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Thursday, April 15, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C7: Let's start market research.


Chapter 7: Let's start market research.


I came back to the market with Aina.

I've finished the paperwork, and tomorrow I will start my business, though it is just a stall.

That means I'll need to do some market research.


"That's right, market research."


I need to find out what kind of things the people in this town want and what I can sell.


"......Shirou Onii-chan, what are you going to sell?"


Aina asked me.

She looked curious about what I would sell as a person traveler.


"Haha. I've been through the procedure, but I haven't thought about what I'm going to sell yet... That's right! What do you think sells well in this market? Do you know, Aina?"


"Hmm, there are a lot of adventurers in this town, so goods for adventurers seem to sell well."


If I recall correctly, the marketplace was crowded with people dressed like adventurers from video games and anime.

Many of the items sold at the stalls seemed to be useful for adventure.


"Hmm. Adventurers."


"Yeah. Yes, adventurer. There are many monsters in the forest, so all the adventurers came to this town to hunt them. That's what my mom told me."


Eh? The forest is the place where I was walking just now, right?

There are monsters in the forest........

I'm glad I made it to the town in one piece.


"Goods for adventurers."


"Yeah. Goods for adventurers..... That's why there aren't many people who buy Aina's flowers."


Aina said with a sad look on her face.


"I see."


"But I'm very happy that Shirou Onii-chan bought so many flowers from me today. Aina is very happy to meet Shirou Onii-chan."


"Oh, stop it. I'm embarrassed to hear you say that. But I see. Goods for adventurers."


We're walking around the market and looked into the stores.

Ropes, knives, and sharpening stones.

Lanterns and items that looked like flint.

Cloaks, sleeping bags, pots and pans, and wooden tableware.

Just as Aina had said, a lot of outdoor goods.

No wonder, even if she sells flowers here, no one will buy them.


"Looks like more than half of the market is selling goods for adventurers."


"Yep. Just like Aina said, right?"


Aina, who was walking next to me, puffed out her chest.

It seems that Aina is going to accompany me until I finish looking around the market.

Or rather...


"Hey, Shirou, that is preserved foods shop."


She kept showing me around since I was not familiar with the market.

What a devoted girl she is.

I guess such a girl would make a good bride.


 "So, that one sells lantern oil, and that one sells pots. This shop is......."


By the time we had finished touring the market, Aina and I had become very close friends.

We were even walking while holding hands in the last half of the tour.

I can't wait to have a wife and a cute daughter.

I really wished for that.



"How was it, Shiloh? Have you decided what to sell?


Aina asked me as I fold my arms and ponders.

Unlike when we first met, Aina is smiling naturally at me.

I guess that's proof of how much she's come to like me.


"Yes. I've decided."


"Really? What are you going to sell? Tell me! Tell me!"


"I will sell......"


Aina asked about the goods I will bring from Japan, and she tilts her head.


"What is that?"


[Current amount of money]

0 gold coins

1 silver coins

52 copper coins




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