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Monday, April 12, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 9 Six Principality

Infinite Gacha:  Ch 1 - Ep 8 Six Principality


We were attacked by a Great Bush Wolf and a Bush Wolf, but we successfully defeated them.

With the help of Erio and the other adventurers of his race, we were able to collect those monster's magic stones we defeated.

They give an offer.


It's almost dark, so we're going to camp here.

It's not safe to move around after dark, so as a thank you for saving us from Bush snake, Great Bush Wolf, and Bush Wolf, we'd like to invite you to stay the night with us, though we can only offer you camp food and a poor tent.


"Bush snakes aside, the rest we did on our own accord."


"No, we owe you a thank you for this morning, anyway......."


The brother glances sideways at his sister, whose eyes are sparkling.


"My sister would love to talk to you about magic......, so please take my offer."


"Hahaha...... then I'll take your offer."


The older brother is weak against the younger sister's wishes.

As someone who also has a younger sister, I understand it very well.

So I accepted his offer without hesitation.



We helped them set up their tents and use fallen rocks to make a simple cooking stove, and introduced ourselves to each other.

The leader of the group is Erio the red-haired, and his sister, Miya the magician.

They are accompanied by their childhood friends. Gimra the frivolous boy and Wardy the tallest of their group.


It was a rather unique party: one sorcerer and three knights with swords and shields.

When I asked why all the boys were knights with shields and swords.


"Because it's cool to be a knight!" they replied.

Gold laughed at their answer and said, "Oh, ohoho, I see."

I think they need to think more about their party's member roles and composition......


It's taboo to meddle in other people's parties, so I didn't make any comment.


Miya put some water, dried meat, dried vegetables, and salt in a pot to simmer.

While cooking the simple camp food, I talked with Miya about magic as she requested.

However, I couldn't just tell her my true identity as the ruler of the abyss, so I told her about my fake back-story.


"Both of your parents were magicians? That's why you have such a great talent, isn't it?"


"Miya-chan is also great, still young but already a great magician."


"I can't be compared to Dark-san. I can't even use tactical class magic, let alone use magic without chanting."


There are basically three types of magic in this world.

Battle class, tactical class, and strategic class.

Basically, the range and power increased from the battle class to the strategy class.

Attack, defense, recovery, and support are all divided into these classes.


As the level rises, those who have the background can learn magic.

If you are a skilled magician, you will be able to use magic without chanting, but it takes a lot of effort to reach that level.

In addition, there are differences between combat class, tactical class, and strategic class: low, medium, and high.

The "SR, Firewall" that I used is classified as low tactical level magic.

I'll also give the definitions for each.


# Battle class

A spell performed by a single magician.

Fire arrows, ice arrows, and other attacks.

Depending on the person, the type and number of attributes they can learn may be different.

Generally, it is thought that those who focused on one attribute will be more successful as a specialized type.


# Tactical class

Basically, it refers to magic that affects a wide area.

The ability to use this tactical class is considered to be the obstacle to becoming a "first-class" magician.

Most human can't get past this obstacle.

The dragon race, the elf race, and the demon race are able to cross this obstacle.


# Strategic class

Meteorites falling from the sky, tsunamis, earthquakes causing cracks in the ground, etc. This is magic that have greater affects than the tactical class.

This is why it is called strategic class.

It is possible for multiple people to chant and combine their magic power to release it, but because it is an advanced technology and extremely costly, it is a magic that is rarely practiced in other nations besides the human and beast races.


(In addition, my magic teacher, Ellie, the Forbidden Witch, can use the Extreme Class, which is even higher than the Strategic Class. This is an unknown class, so she's told me not to talk about it on the surface world.)


At the highest level, you can revive the dead (with many conditions), summon angels the messenger of the God, and even connect space to other dimension.

Even Ellie, the "Forbidden Witch" who has mastered magic, can only use it once a day.

This is why it is an extreme level.

By the way, I raised my level to 9999 by using this extreme level.


(Raising my level was so difficult......) she can't help but take a distant look.


Erio patting Miya's head to comfort her.


"I don't know much about magic, but Miya is talented enough to got a recommendation to attend magic school in the principality, so don't be discouraged."


"Oh, big brother, don't pat my head, you'll ruin my hair."


Miya shyly wriggled away from her brother's skinship.


A principality is a state funded and managed the six species with the dragonmen race in charge at the top.

Its official name is Six Principality. Principality for short.

It is one of the most prosperous countries in this world.

And the dragonmen race calls their country the "Dragon Newt Empire".

The Principality is treated as their colony, so they call themselves the Dragon Newt Empire.


Every few years, representatives of the human, beastmen, dragonmen, elves, dwarves, and demons gather in the Principality for a meeting and to make decisions.

The magic school in the Principality is one of the best.

Miya seems to be a really talented magician to get a recommendation to attend that school.


"But my parents died of an epidemic and we couldn't pay the tuition fees, so she had to quit from the magic school... I started work as adventurers together with my sister and my childhood friends. My goal is to earn money as an adventurer to send Miya to a magician school in the Principality. "



Miya will be 13 this year.

Erio and the others are fifteen.

It is believed that the earlier you start studying, the better you will be at magic.

A few years delay is a loss, but it's not a loss that can't be made up for.


"Hey, hey, leader. That' what we dream about, right?




Gimra smiled and meddle with him, and Wardy nodded silently.

Miya responded to all three of them.


"I'm just happy to be together like this with you all. Onii-chan and the others please don't over exert yourself."


"I know. I won't do anything reckless."


Once again, the brother is patting his sister's head.

This time, Miya was not reluctant to accept her brother's hand.

To change the gloomy atmosphere, Erio switch the topic.


By the way, Dark-san and the others, why did you become adventurers?


"Well, my lord parents took very good care of me and Nemumu. However, a fire killed them both, and my Lord suffered severe burns on his face....... We became adventurers to find potions and medicines to heal the burns, and to help my Lord gain more experience."


Gold told them the story that we had arranged in advance.

The "SSR, Mask of the Clown" has an illusion and recognition blocking effect.

With the power of the illusion, it can make I look as if my face has been badly burned.

It was also the reason why I wore the mask and disguised my appearance.


After Erio's question, the frivolous Gimra raised his hand and ask a question.


"Hey, hey! Can I ask you a question too? Are Gold-san and Nemumu-san lovers?"



Like a young girl Miya's eyes light up at this love story question, and Wardy quietly pays attention.

By the way, I told them that I'm twelve years old, Nemumu is eighteen, and Gold is in his late twenties.

Nemumu makes a bitter and disgusted face at his question, as if she has chewed up 10,000 worms.


"I have no interest in such a vulgar man in his shiny gold armor. He looks stupid and has bad taste. Absolutely impossible."


"Wahahaha! I'm sorry, but I'm also not interested in tiny breasts! I prefer older, mature women who look good in gold!"


"Who's has tiny breasts? I told you I'm normal!"


Nemumu's face turns red; she feels annoyed and punches Gold who sitting next to her in the shoulder.

Putting her reaction aside, she couldn't help but complain at Gold's reply.


"Heee, Gold like that kind of women. I didn't know that."


"Well, it's not like I was trying to hide it, but I don't need to tell anyone."


"Then, Nemumu-san, how about me?


"No, thank you. I have a noble mission to protect Dark-sama."


Miya's eyes light up even more at this response, and she looks at me and Nemumu, who are sitting next to each other.


"It's a love story with an age gap. It's so beautiful."


We don't have that kind of relationship, but.......

Before I can deny it, Gold smiles broadly and waves his hands in front of his face.


"Wahaha! No, no. My Lord is too good for tiny breasts like Nemumu!"


"I told you! Normal! I'm normal! You shiny bastard!"


Nemumu, really angry at his comment. She stands up and pulls out a knife and uses the handle to hit Gold's head with it.

But it had no effect. I'm sure you'll be able to understand what I mean.

However, Erio the leader of the group was rather flustered by this situation and apologizes.


"I'm sorry. One of our party members said something rude!"


"No, no, don't worry about it. Rather, I'm sorry for the commotion."


When we apologize to each other, the camp pot started to boil.




  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Gracias por el capitulo

  3. These scrubs remind me of the first party Ainz from Overlord came in contact with. You know, the guys that died. Good feeling.

    1. yooooooo damn why you gotta say it like that

    2. Uhg, don't remind me. I know the whole point of Overlord was Ainz' slow decent into being a scummy villain, but he had the potential to do so much good with his power, but decided to be a horrible dick.

    3. With Ain's Affinity set to maximum Evil he would never be able to do anything good without it having massive negative consequences. Every action he takes is evil even if he's trying to be a good guy. He's locked into that path regardless of what he wants. Just look at the Jircniv situation for proof.

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