ITSUJITA ~ C3: Equivalent exchange skill

 Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita

I can always go home, so I started work as peddler in another world


Chapter 3: Equivalent exchange skill


The town was about a kilometer walk from the forest exit.

There is no wall surrounding the town, and even I, an outsider, could easily enter the city.


"It seemed like...... a peaceful town!


The town is lined with houses made of bricks.

Every once in a while, I would pass by people who seemed to be a merchant.


They looked at me in my outdoor style with curiosity, so I tried to say "Hello," and they replied "Hello".

Wow. I can talk to people from another world using the ring my grandma left me.

While feeling such excitement, I suddenly felt my stomach growl.

The reason is simple: there is a very tasty-looking skewer stall right in front of me.


"Hey, brother, how about a stick of this? I'll give you a discount."



The old man at the stall spoke to me.

The skewers of grilled meat are making a sizzling sound and smelling delicious as they roasted over the charcoal fire.

I want to try these skewers with a beer in my hand.

I really thought so.


"What meat is this?"


"It's Horned Rabbit meat. I'll give you a special price, just one copper. Do you want it?"


"Uhmm. I'd love to have some, but I'm afraid I don't have any money right now......."


"Oh, so you're just asking."


The old man instantly frowned at me.

I couldn't help but wonder what kind of attitude he has as a shopkeeper, but I hurriedly walked away.


(If I have money from another world, I can eat those skewers. Damn!)


I searched into my pants pocket and pulled out what I had inside.

I found 3,800 yen in total.


This is the change I got at the convenience store before I came to another world.

I could have eaten a nice lunch with this much, but I couldn't even buy a single skewer in another world.


"Hmm .... Horned rabbit meat. I wish I could buy those skewers with Japanese yen."


At that moment.

The money in my hand disappeared, and a coin I had never seen appeared.


"What, what is this!?"


There are 38 brown metal coins in total.


"What happened to my money....aah!? Is this the 'equivalent exchange' skill?"


What disappeared was 3,800 yen.

What appeared are 38 brown coins.

I dashed back to the stall.


"Hmm, isn't it the same brother from before? I hope you bring me some money this time."


"Hey, Uncle, is this the 'copper coin' you mentioned earlier?"


I showed the brown coin that appeared earlier to the old man.

The old man tilted his head with a curious look on his face.


"What are you talking about? ...... Oh, I see. You're a traveler from another country. No wonder you don't know this country's currency."


The old man nodded his head and say...


"Yup, that's a copper coin you're holding.


At that moment, I fell to my knees on the ground and shouts.






"Uncle! Give me two, no, three skewers!


"Thanks. That'll be three copper coins."


"Here you go."


I give the old man three copper coins.

The old man hands me the skewers.


"Thank you. Eat it while it's hot."




The first food in another world was plain. There's no seasoning at all.

Luckily, I didn't have to prepare beer.

I thought so while eating the unseasoned skewers.





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