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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

ITSUJITA ~ C14: The Mayor of Ninorich


Chapter 14: The Mayor of Ninorich


A beautiful mayor suddenly appears.


"What does the mayor want from me?"


"There are several reasons I came to see you. ...... First of all, let me express my gratitude for having such a talented merchant like you doing business in my town. Thank you. As the person in charge of this town, I really appreciate it."


No, no. Thank you for letting me opens a business here."

In Japan, the application process just to start a business is very difficult. I'm really grateful that I can do business like it's a flea market and still make a profit.


"Ooh,....... I'm surprised. The merchants that come to my town are all very arrogant, but you seem to be different."


"Heee, is that so?"


"Yeah. Ninorich is a remote town. The merchants all act as if they are doing us a favor by bringing us goods. Goods are sold at high prices, while our local products are sold at low prices. That's why I created this market, to break that situation."


The beautiful Mayor then proudly looks at the market.


"Now, let's get to the point. First, I want you to take this."


What the Mayor handed me is something that looks like a key.


"A key? What's this?"


She won't say, "It's the key to my room", right?

Just like in a romantic TV drama.


"It's the key to my house."




I couldn't believe I got it right.

Is it love at first sight?

It was like she had fallen in love with me at first sight.


"Gosh? You seem to have misunderstood something. That's a key to a house that's no longer in use."


Suddenly, Aina shouted.


"I get it! The Mayor wants to live with Shirou Onii-chan!"




"Marry! The Mayor wants to marry Shirou Onii-chan!"


The Mayor's face turned red when Aina got carried away and said such a thing.


"No, I'm not! I'm not trying to find a husband because I'm single...... I never think of that. Never, I swear on Mayor's name!"


She denied it with all her might.

Even though she was so beautiful, the Mayor was still unmarried.

Well, guess I have no right to comment on others either.


"Ahem! ...... today, I've come to give you an offer."


"'...Ma, marriage offer!?"




When I tried to joke with her lightly ...... turned red, and she shook her head.

She looks very cool and beautiful, but maybe she's very shy.


"Look, the house with that key is at the back of this market...... You can see it from here, right? Over there."


The Mayor pointed to a house at the far end of the market with her finger.

It's a two-story house, and quite big.


"That house has a shop on the first floor. Tomorrow I want you to open your shop on the first floor of that house."


"My shop?"


"Yes, of course. I'm the one who asked you to do this, so I'll take care of the shop's opening costs. How about that? Would you accept my offer?"


"Wait a minute. Why would you do that? I'm quite happy with my stall, and now I'm suddenly going to have a shop......."


"I know. It's natural that you have some doubts. So I'll explain it to you one by one. Let's start with......."


The summary of the Mayor's story is as follows.

1. A merchant who can make people queue up at his stalls from the first day is valuable to this remote town.

2. I sell rare items that no one has ever seen before, and I sell them at low prices.

3. I seem to be especially popular with adventurers. As a town that relies on adventurers, she hope that I will continue to help the city to prosper.

4. The Mayor will pay for the shop opening costs and the shop rent, and if I want, I can live on the second floor.


And so on. All of these reasons made sense to me.


In short, she wants me to have a place to live and a shop to keep me in this town.

I never thought a young man selling matches like me would receive such an offer.

I'm sure my dead grandmother would be happy and do her double peace pose.


The Mayor asks.


"This is all I can do with my authority as Mayor...... What do you think?


"Shirou Onii-chan, are you going to open a shop?"


Aina excitedly waiting for my answer.

I fold my arms and think for a moment.


"OK. I can't refuse if you make a request like that. Please let me use the shop."


I accepted her offer.

It had only been two days since I started my business in another world.

And now, I already have a shop.


On the way home, Aina sees the 10 silver coins I paid her for her part-time job. She screams and faints while standing.


[Current amount of money]

0 gold coins

51 silver coins

10,300 copper coins




..... I'm to tired to create "NEXT>>>"

From now on, please help yourself and find the next episode in "Chapter List" page.





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