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Friday, April 23, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C16: Insights for success


Chapter 16: Insights for success



It's already been three days since Karen, the Mayor of this town asked me to surprise the people from the Adventurer's Guild who came to visit.

The store, which is now in its pre-opening phase, was very busy today.

We sold out of matches in the morning and closed for business in the afternoon.


I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about what products I should bring from Japan.

After all, it's not an exaggeration to say that the future of this town depends on my product choice.

Of course, it makes me worry.




Karen said that matches would be enough, but I wanted to prepare at least one more thing to impress the people who came to visit.

However, as I am not an adventurer or even a resident of this world, I have no idea what I should prepare.

In this situation, I had no choice.


"OK. I've decided.


I made a decision.


"Hmm? Shirou Onii-chan, what have you decided?"


Aina-chan asked me after finishing her lunch (which I prepared).


That's a good question, Aina. The other day, Karen-san asked me to do something for her, right?"


"About the people from the Adventurer guild?"


"Yes, yes. That one. She wants me to show the matches to the inspector. But I want to prepare something else that will be useful for the adventurers."


"Oh, I get it. So, you've decided what to bring. Am I right, Shirou Onii-chan?"


"Boo-boo. You're wrong. The correct answer is......."


"The correct answer?"


When Aina tilted her head and asked me what I thought, I tell her what I thought.

Aina-chan responded with




She was so surprised that she shouted.






"That's why, Karen-san, I'm going to accompany adventurers for a while."


Currently, we are in the Mayor's office at the town hall.

Sitting in her chair, Karen-san listened to my ideas over the desk and replied.


"...... Shirou, are you serious?"


She asked me back with a serious face.


"Yes. I'm serious. I think it's best to accompany adventurers to find out what they need."


It was very easy for me to come up with this idea.

I wanted to go with an adventurer and learn what kind of things they do in the field.


"The only destination for adventurers in this town is the eastern forest. And that forest is a lot more dangerous than you think, you know?


"I'm prepared for it. Oh, but I won't do anything dangerous. Medicinal herbs ......, right? I hope to accompany adventurers on their way to collect medicinal herbs and minerals. We can hire adventurers as escorts and camp in the forest for a few days."


"Hmm. That sounds less dangerous."


"That's right! That's why...."


I leaned forward and began to tell her what I think.


"Could you introduce me to an adventurer?"


I asked Karen.




Karen-san chuckled and nodded.


"OK. Tomorrow morning, when you're ready to enter the forest, come here. I'll introduce you to an adventurer party you can trust.


"Thank you."


"No, I'm the one who should be thanking you. You're a merchant, and you're willing to do so much for a town you have no connection to. Shirou."


Karen stood up from her chair and bowed deeply.


"I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the development of our town. I will definitely reward you for your efforts, so let me treat you sweetly."


"I'm embarrassed to hear you say that, but ...... Ok, please treat me sweetly. Though I'm prepared to get a salty treat instead."


"Fufu, you really broad-minded....... Thank you so much.


This way, Karen-san will introduce me to some adventurers tomorrow.

All right. I'll have everything ready by the end of the day.




..... I'm to tired to create "NEXT>>>"

From now on, please help yourself and find the next episode in "Chapter List" page.


  1. funny you cant put a next link here but you can complain about being too tired to do it.
    Thanks for the translation

    1. ...... DO A JAPANESE NOVEL TRANSLATIONS by yourself and see if "that" still funny for you.


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