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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Infinite Gacha: Ch 1 - Ep 13 The Praying Misanga


 Ten days passed after we started exploring the dungeon and exchanging the magic stones.


"Dark-san! Gold-san, Nemumu-san!"


Early morning, as we lined up at the end of the line to enter the dungeon, we were approached from behind.

Erio and the others came running to us, waving their hands.

As dungeons in this city are usually explored for long periods, we hadn't seen them for a while.

Today, Erio and the others also carry their luggage for outdoor camping.


"It's been a while, Erio-san. It's been a while since we fought the Great Bush wolf."


"That's right. In other dungeons, it may be different, but in this town, camping inside the dungeon is normal. It's really difficult to see each other if the timing isn't right. I'm really lucky that I finally got a chance to give you a thank you gift today!"


"A thank you gift?"



I couldn't help but tilt my head at the unexpected words.

Erio and the others are smiling as if they are handing out presents at a surprise party.

Erio nudges his sister Miya, who is hiding behind him.


"Miya suggested that I give something back to you for all the help you gave me before. Miya, you're going to give it to Dark-san, right?


"I know, I know, don't push me, Oniichan....... Dark-san, this is a trivial item, but please accept it if you don't mind."



Miya pulls out a small bivalve from her pocket and holds them out to me with both hands, her face turning red.

It's small enough to fit in the palm of a child.

I am a bit confused, but I take the bivalve from her hand.



"This is......?


"It's a burn medicine I learned from my late grandmother a long time ago. It can't erase the burn scars, but thought it could provide some relief for Dark-san's burns....... I wanted to thank you at least for your help. Did I bother you?"


Miya looks at me and asks worriedly.

For the first time since I left Naraku, I was given a gift out of pure goodwill. The quality of the gift was probably average, but her feeling made me very happy.


I grabbed the bivalve that contained the burn medicine and thanked her.


"It's no bother at all. Thank you so much. I'm glad.


I couldn't satisfy myself just with words of gratitude, so I went through my pockets.

I wanted to give her something in return.



(It would be too suspicious to pull out a shield, sword, or knife from my pocket. In exchange for one medicine, that would be too exaggerated. Then maybe a small item or accessory would be better?)


Not an expensive-looking ring or necklace with jewels on it.

Instead of expensive-looking rings and necklaces with jewels, she could receive something more suitable for her dungeon exploring.

Thinking fast, I pull out one of the "Infinite Gacha" cards.

Before taking it out of my pocket, I activated the card.


"Please accept this as a thank you for the medicine."


"Wow, beautiful......."


In the palm of my hand, there is a misanga woven with red thread.

It's the "SSR, the Praying Misanga".


Although it is a high-rank item, it is a magic item with a rather abstract effect. It's an item that can cause small miracles through strong wishes.

I actually tried to test its function in an experiment, but no "small miracles" occurred at that time.

Even though it has a high Gacha rank, its activation conditions and effects are still a mystery.

However, since it is the same color as Miya's red hair, it will not look bad even if she wears it every day.

Also, since it is woven with thread, it will not get in the way and can be used as an accessory for everyday use.

The gacha rank is a little high, but it doesn't look expensive, and it' not a bad return gift.


Miya was flustered, perhaps because she didn't expect the return gift.


"Ah, the medicine was really not that great, and I can't afford to get such a beautiful misanga in return. And......."


Her eyes roam to behind me.

Nemumu, who is behind me, whispering to herself.


"I, I'm so jealous that Dark-sama gave her a present....... I'm so jealous......."


"Nemumu, I understand how you feel, but you must calm down. Are you trying to ruin our Lord's reputation by scaring a little girl? If so, I will not forgive you."


"...... Nemumu, Gold."


"My apologies, Dark-sama.


"It seems I talked too much. I hope you'll forgive me."


Both of them went upright at my voice.

I cleared my throat again and turned to Miya and the others.



"Not only did you give me the medicine, but you also made me feel happy. So please accept it. Please."


This is my honest feeling.

That's why I gave her this misanga as a gift. It suits her and may help her as an adventurer.

Miya looked back at her brother and her childhood friends. After seeing them nod, she took the misanga without hesitation.


"Thank you, Dark-san."


She grabbed the misanga with both hands and smiled, looking very happy.

I am glad that she is happy, and I smile back.



"Miya, that's good."


"The red color looks so good on you, Miya! You have great taste, Dark-san!"



Miya blushed as she is praised by her brother Erio and their childhood friends Gimra and Wardy.

Before she went into the dungeon, she put the misanga on her left arm right in front of us.


"Thank you very much, Dark-san. I'll treasure it forever."


Miya then thanked us again with a big smile on her face.




After entering the dungeon, we move to a quiet place as usual.

We hide with SSR, Presence Concealment, and fly with SR, Flight, towards the dungeon stairs that lead to the second level.

While flying, we had a conversation about our interactions with Erio and the others.


"I'm not saying I wasn't jealous, but what she gave you was a really low-quality medicine. It's clearly not worth the price of the SSR, Praying Misanga!"


"It's true that the medicine itself doesn't worth much, but I was happy with their sincerity."


"There is nothing to be ashamed of, my Lord. If you gave me a sword, armor, or jeweled accessory, I would have remonstrated you. But my Lord thought about the girl and gave her a misanga in a color that suited her. It was a very smart move, and I have nothing to complain about. In fact, in that situation, Nemumu should have taken the initiative to support you. Isn't acknowledging rival is a trait of a good woman."


''Oh, no, no, no......, only this time Gold's statement is too good to argue with!"


"Wahahahahaha! Nemumu, your devotion is not enough! Devotion!"


Nemumu frowned in frustration, and Gold laughed happily.

After laughing out loud for a while, Gold praised me.


"I think we are winning the hearts of those young men with our actions so far. If our name becomes famous in the future, they will talk about today here and there, and the Lord's reputation will be raised. It is not only strength that makes one famous, but also kindness and character. At first, I thought it was a whim to help them, but I guess this is what you wanted, right? As expected of my Lord! That's really an ingenious scheme."


"Is, is that true, Dark-sama?"


"No way, you misunderstood. I never expected to be involved with them to this extent."


I didn't really mean to help them.

After leaving Naraku, if I go shopping, people try to trick me, or other races looked down on me because of my race.

However, the purity of these youngsters made me think, "This world is not so bad after all," so I helped them.

There are no hidden motives like Gold and Nemumu thought.


Even though I denied it, Gold didn't believe me and replied, "Too much humility can be sarcasm", while Nemumu replied, "As expected of Dark-sama! Nemumu's eyes widened and shining with respect.


We were about to reach the stairs that led to the second level, and I gave up on trying to convince them.

With a faint smile on my face, I went down from the sky to the ground then walks toward the stairs leading to the second floor.



Translator note :


Misanga is an international good luck charm made from knotted embroidery floss, thread or gimp. Similar to friendship bracelets, it is made with basic knots as well as patterning techniques. Its basic structure is a three thread plaited braid.




  1. thanks for the chapter . Nice gift for miya good job Dark-san

  2. So basically he's ainz and naraku is his nazarick? Cauee the way gold just pulled a demiurge style plan that's both abstract and uncertain in it's execution but simultaneously plausible.

  3. Thanks for the chapter

  4. Oh no I've bad feeling about this, that Arrogant elves maybe want to kill Erio and Miya party
    I know the direction of the story but still...
    and the mc give Miya that item for the precaution
    I hope they all survive because I don't know what kind of confrontation between Miya's party and the arrogant elf will turn out

  5. at this point the death flags are just screaming into my face


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