate. Greatly increased mutation probability.


So much different.


33: Teril.

Too different? Isn't that too different?


34: Tsugarun

That's why it's super difficult to get Ex skills. At least not in the early stages.

One possibility is that you learn it as a random skill when you create your character?


35: Tagosack.

I think the chance of getting it is like the chance of a miracle happening.




Translator note:


·         Eringi

king trumpet mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii)


·         WWWW

 is the Japanese equivalent of the English hahahaha, used to express laughter online and in text message. The more w's, the more enthusiastic the laughter. Like haha, wwww can be shortened to w(ww) and can have an ironic tone.


·         How the Bulletin board works

>> XX (means replying to comment no.XX)


32: Ivan.

I guess you're right! But that's okay because that means I can monopolize all the snake scales!

33: Amelia

I'm not afraid of snakes either, okay?

It's just that I like fluffy things too much.

34: Eringi


Do your best! WWW

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