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Thursday, April 8, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C1: Hello another World

Itsudemo Jitaku Ni Kaerareru Ore Wa, Isekai De Gyoushounin O Hajimemashita

(I can always go home, so I started work as peddler in another world)





ITSUJITA ~ Chapter 1: Hello another World


“There is such a thing!”


I am standing in the forest now.

There's a town like those from a fantasy world in the distance, and if I look up at the sky, I can see two moons. Then, if I look back…


“This is a Japanese-style where grandma’s altar is placed.”


I took a deep breath to calm myself down.


“Calm down, Amada Shirou… First, let’s analyze the situation.”


I resigned from a black company at the end of last month, and today I moved to the house my grandma left me.

After cleaning, the moving company brought in my things.

When I started unpacking, I opened the closet of the Japanese-style room where grandma’s Buddhist altar was placed—


“It’s connected to a fantasy world, huh. I don’t understand… What a strange phenomenon this is. Am I too tired?”


I went back to the Japanese room and closed the closet sliding door. I make a strong coffee in the kitchen, rested for about ten minutes, and then reopen the closet again.


"I'm really fantasizing, after all, ~"


Apparently, it wasn't an illusion.

It was a full moon tonight, and the two moons were shining brightly.

I closed the sliding door again and lit an incense stick on grandma’s altar.


“Did you know about this, grandma?”


Of course, I didn’t get an answer. In grandma’s funeral photo, she just showed a double-peace pose with a silly face.

Grandma went missing three years ago. A year ago, she was finally proclaimed dead by the government. It was very hard at that time, but now the whole family has accepted grandma’s death.


“Shirou… I’ll tell you grandma’s secret someday.”

Grandma said so, but she passed away without telling me the “secret”.


“By the way, the secret that grandma wanted to tell me was about this closet?”


As I was reminiscing my memories with grandma.


"Hmm? Is this a ...... letter?


I found a letter hidden behind the altar.

I picked up the letter.

The words "To my family" are written on it.


“No way… Grandma’s will!”

I broke the seal and opened the letter.


“This is grandma’s handwriting. What is —-……”

 Grandma’s letter said at the beginning, “What’s going to happen you go this way?”. It listed six main points.

1. The closet is connected to a different world than the earth.

2. In another world, the civilization level is low. Instead, "magic" and "skill" exist.

3. There are dangerous monsters that don’t exist on earth.

4. There are many races other than humans who can communicate with each other.

5. The “Magic Ring” that can help the user understand the other world language is included with the letter.

6. Books of the Other World are hidden behind the altar, so please read it after putting on the ring.

That's what's written in the letter and Grandma closed it off with the words, “Don’t hesitate. If you go, you will understand.”




As written in the letter, there is a silver ring inside the envelope. If I look closely, it seems like it is glowing lightly. Then, I look at the back of the altar…




Indeed, there are two books. Because it was written in a mysterious language, I can’t read the title, let alone the contents. If what’s written in the letter is true, I can understand this mysterious language by wearing the ring…

I attached the ring to the index finger of my left hand, and then


“……Equivalent Exchange Book……A Space Storage Book?”


The title of the books that I couldn’t read before became readable. The Equivalent Exchange Book only has 30 pages. The Space Storage Book has about 10 pages.

I couldn't understand a word of what it said, but when I finished reading it...


[Skill Equivalent Exchangeacquired.]


A voice echoed in my head.


“Who’s that?!”


I look around the room, but I can only see the altar with grandma’s funeral photo, with her showing the double-peace pose.

What’s this? It’s really like a fantasy.


“Hmm. I’m not sure, but I think I’ve acquired the skill ofEquivalent Exchange? It’s kind of like a light novel or a game.”


I continued reading the book on space storage.


[Skill Space Storageacquired.]


Another voice echoed.


“It seems like it’s a voice you can hear every time you get a skill.”

Well then, what should I do with theEquivalent Exchange , Space Storage, and the ring that understands the language of another world?

I had just resigned from a black company, and I was extremely free. At black companies, they push people so hard to the point that they are wasting their lives.

I had initially planned to get unemployment benefit.

I was going to live a lazy life during the payment receiving period. But… in front of me―or rather, inside my closet, there is "Another World".


“Don’t hesitate. If you go, you will understand.”


That's Grandma’s last will written in a letter.

I folded my arms.


“…What should I do?”


I muttered.





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