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Friday, April 23, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C17: Adventurer Party, the Blue Flash


Chapter 17: Adventurer Party, the Blue Flash



The next day, I came to Karen's office for the second day in a row to be introduced to the adventurers.


I told Aina that the store would be closed for a while.

We've been busy lately, so she's probably spending time with her mother.


"Good morning. It's me, Shirou.


After knocking, I opened the door.

Besides Karen, four other people that looked like adventurers are in the office.

They must be the adventurers.


"You've come, Shirou. Let me introduce them to you right away. They are an adventuring party called the Blue Flash. The leader is...


"That's me."


The one who came forward is a young man with short-cut hair....... Are? I feel like I've seen this young man before.......


"I'm Ryer, the Blue Flash leader. I heard from the Mayor that there is someone who wants to accompany us, but it turned out to be the matches' An-chan."


When I see the young man smiling at me, I remember who he is.


"Ahh! You're the adventurer who bought my matches on my first day!


"It looks like you remembered me. You never forget the customers' faces. You really are a good merchant."


"Well, Ryer-san was the first person who bought matches from me. Of course, I won't forget you."


"I see. It's an honor to be remembered by such a skilled merchant."


"Even if you are trying to flatter me, nothing will come out. Besides, I'm just a novice merchant."


"Novice? Even though you are selling a great product like matches. Never mind. Let me introduce you to my friends."


Ryer introduced his comrades one by one.


"This is Priest Rolf."


"Nice to meet you, Shirou-dono. I hope your cooperation."


"Nice to meet you too, Rolf-san."


"An-chan, you should not underestimate Rolf. Even if he is a priest, he's a armed priest who can destroy a huge boulder with a mace. He looks kind, but when he gets angry, he can be terrifying."


Ryer laughs cheerfully.

I see. A mace...


Rolf-san is about 190 centimeters tall, and his physique is muscular.

He is wearing a priest's uniform, but his uniform is bursting at the seams.


It's hard for me to keep myself from asking if there isn't a bigger size.

I guess it's true that he's scary when he gets angry.


"Next, the sleepy-looking one over here is Nesca, the magician."


Ryer tapped the shoulder of the girl wearing the pointy hat.




"Come on, Nesca, say hello to Shirou."


"............ Hello."


Nice to meet you, Nesca.


"As you can see, Nesca doesn't talk much. But you can rest assured that she is a skilled magician. It's just that her chanting is a bit slow, which can be a bit annoying for his comrades."


"............ Don't talk too much."


"If you think so, then make the chanting faster."


"...... I'll think about it."


"Haa........ You always end up just thinking about it."


Ryer sighed deeply and then looked up as if he had regained his composure.


"And this little one here is..."


"Kiki nya."


The girl called Kiki took off her hood, and a pair of cat ears showed up.


"Are, are you a beastman?"


"Yes. I'm a Cat-sith race nya."




My nose is snorting.


"Hmm? By any chance, you don't like beastmen?


Ryer asked me.

I shook my head from side to side and denied it with all my might.


"No way! How can I hate such a cute species?"




"Yes, of course!"


"Even though this is our first meet, but you said I'm 'cute' nya...... I'm feeling embarrassed nya."


Kiki put her hands on her cheeks and wriggled around.


".....Kiki, it's not like An-chan said you are cute."


Ryer's tsukkomi didn't reach Kiki, who is still wriggling.

He turns to me with a troubled look on his face.


"Well, I'm sorry for my suspicions. Some of our clients hate beastmen. I thought you were one of them. Sorry."


"People who hate beastmen? So, there are some horrible people in this world."


"As An-chan said. That's why we don't take orders from those bastards."


Ryer proudly puffed his chest.


"We came to this remote town because we're sick of those kinds of bastards."


"What? Hey, hey, Ryer, by the way, my introduction hasn't been finished yet.


Kiki regained her senses and pointed out to Ryer.


"Oh, that's right. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. ...... Uh, how much did I tell you?"


"That's enough. I'll do it myself."


After she said that, Kiki cleared her throat with a small cough.


"I'm a scout nya. My job is to scout and find traps nya."


"Of course, Kiki can also fight. I use a dagger and a bow."


"Ooh. That's amazing."


"Nyahaha. That's how amazing I am."


Kiki proudly puffs out her small breasts.


"Well, Kiki's best move is running away."


"You shouldn't say that nya."


Almost everyone in this room laughed happily seeing the interaction between Ryer and Kiki (Nesca is the only one who looked sleepy).


"Well then, let's go to the forest right away. An-chan, are you ready?"




"That's a good reply. Then let's go."


Rolf, a muscular martial arts priest.

Nesca, the silent magician.

Kiki, the scout.

Ryer, the warrior.

With Ryer as their leader, they formed an adventurer party, "Blue Flash".


I will accompany the four of them and start my adventurer experience from now on.

I pray that we won't encounter any danger along the way.



Translation note:

An-chan ----> "Aniki" + "-chan"

Aniki = Big brother




..... I'm to tired to create "NEXT>>>"

From now on, please help yourself and find the next episode in "Chapter List" page.


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