ITSUJITA ~ C20: The encounter with a Demon Beast


Chapter 20: The encounter with a Demon Beast



What appeared in front of us is a giant bear.

It is two times bigger than the brown bear specimen I saw at the museum.

When I see their pale faces, I realized just how dangerous that bear is.


"Damn it. Of all things, it's a Murder Grizzly? [Ryer]


Ryer is anxious and cursed his luck.

The four-legged bear, called the Murder Grizzly, stopped moving about ten meters ahead of us.

Looks like it is assessing us.


"Ryer-dono, what should we do? [Rolf]


Rolf asked their leader to make a decision in a calm tone.


"There is nothing we can do. We can't win against this monster with our current level. If I could, I want to run away right away......." [Ryer]


"I guess that's impossible. I heard that Murder Grizzly is very fast. If we run away with our human legs, it will catch up with us in no time. The only one who can escape would be Kiki-dono, the Cat-sith." [Rolf]


"I will not abandon my friends nya!" [Kiki]


"But you can't win against it!" [Rolf]


"Uuh." [Kiki]


Kiki gritted her teeth at Rolf's words.


"Damn it. Look at the size of that thing. It looks like it could eat all five of us. Is it a subspecies of Murder Grizzly?" [Ryer]


"I don't want to be eaten nya." [Kiki]


"............ Me too." [Nesca]


Kiki and Nesca brace themselves as they heard Ryer's words.


"I don't like it either. But we can't win if we fight it. I don't know what to do." [Ryer]


"Someone has to stay here and buy time for the others." [Rolf]


"I guess that's the only way......." [Ryer]


Ryer and Rolf looked at each other and nodded.

They both looked like they knew from the beginning that it is the only way.


Now, a question suddenly arises here.

If only one person has to act as a decoy in this situation, who would be the best choice?


The answer is me.


The four of them are friends.

I'm the only outsider here, and it doesn't hurt much when a guy they've only just met gets eaten alive by a bear.

In other words, maybe there is only one choice from the beginning.


"Hey, An-chan." [Ryer]


Ryer-san spoke to me with a somewhat sad look on his face.

Knowing what he was going to say next, I reply him.


"What?" [Shirou]


Be a decoy for a Murder Grizzly.


I knew he would say that.

I expected him to say that, but...


"Rolf and I will get the bear's attention. You go behind Kiki and Nesca and run away from that thing. Oh, Nesca slips and falls often. If she falls, help her up....... do it for me. I'm counting on you, An-chan." [Ryer]


I didn't expect to hear that words.

I feel like I've been a complete failure.

Ryer laughs as if he is in trouble and stood next to Rolf.


"Rolf, I'm sorry." [Ryer]


"Don't worry about it. Ryer-dono, I've known you for a long time." [Rolf]


"I can't thank you enough for sticking with me until the end." [Ryer]


"Since you saved my life, I decided to use this life for you. It seems that it was much earlier than I thought." [Rolf]


"That's right. I knew this time would come, but it comes too soon, doesn't it?" [Ryer]


"Yeah." [Rolf]


"Well, I guess there's a time when an adventurer must fight to the end. Nesca, be good. Kiki, I count on you to take care of Nesca and An-chan." [Ryer]


Kiki looked like she was about to cry when Ryer asked her a favor.


"Yes. I'll protect Nesca and Shirou for you. So ... don't worry about it." [Kiki]


"............ I'll fight with you." [Nesca]


"Idiot. An idiot like you will only slow me down. And ...... you should know that. I want to look cool in front of the woman I love for the last time." [Ryer]


"............ idiot." [Nesca]


Nesca stared at Ryer with eyes full of tears.

He smiles back at her like a naughty child.


"So, when I make a move, run away. Rolf, please prepare your recovery magic. And pray that I won't be killed in a single blow." [Ryer]


"Roger." [Rolf]


Rolf nodded and prayed to God.

The Murder Grizzly resumes its steps and slowly begins to approach.


Ryer holds his sword in both hands and lowers his stance.

The Murder Grizzly approaches.


Kiki grabbed Nesca's hand and gathered strength in her legs.

The Murder Grizzly is getting closer.


As the tension continues to build, I...


"I'm sure it's here......." [Shirou]


I opened my backpack and looked inside.


"What are you doing, An-chan? Don't make a move. The Murder Grizzly will hunt you down." [Ryer]


Ryer tried to warn me.

But I continued to search through my backpack and finally found what I was looking for.


"I found it!" [Shirou]


I took out a spray can from my backpack and pointed it at the bear while the four of them are staring at me.

The bear is already five meters away from me.

But I was not intimidated. Instead, I took a step forward and...


"You bear of the forest. You'll regret approaching us from the opposite of the wind breeze! Fire!" [Shirou]



I pulled out the safety pin attached to the spray can and pushed in the spray button.





A reddish powder sprays onto the bear's face.

At that moment...




The bear screamed loudly.


"Gugyaa!? Guhoou!?"


The bear is rolling around, rubbing his face and nose desperately on the ground.


"Hmm. The result is extraordinary." [Shirou]


I muttered, feeling impressed by myself.


"A, An-chan ......, what the hell did you do? [Ryer]


Ryer asked me in a quivering voice.

His eyes are wide open as he watches the bear roll around, stunned.


"It's no big deal. The poisonous liquid makes that...... Murder Grizzly, isn't it? I only disabled its eyes and nose." [Shirou]


"What? You can use magic too?" [Ryer]


"Oh, no. It's not magic. It's just an item. Look at this." [Shirou]


I showed the spray can in my right hand to Ryer.

The label on the spray can say, "Bear Repellent Magnum Blaster".

Of course, it is written in Japanese, so Ryer can't read it.


"What is this?" [Ryer]


"This item is filled with a poisonous liquid that can be sprayed towards your target. Isn't it amazing?" [Shirou]


"Poisonous liquid....... Is that why the Murder Grizzly is in so much pain?" [Ryer]


"Yes, that's right." [Shirou]


I had prepared this bear repellent spray just in case.

I never imagined I'd have to use it, and I didn't expect it to be so effective.

Well prepared means no worries.


"Come on, let's all get out of here while we still can!" [Shirou]


"Wait, An-chan! Murder Grizzly's eyes and nose have been damaged by that poison, right?" [Ryer]


"Yes. That's right, so......?" [Shirou]


I nodded my head, and Ryer-san grinned.


"That means I can beat up the Murder Grizzly freely. As adventurers, there's no way we can miss this chance. Rolf, Kiki, let's do it! Nesca, use your attack magic!" [Ryer]


"Roger nya!" [Kiki]


"Got it!" [Rolf]


"............ Murder Grizzly will pay for what he's done." [Nesca]


The tragic feeling we had just experienced is now gone.

In this way, the poor bear, who had lost his sight and smell, was defeated by the four "Blue Flash" members.


"Iyosshaa!" [Ryer]


Ryer shouted out their victory.

I suddenly remembered something and asked him a question.


"By the way, Ryer-san, do you like Nesca-san? [Shirou]




Instead of answering, Ryer and Nesca's faces turned red.


  1. Thanks for the chapter. So the item is bear repellant. TBH, it's my first time I hear about it.

  2. not bad, the mc not pathethic kind like the usual isekai mc.....this is really good
    hope the future chapter the mc not regressed


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