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Thursday, April 15, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C8: Let's start the business.


Chapter 8: Let's start the business.


The next day.

I came to the market with goods from Japan.

It is early in the morning, so it's not crowded.


"Alright. Let's get ready to open the shop."


But since it is a stall, all I need to do is spread out a picnic mat on the ground and put my goods on it.

The space given to me is about 6 tatami mats, about twice the size of a flea market in Tokyo.

I take out the goods from my backpack and arrange several different-sized boxes on the sheet.


"Okay, I'm ready."


The preparation time was completed.


"Ah, Shirou Onii-chan."


From the other side, Aina rushed over.


"Good morning, Shirou Onii-chan."


"Good morning Aina-chan. Are you also selling flowers today?"


"Yes. I picked it up this early morning."


Then she shows me a basket full of flowers.

It must have been tough to pick so many flowers.

I'm sure she must have gotten up very early.


"Wow. All these flowers are beautiful. I'm sure you can sell a lot of them."


"Yes! Aina will sell a lot. I'll ease my mom's burden!"


Aina is looking very enthusiastic.

Today Aina is showing me many different expressions.

Maybe the change is because we've become friends, I'm feeling a bit happy for that.


"Then, Shirou Onii-chan, see you later!"


"Okay, see you later."


Aina-chan waved at me, and then...


"Would you like some flowers?"


She started to offer flowers to people.

I hope she can sell a lot of flowers.

If a cute girl like Aina is selling flowers in Japan's busy streets, I'm sure she would sell out in an instant.


"Flowers--oh, sorry............. Excuse me, do you want some flowers?


Aina is walking around while calling out to people.

Before I knew it, I couldn't see her from here.

I think it's really great that Aina is working hard for her mother even though she is still a child.

All right. I'll do my best to sell too.

The number of people gradually increasing.

There are also some adventurers walking around the market.


"Hey bro, what do you sell here?"


Suddenly, a young man who looked like an adventurer approached me.

He picked up a box I had on display at my stall and looked at it curiously.

He came before I called him, it seems it's my lucky day.


"Is this a box made of ...... paper? Is it a craft or something?"


I guess my product is unusual.

The young man asked me.


"Oh, that is..."


I take one of the boxes and pull out a short, thin stick from the box.


"It's called the matches. There're sticks inside the box that can be used to make a fire."


One of the products I brought with me from Japan is the match I am now holding.

Aina told me that in this world, the most common way to make a fire is to use a flintstone, and she always has a hard time when making a fire.

Some use tools like magic stones to start a fire. Still, they are very expensive for ordinary families and novice adventurers to afford.

When I heard about this, I brought in matches as a product that would be useful to make a fire.


"Hmm? Match? I've never heard of it. How does that thin stick create a fire?"


" Please watch this. If you use the head of this stick to rub the rough file part of the box..."


I took out a matchstick and rubbed the side of the box.

In an instant, it lit up.


"See? This is how easy it is to start a fire."


When I demonstrated the match, the young adventurer is surprised.


"Wha, what, whaaat the hell is that?"


He is shocked.



[Current amount of money]

0 gold coins

1 silver coins

52 copper coins


Translation note:

tatami size

The size of a tatami mat varies slightly by Japan's region, but a standard tatami mat is about 1.8 meters by 0.9 meters. In Tokyo, they are a little smaller, about 1.76 meters by 0.88 meters. One tatami mat is equal to 1.53-square meters.





  1. The best prospect for profit would be selling various spices and condiments to an inn or an eatery. Even plain salt would be good for a start.


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