ITSUJITA ~ C4: Let's verify the skill


Chapter 4: Let's verify the skill


After eating the skewers, I decided to verify the [equivalent exchange] skill again.


"I understand that the Japanese yen will become another world currency. The question is, can I return this 'copper coin' back to Japanese yen?"


The question is how to use the skill.

The skill was activated unconsciously a while ago, but there must be some conditions.




I hold the copper coin in my palm and think, "Turn into Japanese yen!".



"Oh, ....... It's turned back."


What a surprise, 35 copper coins turned into 3,500 yen!

The breakdown is three 1,000 yen bills and one 500 yen coin.

In other words.


Japanese yen -> another world's currency

Another world's currency -> Japanese Yen


I understand now that I can exchange the money to either world currency using my [Equivalent Exchange] skill.

What is this skill?

It's kinda amazing.

Next, I took out a 10,000 yen bill from my wallet and activated the Equivalent Exchange skill.

The 10,000 yen bill disappeared in a flash, and a silver coin appeared instead.


"The color is different. Is it a silver coin?"


I returned to the food stall,


"Uncle, can I use this?"


I showed him the silver coin.

The old man looks a bit unpleasant.


"Brother, you don't have any more copper coins? If you give me a silver coin, I don't have enough change."


Oh, so it is a silver coin.

So that means


1 copper coin -> 100 yen

1 silver coin -> 10,000 yen


That's means...

If I use my skills, I can exchange the Japanese yen to another world currency.

On the contrary, if I earn money in the other world, I can convert it into Japanese yen.

Whoa, that's amazing.


"First, I should exchange my money into this world money."


I exchange the money in my wallet with my Equivalent Exchange skill.

In total, I have 2 silver coins and 35 copper coins.

That should be enough money for wandering around town.


"I've got this world money, so let's take a walk."


I decided to take a stroll around the city.

As I stroll around, I came to a wide street that looked like a market.

Stalls and street vendors lined both ends of the street, and occasionally passersby would stop to take a look.

It is very lively.


"Heee. It's really like medieval European fantasy."


A man in armor who looked like an adventurer. 

An older sister in a robe and holding a twisted staff.

There is also a beastman with beast ears among them.


The excitement in my heart went up like crazy when I saw the fantasy of another world like this.

I really want to talk to them, and if I can, I'd like to talk to a cute girl with beast ears.

But there is one obstacle.


"My clothes ...... are definitely standing out here."


I'm sure that Japan's cutting-edge outdoor style looked very strange to people from other worlds.

Everyone is looking at me with curious eyes.


"Yeah. First, clothes. Let's buy some clothes."


Then, I need to find a clothing store.

Is there any street vendor that sells clothes?

As I am looking around.

A voice suddenly called out from behind me,


"Ano......, do you want some flowers?"


Suddenly, someone called out to me from behind.

When I turned around, there is a cute little girl about 10 years old.


The girl nervously asks me again.


"Would you like to buy some flowers......?"


[Current amount of money]

0 gold coins

2 silver coins

35 copper coins











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