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Thursday, April 8, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C2: Let's go to another world

 Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita

I can always go home, so I started work as peddler in another world


Chapter 2: Let's go to another world.


"Hmm, should I go to the other world or not?


The closet is connected to another world. No one would believe me if I told them about it.

If even a billion people believed me, there is a big chance that my grandma's house would be confiscated by Japan, the United States, or the United Nations.


Because if it really is connected to another world, and assuming that this other world is the same size as earth, which would mean that my house has the resources of one earth.

For the sake of the country or for the world, my grandma's house will be taken over by the authority for sure.

Even if I want to reveal my secret, it would be better to only reveal it to someone I trust.


"Hmm, let's not tell anyone about the closet for a now."


Then the next question is whether or not I should go to the other world beyond the closet. ...... Fortunately, I'm free now, and I have the resources of an entire planet in my closet.

More importantly, “Don’t hesitate. If you go, you will understand” was the last message my grandma left me.



"After all, I have to go.  Grandma also used to say that she wanted her grandchildren to travel."


I nodded and decided to go the other world.




The next day.

The next day, I am standing in front of the closet after buying all my outdoor equipment from the local home center.

I even bought a survival knife just in case there are monsters.

Now I'm ready to go to another world.


"Grandma, I'm going now."


I put my hands together in front of the Buddhist altar.

I put on the ring that came with the letter, opened the closet's sliding door, and entered the other world.

I went through the closet and stood in the forest.

When I tried to close the sliding door behind me, it quickly disappeared.


Next, I thought to myself, "Sliding door, appear!", then it appeared

, just like what was written in grandma's letter.


"Well, let's go on a little adventure."


I decided to head towards the town that could be seen from the forest.



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