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Lupus-sensei channel

Episode 34.1: Conflict between Evils 2

  --Monsters have appeared.     "Ooooooooooo!!"    A battle ax is swung to the ground. The broken stones become bullets and attack Atou.  Atou avoids them with acrobatics movement. She looks at Ice Rock with a smile while swaying the holy knight sword.    (I see. Maybe he is a power type Shitennou)    Atou calmly analyzes the opponent while waving her tentacles and keeping a distance.  How strong is the enemy?  The opponent came from RPG.  It works under a completely different set of laws and has a different power balance.     If she makes a mistake, she will get hurt.   However, the opponent is a game character who is used to do individual battles.  Seems that his battle power is different from Atou, who used to fights on a military scale.   Over time the explanation that Atou received from Takuto before the battle proved to be correct.  The holy knight's sword swirled around like a windmill. As if she was dancing, Atou continued to fu

DeokuTeima ~ C4

  Chapter 4: Get the farm   I logged in again.   I wake up on the bench where I logged out a while ago.   "Orto... is here. Good, good."   "Mu ..."   "what up?"   "Mumuu."   Ortho is repeatedly bowing his head. As if he's apologizing.   "Are you apologizing about the battle earlier?"   "Mu."   " It was my fault for not knowing what you were capable of and rushing into battle."   "Mumumu"   "You don't have to apologize anymore."   "Mu?"   "I guess that makes us even. Okay?"   "Mum!"   Orto nodded his head and patted my knee as if to say he understood.   "Phew. Our status is fine. ...... No, my fullness level is decreasing."   When this reaches zero, statuses drops, and you will suffer from continuous damage. So, I needed to eat in the game as well. I took out my initial portable f