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Thursday, April 15, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C6: Let's register my shop.


Chapter 6: Let's register my shop.


" Shirou Onii-chan, this is the town hall."


The town hall is located in the center of the town.

It is a two-story brick building, and non-residents are allowed to use it too.

I entered the town hall with Aina's guidance and started the procedure.

The procedure is straightforward.

All I need to do is filling the application form. I need to write my name and business period and then choose whether it is a stand-up store, a stall, or a shop type.

Thanks to the effect of the ring left by my grandma, I was able to write the otherworldly language without any problem.

I chose the stall type and set the period to five days for the time being.

The cost is 50 copper coins. That's 1,000 yen a day in Japanese yen.

Considering that the cost of setting up a flea market in Tokyo is 3,000 yen per day, this is a great price.

According to the town office, the promoter is the town mayor.

The mayor has set a special price to attract people and merchants to this remote town and develop it.

Besides, the security guards are patrolling the area to ensure safety.

The mayor is certainly doing a good job.



"I've finished the form. Is this okay?


I showed the application form to the lady in charge.


"Shirou Amada-san. Your stall will be open for five days starting tomorrow. Is that correct?"


"Yes, that's correct. Well, I may extend it if I make a profit."


"I see. I hope your business will do well for the town's prosperity. Well, I'll accept your application and wish you good luck."


"I'll be in your care. Thank you very much."


The application process to open a store was over in just 15 minutes.

Alright. I'll go back to the market and think about what I can sell.

I am returning to the market again.


[Current amount of money]

0 gold coins

1 silver coins

52 copper coins



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