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Thursday, April 29, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C21: The Bonds of trust


Chapter 21: The Bonds of trust



I heard that the various materials of the defeated Murder Grizzly could be sold at a high price.


"Ryer-dono, please pull it off from there." [Rolf]


"Ou." [Ryer]


"Kiki-dono, remove the fangs. Nesca-dono put the blood in the leather bag." [Rolf]


"Roger that nya!" [Kiki]


"............ Understood." [Nesca]


So, the bear is now being dismantled.

Under Rolf's direction, the three of them are peeling off the bearskin.

Thanks to Rolf's instructions, I saw a pretty gruesome scene in front of me.


"Good. We've peeled off the skin. Next is the claws." [Ryer]


"Nee, nee. Ryer." [Kiki]


"Mm, What's the matter, Kiki?" [Ryer]


"What do we do about his balls nya?" [Kiki]


A young girl like her made a statement that I never thought I would hear.

However, no one in the Blue Flash seemed to mind.


"I think we should take it home. Am I right, Rolf?" [Ryer]


"That's right. The testicles of a Murder Grizzly are valuable as an ingredient for medicine. Of course, you'll have to cut them off." [Rolf]


"OK." [Kiki]


Kiki skillfully uses a dagger to cut off Kuma-san's balls.

Seeing that made my crotch throb.

As time went on, the bear was dismantled until it was nothing but meat and bones.


"Now, is that all? We can't carry much more than this." [Ryer]


The other three nodded in agreement.

Everyone's bag filled up with the bear materials.


"OK. Let's go back to Ninorich." [Ryer]


And Ryer...


"Are? Ryer-san, you don't want to search the medicinal herbs anymore?" [Shirou]


"We've got some material from the Murder Grizzly that's far more valuable than herbs. We should sell it before it rots." [Ryer]


"I see." [Shirou]


There are no merchants in Ninorich who will buy the monster materials.

So it seems that Ryer and his friends plan to use Nesca's ice magic to freeze the materials and bring them to the big city.


"I guess it's not easy to sell materials." [Shirou]


"If there is an adventurer's guild, they can buy them. Well, I'm used to this kind of thing. It happens all the time in remote areas." [Ryer]


Ryer-san laughs as if it's not a big deal.

If an adventurer guild is established in Ninorich, it will make things easier for Ryer and the other adventurers.

This is why I want the Adventurer Guild to be established in Ninorich, no matter what it takes.

But for now...


"Ryer-san." [Shirou]


"What's up, An-chan?" [Ryer]


"Shall I carry the Murder Grizzly materials for you?" [Shirou]


I'd like to return the favor to the Blue Flash members who risked their lives to help me escape.


"You? Pfft....... Hahaha! Don't say something funny all of a sudden. Thanks. I appreciate your sentiment, but ...... your arms are a little too skinny, aren't they?" [Ryer]


"I've actually been keeping a secret from you guys. Please watch." [Shirou]


Then I turned around and walked over to the remaining bear meat.


"Ei! Activate the space storage." [Shirou]


 The bear meat, which weighed about 500 kilograms, was easily stored inside the space.

 The four members of "Blue Flash" are just shocked by this.


"...... Shirou, do you have space storage skill?" [Nesca]


"Yes, actually, I did. I kept it a secret because it's a rare skill. I'm sorry for not telling you." [Shirou]


"No need to apologize, Shirou-dono. In fact, as a merchant, you made a wise decision. Because having spatial storage skills can lead to unwanted disasters." [Rolf]


"............ Rolf is right." [Nesca]


"That's right, An-chan. You saved our lives. That's why..." [Ryer]


Ryer walked up to me and bowed deeply.


"As the leader of the Blue Flash, let me say thank you. Thank you for saving my comrades' lives. Thank you so much. An-chan is our lifesaver." [Ryer]


"Shirou-dono, I want to thank you too." [Rolf]


"Me too! Thanks, Shirou!" [Kiki]


"........ Thank you. I'll never forget this favor." [Nesca]


They all bowed to me, and I panicked.


"Wait, I, I understand! I understand, so please raise your head already!" [Shirou]


"Oh, really?" [Ryer]


Ryer quickly raised his head back.

He's an adventurer, so he can switch his mind quickly.


"Then, An-chan. I'm sorry, but can I trust you with the Murder Grizzly's materials?" [Ryer]


"Yes. No problem." [Shirou]


"Iyaaa, it's really helpful that you have space storage skill." [Ryer]


I take the Murder Grizzly materials from everyone and put them all inside the space storage.


"Then, shall we go back to Ninorich?" [Shirou]


The four of them respond to my words...




In this way, my experience as an adventurer, which included some unexpected happenings, came to an end.


  1. A girl named Kiki removing the bear ball is funny. (kiki means vagina in some southeast asian nation)

  2. Shouldn't they be offering him some of the materials given that they could only kill the bear because of him?


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